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To Thrive and Grow!

Chef Jem's 1st letter to the Thrive Movement after watching the Thrive movie last night plus notes with further thoughts.

Date:   6/22/2012 8:58:47 PM   ( 9 y ) ... viewed 3718 times

Thank you very much for Thrive, the movie, and for the thrive movement website!

I just saw the movie last night along with others at a home screening that I hosted. We had discussion after and plan to meet monthly.

There are a few items of information that you are putting out to the public that I would like to support greater accuracy and completeness of. The first sector that I'm inspired to support now is Governance.

Have you folks been introduced to Pete Hendrickson?
He wrote the book on Cracking the Code - The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America (CtC), his first of three books on the law so far.:

If you haven't been introduced to Pete, as of yet, then I most highly recommend it! I believe that it can save a lot of people, and /or tons of efforts in trying to eliminate something that only needs to be understood according to it's lawful limited application. The facts are that the federal income tax actually came into existence before the Federal Reserve. Peter can give the authoritative history on that! Understanding the limited application of the federal income tax will also help Americans understand the limited application of government. The income tax is an excellent place to start educating the public on the limited jurisdiction of the government. The exhaustive research of Pete Hendrickson, well documented, in his published works will also be supported by the work of Ed Rivera who is the leading professor regarding the Organic laws of the United States of America.:

I sent the above at 7:00 PM.

At 7:02 PM I received this initial reply:

"Thank you for sending us a message. We appreciate your email and are grateful for the volume of communication we are receiving. Our customer service team reads every email that comes in, and when necessary, forwards them to the appropriate team member for review. Given the large volume we are receiving, it is not always possible to make a personal reply. We appreciate your understanding in this regard.

Please also note that Foster and Kimberly Gamble are already booked in their schedule through the Summer and are often not able to reply personally to emails. They will be appearing at screenings in a number of cities throughout the U.S. and Europe during the coming months. We will announce these events in advance so you can attend if you are in the area.

For questions about the film, website and THRIVE movement, please refer to the FAQs section of our site:

Thank you,


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My notes made last night while watching Thrive:

"Thriving is the natural flow of life."
Therefore our part must be to harmonize more with and in the flow of life!

"Our purpose is to thrive."
Therefore, if we are not thriving we are not fulfilling our purpose.

With all the references that are made about thriving it seems that the term "thrive" deserves some kind of a definition.
How about this:
"1. to prosper; be fortunate or successful.
2. to grow or develop vigorously; flourish: The children thrived in the country.":

More notes:
"The economic sphere is rigged."
That is true; however, it is stating in mildly.

I think the following is in reference to the torus: "This pattern holds the key to a life that will work for everyone."

I'm very interest in learning more about "this pattern". I have read "The Convergence of 2012 and the sacred Geometry of Integration" by Ronald Holt. His first mentions "Torus" is on page 7 in the phrase: "Galaxy and Torus" that is right below an image of what he identifies as: "'Sombrero Galaxy' photo Courtesy NASA - Graphic copyright 2009 By Barbara Rose & Ronald Holt". he says: A torus is a doughnut-shaped energy field with an inflow (entrance) on the 'top' and an outflow (exit) on the 'bottom' that delineates the direction energy flows through the form."

This 67 page article is available as a PDF:

You can also access it among 19 other articles at:

I highly recommend this for any serious or advanced students who want to learn how sacred geometry relates to us individually and how we relate to the sacred geometry of the universe. The article describes dynamics of the torus as well as how it can be applied to aspects of consciousness in us including the chakra system and much more. It can serve as a kind of preface to the multiple integration of Human Design which includes the ancient wisdom systems of the chakra system, the Kabbalah, the I Ching, modern science of genetics, physics plus several astrological systems and more.

My next Thrive note is: "How the universe works". The work I just cited above: "The Convergence of 2012 and the Sacred Geometry of Integration" gives one of the very best presentations in this regards!

"1921 - Einstein's theory of relativity and 'little packets of wholeness' called quantum."
I may add to this note later.

Next note of special interest to me is: "The field around the structure of an individual." I believe that "field" includes both the aura of the individual as well as their etheric body and possibly more. I like the term "field" if it means a totality of all that surrounds an individual. Human Design includes the unique "mechanics" of the individual's aura.

Next note: "The universe is a torus growing factory".

I'd like to get a transcript of the brief mention of both the "I Ching" and "the Kabbalah" as systems embedded with (I think) vector equilibrium. It may be just in reference to the I Ching because I didn't get any search results for the Kabbalah+vector equilibrium.

To continue with more notes.

In the meanwhile I did get a real live reply from a team member at Thrive Movement. It appears they may review my offer of the two introductions. Once they determine "... how (they) can integrate them with the Thrive Movement" I will have more introductions to offer!

June 24, 2012 (Happy Birthday Melissa!)

I started my correspondence with the Thrive Movement team focused on the sector of "Governance". Most closely related to Governance is the monetary realm. This is a quote from;
"The Matrix of Power"and it is a work that I would like to place in the Thrive network.:

"The men of good will in all nations must understand that the enemy of civilization is fiat money. The Internet can help generate and spread this understanding.":

Update June 25, 2012 -
There are two contrasting pictures presented in Thrive that deserve to be well defined. One is fear-based. The other is Joy-based! Believe it or not there is a choice!

Thrive as well as the "Convergence of 2012" (mentioned above) along with Sacred Geometry, etc. all point to both ancient knowledge and our present-time rediscovery of that knowledge through the "sectors" including "the center of the Navigator: "Worldview" (which I intend to look at asap)!
It is possible that individuals will follow the suggestion to focus in a single sector. That suggestion does not appeal to me unless each sector also considers the whole for the perspective of that sector. Interesting to me at this moment that there are twelve sectors that are identified within the Thrive Movement and for many months I have been telling people that we need to have twelve perspectives on anything that we wish to see clearly, know and understand. Here is a great example and opportunity to practice a 12-fold perspective!

It's a matter of consciousness!
One of my last notes while watching Thrive was: "To shift the consciousness". A friend recently told me that is the core of his mission in life. It is in the core of my mission as well!


Update July 10, 2012 -
The Thrive Movement has been criticized because it has named some names. There are a lot more names that need to be named and this site makes a substantial contribution toward that end:


August 29, 2012 -

Science may offer us facts, data, information and scientists their observations and knowledge yet what we need to thrive is both wisdom and the ability to know the truth.

A certain ability and courage is often required to know the truth because there are times when truth is not beautiful! We are currently living in one of those times.

You can certainly build your ability to know the truth! "FACE the Truth" - Feel, Acknowledge & Communicate Everything that you are aware of about anything.

FACE the truth and Thrive!

June 6th, 2014 -

"... If we are feeling insecure, we cannot thrive and grow. If the roots of the tree are not embedded in the earth and not receiving moisture and nutrients, then it will not grow into maturity.":

May 31, 2014 by Michele Finey

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