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Free Inhabitants Have an Unalienable Right to Travel!

Be It Enacted ... "Right to Travel Act."

Date:   10/7/2010 2:32:33 AM   ( 11 y ) ... viewed 1434 times

June 16, 2020 - Travel IDs Forthcoming From The American State Assemblies -

Mark Emery (in conversation with Anna Reitz): Now you've also developed a system for recording documents let's talk about that.

Anna: ... that's one of the more exciting developments now that we have our state assemblies up and rolling. We have the capability of issuing state credentials to act as travel passes and IDs that are very easy to recognize, ... and that just makes it all that much easier for everybody. So we have that capability coming online around the 1st week of July.

Mark: And that will be a universal type of document between the various state assemblies or will each state assembly kind of have their own design?

Anna: Everybody will have their own design. ... under international law you're required to give your name and your physical address on a fee and we go quite a bit beyond that in that we provide some basic information and identification for people who wish to travel interstate or even international. The information that we provide is substantial enough so that it should function like a travel card that we've had between Mexico, Canada and the US where you have just this little credit card sized ID that allows you to pass over some international borders like a passport. So that should be on line here very first week of July and each assembly will have their own.[8]

Comment: This blog-writer wrote to Anna requesting to have the non-political status of the "free inhabitant" officially recognized and included in the documentation process with the State Assemblies.

The General Assembly Of Georgia just may be do the Right Thing![2]

November 1, 2015

The general subject matter of "freedom of movement" continues to be close to my heart and especially as I continue to hear of the all-too-familiar tactics employed by government to collect revenue virtually by whatever means at their disposal that unfortunately includes "voluntary" (read coerced) submission by individuals who are essentially ignorant of the law. Terms used in the State "Vehicle" Codes can not be assumed to have the same meaning as in conventional conversation and therefore require legal understanding. Fortunately you don't have to go to law school to get the understanding. In fact this one blog might just suffice for that purpose.[3]

April 26th, 2016 -

A "Right To Travel, Determination Request".[4]

September 3, 2016 -

I highly recommend reading this article:

"UNALIENABLE: The state of a thing or right which cannot be sold."[5]

This page offers excellent additional info regarding the subject matter of this Blog.[6]

March 19, 2017 -

Although I haven't posted any updates here lately I often think of the "Right to Travel" and related issues. Today I am inspired to note my thought here.

Highway patrol, police and related law enforcement are only trained in enforcing the codes for commercial "drivers" and not trained in the Common Law, (as it is part of Organic Law such as the Constitution of September 17, 1787) Unalienable Rights, (as they are enshrined in the first Organic Law: the Declaration of Independence) and therefore need to be noticed when approaching an American "free inhabitant" (as per the third Organic Law: the Articles of Confederation which were never "replaced" by the Constitution of September 17, 1787). This "notice" can be posted on the side of the rig/car/RV, etc. The notice can declare the conveyance as a "family car"/"consumer good" or the like rather than as a "vehicle", the legal term that the state uses as part of it's subject matter jurisdiction.

The "Notice" can say "Not For Hire". It declares that the conveyance that one is traveling in is not being operated in commerce or for any commercial purposes and therefore the one who travels behind the steering wheel in such a conveyance is not a "driver" as that term is legally defined. (5/16/17)

May 16, 2017 -

Enjoy Having A "Brief Traffic Stop":

“Is this a criminal investigation?”
If the answer is “No” you have established that the officer is not serving as a “Peace Officer” investigating, with “articulable probable cause”, an alleged crime against a potential or actual living injured party. You can now say:
“I wish to leave. Am I free to go?”
If the answer is “No” you have established that the officer is attempting a “detention/seizure/arrest”, without “articulable probable cause”. If the “detention/seizure/arrest” continues, you can calmly repeat: “I wish to leave. Am I free to go?”[1]

February 27, 2018 -

we know that the House Bill in New Hampshire has been dumped in committee several times since its first introduction in January of 2017; and its latest introduction a few days ago will likely meet the same fate. You can see it (HB 1778) here as noted in ... email which I forwarded to you Feb. 25, ... :

I find it very telling that the so-called 'legislators' like to do their job of making laws for us to follow, but turn their noses up at following the law and constitutions of the land, not to mention the decisions of the courts. You can easily see their contempt of law and court by reading the first few paragraphs of HB 1778 at the above link. There's nothing new or original in HB 1778's definitions ... All those definitions can be found in statutes and court decisions, so, yes, this bill would be unnecessary if the present laws were actually applied.

We may think it's inconsequential because we're so used to the 'driver license' and 'vehicle registration', but putting-up with illegal legislation is (the same as) violating the law!

It's high time for We the People to start insisting on the rule of law if that's what we want! We do have government by the consent of the People. "[7]

Comment -

Re: "putting-up with illegal legislation is (the same as) violating the law" - may appear to be true unless one realizes that the jurisdiction of a federally franchised state legislation is limited to federally owned property since according to the Organic Laws the jurisdiction is all proprietary-based. Therefore both Congress and the corporate state legislatures can make whatever rules and ordinances they will and "We the People" need to know both the limits of those legislative acts and how to respond to governmental attempts to enforce those acts.








[7] In an mail from a private educational network.

[8] "Reclaiming America & Restoring 'De Jure' Government":


Right to Travel, freedom of movement, Determination Request, family car, consumer good, traffic stop,

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