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Choosing Gratitude By Giving Thanks For Everything Always!

"Say Thank You" by Yehuda Berg plus "Thanking heaven" by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Date:   6/10/2011 12:24:05 AM   ( 11 y ) ... viewed 28069 times

January 2022 - Creating a vibratory field that protects your emotional and spiritual essence -

"...reside in the feelings of appreciation or gratitude, without any reason to do so. In other words, you are not looking to something in your environment or your life to feel appreciation or gratitude for. You simply enter into this vibratory state for no other reason other than choosing to do so.

This vibratory state creates a coherency in your body and mind, and it is a type of mental/emotional upliftment that acts as a counter-balance to the downward spiral many humans (are) experiencing.

We recommend that you enter this emotional state several times a day. Just a minute or two is all that is needed, but by entering into this vibratory state throughout the day, you train your brain/mind/body to enter into a coherent state at will. And this will be a very helpful and important mind-skill as you enter further into this planetary transition state (i.e. the emergence of multiple Chaotic Nodes).


Many of you will find greater opportunities for frustration in your daily life. This is because actions taken will increasingly not lead to the result anticipated. Even those of you who are intellectually gifted and masters of manifestation may find blocks and unanticipated hindrances, due to no causation on your part, but rather due to the actions or inactions of others, as well as unanticipated problems caused by the increase of chaotic events in the world around you. Thus, when you find yourself at your wit’s end, so to speak, if you have cultivated the positive attractor of appreciation or gratitude you can use it to intervene into your own emotional turmoil, for if you succumb to your own emotional stress the contagion of mass hysteria is more likely to reach you.

Think of this simple technique as a lifesaver. It’s something passive, you just rest in it, and it creates a vibratory field that by its very nature protects your emotional and spiritual essence.":

Thanksgiving Day, 2020 -

"what truly heals is gratitude and tenderness.”[14]*

December 2, 2019 -

This Blog-writer has adopted a daily writing exercise devoted to gratitude (as of a number of years ago) and with a significantly greater realization as of today's exercise he can confidently say: "I know myself so much better in ~ through expressing my gratitude!"

This most recent exercise included deeper self-realization of his Human Design as an Emotional Manifesting Generator capable of uplifting the frequency!

July 2, 2019 - The moment we intend to give thanks -

"We receive so much from a simple inner movement of gratitude for the life we have been given. This movement of gratitude goes far beyond a mere feeling. The moment we intend to give thanks, this feeling of gratitude starts to act, it does not remain passive. According to the law of affinity, its vibrations attract impressions, feelings and inspirations of the same nature. We then receive all the blessings thanks to this one small movement: we thought to give thanks. ..."[11]


The highest recommendation this blog-writer can offer (in this instance) is to do your best to start your day asap with a simple "Thank You" to The Creator/Source/Universe/God/ (however you may conceptualize this) simply for waking up and possibly for a whole new day. Along with this is another simple "Thank You" when you lay down to go to sleep. These "simple inner movement(s) of gratitude for the life we have been given" require nothing more than a moment of conscious intention. You can do this! It can transform you!

August 6, 2018 -

"...People and things exist in and of themselves, and events are what they are. But neither one nor the other, however beneficial they may be, can truly help or enrich us unless we contribute an element of our own: our consciousness, our thoughts and feelings, and even more so, our respect and appreciation. This attitude engages elements from another dimension and of another force; they come to envelop with their spiritual emanations all the good things we receive, and in doing so enhance their effectiveness."[9]


Your gratitude is your appreciation that is expressed for another and/or for any particular thing or situation. Like "respect" gratitude includes an acknowledgement and in expressing gratitude respect is given as well. However it is possible to only give a more outward display of "respect" without the gratitude. Therefore gratitude is superior to respect when respect is given without appreciation. Respect can be fear-based. Gratitude is joy-based. The frequency difference between these two is palpable!

June 10, 2011 - "Gratitude is one of the highest forms of receiving. ...

