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Day 23 of Water Fast

My daily Journey to a healthier life style

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April 19, 2011

I woke up in not a good mood for some reason. Maybe it was because I got a bit too much sleep. Maybe it was because I felt achy, smelly and horrible. Maybe it was because Mekong scratched my face, while she was laying across my neck and face. Maybe it was because I still haven't heard from the guy. I was kind of proud of myself that I didn't text him, as I was urged to do. What ever it was, it put in a foul mood, in which I found myself criticizing everything around me. I could seem to make my bed “just” right. I didn't like how my bangs were laying. As crazy as it sounds, I didn't like the color of my toothbrush, that I used a different one because of it. I didn't weigh myself, as just looking at the scale irritated me. You can kind of see how my day was going and what it might become as as the day went on.

As I was leaving the house, I hoped that my whole day wasn't going to be so negative, as if it was, I probably wouldn't do anything I had planned for later on. The rain didn't help my mood at all either.

At least when I got to work, I thew myself myself in to my job. I cleaned off my desk, organized all the papers and files. I got tons of stuff done, which really helped my negative attitude that I woke up with. I even was able to secure a little out of the office job from the Senior attorney (taking a pictures of one of our Ward's house). I told the attorney that I would probably do it tomorrow, since it was so rainy today.

During my lunch, I went to the Library, which no plan in mind other then checking out various books. I remembered that National Geographic has a really nice article about the Incas, so I spend the majority of my lunch period reading it. Reading about something that I really enjoy helped mood some. I sat in the aclove of the library that almost looks like a mini greenhouse, as it is made of nothing but glass windows. As I sat down to read my magazine, I saw a person curled up in one of the chairs sleeping. I wondered why someone would come to the library to sleep. It looked like a young man, which made me wonder if he was just killing time at the library to stay out of the rain and fell asleep. I soon was more interested in what was in the magazine then what was going on around me. I was so into the article that I didn't realize what time it was. Once I finished the article and looking at the rest of the magazine, I looked at one other magazine before I left to go back to the office.

The day was very dismal, as it just wouldn't stop raining.

I finally got a text but it was from Christy to tell me she was going to McDonalds, and if she wasn't back by 5:00 p.m. then that is where she was. Since I was in such an irritated mood, I thought she was probably spending some of her money to take her son to McDonald's, which health-wise, they really didn't need.

After work, I went to Christy's and she wasn't there. I was so irritated at the point, I almost just left and went home, but I took a deep breath and texted her. She said she was on her way. So I sat there in the hallway of her apartment complex fighting how I was feeling internally. I did finally play Oregon Trail on my phone, while I waited. I thought it might keep my mind busy and off of things. When she got home, I still sat in the hallway, as by that time I was really into my game. Finally when I came in, I asked her with her boyfriend was. She told me that he had a job interview and he would be home around 6:00 or 6:30. Knowing his track record, will saying when he will be home and never showing up. I asked her if she still wanted to go to the Women's Expo at the Fairgrounds. She said she forgot and asked what time was it. I told her it was from 4:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. She said that she could have Ashley come over over, in case that Travis doesn't come back in time.

I sat the couch and played my game on my phone. Christy asked me what was wrong, as I didn't seem like myself. I told her that I think it was the weather, because it is so nasty today.

Travis finally got to the house around 6:30 p.m. so we left. After we left, Christy asked me again what was wrong. I told her that I just felt “off” and everything bugs me. I told her that I thought it might be because I haven't heard from the guy and it really is kind of messing around with my mood, as well as I am just coming off of my monthly cycle, which might be adding to it as well. I told her how I really had the urge to text him, but I didn't. I told her how I really missed him, even thought it seems that he doesn't miss me at all. And that I know that I am better off, but it is really hard for me right now. I told her how the silence it killing me. We talked a bit around it and it made me feel a little bit better.

When we got to the Expo, I saw all the cars, and had hoped that we didn't miss too much arriving so late. It was okay. There were plenty of fun stuff to look at. They had couple booths that are tuned to health, which I made a beeline for, as that is what I am interested in. They had this one booth that had a pill that had all the nutrients from veggies and one from fruits. They had all kinds of info. I told Christy she probably needed to take something like to jump start healthy eating. I told them I have a juice that I like to use. I told them am advocate to eating fresh fruits and veggies and lean meats. Christy told them how picky I am with eating things out of a box or a bag. It was funny, but I told them that I have re-taught myself to eat healthy foods, and watch my portions, and make sure that when I do eat, that half of my plate has veggies, instead of meats or starches. I also told them I had learned about food combinations that are unhealthy to mix all the time, like meat and potatoes, or spaghetti and meatballs, that if I had a meat, then I have two veggies, or if I have starch, like pasta, I have two veggies, instead of a meat and a starch. They asked me how much water should I be drinking a day. I told them it correct to figure out how much you should drink by body weight, as some people need more then others, and “8 glasses”is just a ball park to what people should drink. They were really impressed that they wanted to get me to sell their product. I told them I would think about it and do a little research. Christy told them I love to research things and I probably would definitely research it to death before I decided to do something like that. I just laughed at her. Christy knows me all so well. We went to a couple other booths, and filled out some free raffles to win at the end of the night, but we didn't win anything. But that didn't matter, we still had a great time.

After the Expo, I asked Christy if she wanted to go to the Dollar tree to pick up some things. She said she wanted to go to Walmart. I then asked her that she wanted to spend more money at Walmart, when she could save a bit at the Dollar Tree then then go to Walmart. She said she didn't care, as she didn't want to make me drive every where. It old her that I didn't care if we went to the Dollar Tree and then Walmart, as they are so close to each other. So we went there first, and she bought some Easter stuff. I helped her find Sports Easter stuff, that I thought Jesse would like. Brianna told Christy she didn't want a basket, but she got she something small anyway. As I was helping Christy, I realize how much I would enjoy creating an Easter basket for a child in my life if I had one. I told Christy about my original Easter baskets that I still have. It is huge and wicker, even though the color on it is a little bit faded, I still bring it out every year and enjoy seeing it. I am very careful, because it is very brittle, so I have to make sure that the cats don't rough house with it, so I keep it up mostly so they can't get in it (as it is that big for a full grown cat like Mekong to get in it and still have room).

After our little store run, I hung out at her house until around 11:00 p.m. and then went home. I wasn't feel that great. I think the detoxing is getting to me a little bit. I drank some more water, body brushed, took a shower and then got in bed, with the hopes I would feel better, both mentally (missing the guy and being moody about it) and physically.

Tomorrow is another day. I still can't believe that I am on Day 23 and going on Day 24! Yay for me!

EXERICISE: walked 2.33 Miles,

WATER INTAKE: 37 ounces of water

WEIGHT: Unknown

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