As hard as we work at earning physical and spiritual qualities, saying thank you is what lets us feel the deep fulfillment and happiness they bring us.

Say thank you today. It feels so good. And it will clear the way for more good things to come."


This is one truth this Blog-writer unconditionally acknowledge without hesitation! The path of gratitude is truly a high-way to the higher states of your being!

Give thanks for all things!

Thank you Yehuda![1]

December 20, 2015 -

"... When you say the words ‘thank you’, it is like a source of light, peace and joy springing from your soul. And this source pours into all your cells. Little by little, you feel something in you becoming more alive, stronger and brighter."[2]

February 9th, 2016 -

"...we must learn to be grateful to God. To give thanks to the Lord every day and be pleased with what he gives you is to possess the secret magic capable of transforming your whole life. When you are grateful, light and love increase within you and your actions are enhanced. You look at the world with other eyes and, one day, you will find that others open their hearts to you because you radiate light and joy. ..."[3]


This writer finds gratitude virtually effortless as it naturally flows whenever he lifts up his heart and mind and becomes more aware of the Inner Presence!

December 2, 2016 -

Had a wonderful email address that recently had stopped working. For the first few days the loss was difficult for me as receiving communications from virtually all others was not possible! Fortunately this writer discovered that the email domain expired (apparently) and that he could use another email connected to his webmail. He then recovered his communications and was very happy about that. Now he realizes that by losing the email address he also lost all the spam that was coming into his inbox! Now he is all the more grateful that his favorite email address stopped working! Not having the spam is a tremendous relief! He believes heaven heard his distress signals and responded by simply pulling the plug! ; ~ ) Give thanks for all things!

December the 8th -

Got the old email back (and spam along with that ; ~ (). (LOL) -

Much more importantly:
"In gratitude we surrender our need to control and connect to our true selves as all gratitude is based in surrendering to love."[4] From the 46th Gene Key that is the most prominent in this writer's Holographic Design with his natal Sun activation there at Line 3.

May 21, 2017 -

God is Great![5]
God is Full![6]
I Am Grateful!
All Grateful I Am!

March 2, 2018 -

"...a person's ability to be grateful is quite independent of that person's possession of things to be grateful about. Having things doesn't mean you'll be grateful for them. I'll go further and venture to say that the ability to feel gratefulness is a key part of mental health. ..."


Inspired to search "ability to be grateful".

April 29, 2018 - Choosing Gratitude -

"... I’ve experienced the deep loss of my beloved spouse, but consciously decided to turn grief into gratitude and discovered a strength I didn’t know I had. Life is still good!"[8]

May 31, 2019 - A Verse -

"Giving thanks at all times for all things ..."[10]

Thanksgiving Day, 2019 -

Dear Chef-doctor,


Gratitude, being thankful and appreciative about our life in the present moment is powerful. But often we just think or talk about it instead of practicing.

Actually gratitude (like unconditional love) is not a thought. It's a full-body experience where our Quantum field (information & energy) directly affects and aligns with our Neuro-Biology (brain, nerves & organs).

A Lifestyle Prescription® Experiment -

... one of the powerful techniques we use in Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching is "writing Lifestyle Prescriptions®".

I want to challenge you and invite you to commit to the following Lifestyle Prescription® - ONLY FOR 1 FULL DAY:

Decide your "gratitude" day
Focus and be present and feel thankful for every single minute throughout that day.
Feel that energy of appreciation in every single cell. No matter what is in front of you, who you talk to or what you experience in that moment - enjoy and be grateful.

Afterwards write in your journal ...

With Appreciation,



This writer finds the above Thanksgiving Day message from Johannes inspiring! Dyads could be formed based on gratitude starting with "Tell me what gratitude is." Also "Tell me something that you are grateful for." The contemplation for each of these could be extended throughout a whole day! That could fill two whole days. What would be the dyad for a third day? ......... How about "Tell me who you are"?

Regardless of whether a three-day intensive could be created (based on gratitude) - anyone can certainly participate in a three-part dyad and that can be repeated as often as the two individuals involved want.

The 3-part Gratitude Dyad:

"Tell me what gratitude is."
"Tell me something that you are grateful for."
"Tell me who you are."

Creating With Gratitude! -

The Andromedan (A’s) data and understandings Alex Collier shares with us have unfolded the practicalities of knowing and owning our power. I feel like 20 years of understandings around creator consciousness just got coloured in. We are incredibly powerful beings. I got it. I’m excited.


We know that every atom in our body contains ancient stardust and Original Light. The A’s tell us that our soul consciousness is the quantum space around each one of these atoms. Hearing that is like I’ve unwittingly been trying to crack a safe and unexpectedly, unknowingly, vibed into its sweet spot, and click! I got it.

Consider how many cells you have in your body ….. at the very least 50 trillion with a possible high end of 100 trillion. A scientific study calculated that every single cell in a human body has around 100 trillion atoms. It’s perfectly logical and understandable that on the quantum level we ARE space. Statistically it’s easily equivalent to, and quite possibly beyond, the speed of light whizzing three times per second round this planet.

On the quantum level I reckon the quantum field of the soul is as big as our universe. I’m now thinking of my soul as my personal quantum universe. And I can create anything in it. Any person with a soul can do the same.


When we think a thought it automatically creates movement in the quantum field of our soul. This movement starts turning – creating a gravity wave, a gravitation field which pulls to itself photons, protons, and molecules. Essentially these are the building blocks needed to manifest our intention.

Here’s how it’s done as Mr Collier explains it. He says it is very difficult to simplify. Whether or not your intention is for something physical the gravity wave your intention creates pulls photons, protons, and atoms towards itself. This creates a quantum wave of consciousness which then becomes DNA.


Alex Collier says DNA comes out of nowhere. When I think about that …… it does. DNA seemingly pops out of nowhere into the quantum field of our soul.

Hyperdimensional energy also seems to pop out of nowhere. Hyperdimensional energy pops into our reality after we have intended it by creating the feeling energy needed to power it up, and the geometry which produces the properties we want to experience. Ergo, I have no problem with DNA popping out of nowhere.

The A’s say that the gravitational field we create with our intention, that pulls in the atoms and photons and molecules, this same gravitational field then creates DNA with starlight. Think about it ….. every atom in our body contains starlight. Creating DNA using starlight ain’t a stretch. I reckon manifesting DNA with starlight is when we are actually bending light.

Because we have a soul we create gravity. Because we have a soul we are lightbenders. Because we have a soul we create DNA.

Wow and truly, as in proper analogue understanding of the word, awesome. We are awesome.


The regressives who have been controlling this planet ain’t got souls. They ain’t got creator consciousness. AI is in the same boat. They don’t have emotional bodies either so they literally, 100%, have no idea about love, empathy and kindness. And 100% zilch about how they feel.

Folk with souls and goddess or god like creator consciousness who are able to create gravity and DNA with their soul are scarey to them. Our Soul Power is a force they don’t actually want to reckon with.

Back in the day the regressives realised this new guy Jesus was running on Soul Power. Performing miracles, turning a bottle of booze into a truck load, raising the dead, and telling everybody else they could do the same kind of stuff. Telling them they could do even more than what he was showing them. Telling folk they didn’t need temples to know God. WTF. Gee, better get that under control! Lock it down.

The covert forces who believe they own our planet and every thing on it, including us, established the Roman Catholic church. To this day it is an important soul management control system. Because it is a regressive organisation, for all the preaching and penance there ain’t been a whole lotta love and peace generated.

Yeah, the reptoid regressives are still running it. Check out that photo of the pope circa 2016 kowtowing to kiss the hand of the high heid Rothschild here on Terra.

If what I saw in a Netflix series is true, where all the actors were dressed like they were living in Roman times, then the Roman Catholic Church was created through a war. That may have been pimped in by Hollywood but on the chance it did actually happen that way, it seemed fitting to me.


Currently we are simultaneously experiencing the end of third density of light and the beginnings of fourth density of light. At the beginning of March 2017 according to the A’s we were around 3.8 to 4.2 in terms of density of light.

Obviously there’s not a lot of time and space left in third density. As for the regressives the fuel gauge on their time and longevity meter is into the empty zone. Their third density hologram of control and repression is literally crashing and disappearing.

The regressives are backed into what little space and time is left in third density. They ain’t going to come out with their hands up. Seems like they’ve got a scorched Earth, poison the wells and, apart from provisions, take no prisoners mindset.


Each of us has a personal quantum field the size of a vast universe created by the space around every atom in our physical body. The quantum field of our soul is a seriously big manifestation field to have at our disposal. Puts a different spin on having Creator consciousness. Yeah?

What are YOU creating at this time? What are you intending for our biosphere and the life upon it? Because we actually create the reality we are experiencing ….. what do you really want to experience?

Seems to me that creator consciousness is an incredibly serious responsibility best applied with integrity and impeccability and benevolent intention. Real high consciousness stuff huh. Something to treasure, protect and honour.

And then ….. I think on third density being the arena where we learn about power. Finally, I’m feeling it. I got it, I got it. It’s our incomparable soul power.

You need spirit to manifest as we ensouled human beings do. The A’s say your soul’s quantum field moves from wherever SOURCE actually is, through the dimensions, to this point here, where you are. We’ve got a stonking connection. There’s no time like the present for putting it to good use.



Do some run-throughs where you dream your dream, in technicolor, no expense or possibility spared. No detail is too insignificant for your attention. Enjoy your dream. It is the basis of the intention you manifest through the quantum field of your soul.

We ain’t got time and energy to squander. Experiencing little jags of ooh I’m not sure about … and flashes of what ifs, sprinkles of whoops what about … unacknowledged fears and unresolved issues sends confused, mixed messages. That’s tangled stuff which ain’t easily manifested.

Prepare a real short straightforward intention so there’s no need to faff through Kinksville before it can hit the ground running.

When it’s real short and very clear write it out. And if it helps read it out when you make your intention.

When you have clarified and defined the simple clear intention you want to manifest in your reality here’s a useful protocol to get you in optimum condition for putting it out there.

Importantly it’s got to be said that opening your heart and loving all life, and feeling deep sincere thankfulness for all the blessings and abundance you experience, acts like rocket fuel for intentions. Love and gratitude are strong and harmless, powerfully life enhancing feelings.


Activate your pranic tube and create a strong field of love and gratitude feelings.

Intend that the prana flowing in from Mother Earth and Father Sky meets in your heart and is qualified with your feelings of love and gratitude.

Intend this qualified prana flows and diffuses from your pranic tube into all the cells in your body. Do this until every cell of your body is fuelled up with prana qualified with love and gratitude.

Put every bit of your focus and attention on your intention and voice it out to the universe. ...[13]


[1] Yehuda goes on to say:
For any questions or inquiries about this tune up or Kabbalah in general, please email

This email was sent by:

The Kabbalah Centre International
1100 S Robertson Blvd Los Angeles, Calif. 90035, USA

For all inquiries, visit

or send an email to




[5] Psalms 145:3

[6] Col. 2:9

[7] A Google search result lists:
however I did not actually see the quote at the site.



[10] Ephesians 5:20
Also see the Greek Interlinear in the lower half of the page and pay special attention to "everything" (also translated as all things).


[12] In subscription email from Johannes, Lifestyle Prescriptions University.

The 5th (of "About 2,780") search result for: "personal Quantum field"

[14] a quote by Pema Chodron at:


gratitude, thank you, give thanks, ability to be grateful, Choosing Gratitude, path of gratitude, learn to be grateful, gratefulness, mental health, law of affinity, blessings, conscious intention

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