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Of Fecaliths and Bowel Health

Stool can form in the ascending colon, and it can stay there.... not a good thing!!

Date:   1/30/2013 11:38:13 AM   ( 10 y ) ... viewed 11204 times

I recently found some mainstream medical literature where there was an X-Ray showing an old stool in the ascending colon.

I also found a report of "an urgent problem requiring surgery due to calcified fecal material in cecum".

These cases related to a problem I am familiar with, but that my Doctor ignores... despite the fact that it could be impacting my health. It could even explain my chronic pain.


I feel quite certain that there is a related problem that plagues many of us but that our Doctors are ignoring, or are ignorant of [they only know what they are taught].

If there is ANYTHING in our colon that should not be there, it is probably affecting how we feel; any abberant substances or formations there are probably affecting our "gut flora" - the bacteria that populate the colon, are known to be essential to the immune system.

The first section of the COLON ["ascending colon"] normally only has a liquid slurry of fecal material and water. However, some of us, possibly MANY of us, have FORMED STOOL in that section of the colon.

We assume that "these, too, shall pass", but THEY DO NOT. The ascending colon has to work against gravity, and although peristalsis is sufficiently strong to do that, it seems these old stools in the ascending colon just do not move.

I know this because I have had one there for 10 years. It keeps showing up on X-Rays, and my Doctors keep telling me... NOTHING. The rest of my colon is normal - I am not constipated, constricted, I do not have megacolon or diverticulitis.


If it stays there long enough, it become hardened, and eventually becomes what they call a "fecalith" or calcified fecal material in the colon.

At some point it can block the junction of the small intestine where it joins the large intestine [cecum, Iliocecal valve].

The APPENDIX is there too. I found that some cases of APPENDICITIS are actually a fever brought on by these "fecaliths". Surgery that removed the fecalith was all that the patient needed to be restored to normal health again.

Fatigue, fevers, coldness, sweating, muscle pains, headaches, and all those symptoms of "chronic health problems" could simply be due to these "stool in the ascending colon".



Colonics do not move these abberant feces. I do a twice yearly series of enemas, I have tried all the different types of laxitives, and colon massage; I have literally "stood on my head" to get it moving - the Yoga position called "shoulder stand" where my feet are straight up in the air, the ascending colon upside down.

As for diet, I eat a very health diet - very little meat and lots of flaxseed and other "oil seeds" [but not wheat and very little of other grains], berries, vegatables, no processed carbs and no processed foods and no cow's milk [I use almond milk instead, when needed].

And despite these efforts, my "right sided stool" remains.

It seems that if a stool ever forms, for whatever reason, in the ascending colon, it requires surgery to get rid of it - a very simple, possibly just laproscopic, surgery - is needed to pluck it out.

Doctors are not going to recommend such a treatment though, because they have a very lazy attitude towards bowel health - only recently has medical mainstream acknowledged the importance of gut flora despite the 1000s of deaths every year from C-Difficile which can be cured with probiotics [stubborn cases may require a "fecal transplant" where a baby's poop is given by enema].


Has anyone else had an x-ray of their abdomen where it was reported "right sided stool" or "fecalith" or "calcified fecal material" in the ascending colon or the cecum??

I now KNOW that these are more common that just me. I have a collection of dozens of cases. Perhaps your X-Ray reports mention it, but your doctor does not??

--------final word

I have no idea when or how this "right sided stool" formed, but it could have been when I was in hospital for several weeks after being run over by a drunk driver, many years ago. I was in traction in bed and bowel movements were not the biggest concern as my broken body was being patched back together. There were antibiotics and surgeries that likely caused constipation at that time.

I have not been overly constipated before or since then, I have allways been fairly conscious of my bowel health.

I am so fed up with being disabled due chronic illness, and it might all be due to something so simple. No, its not "all in my head", it is in my colon, Doc - that is where immunity and a healthy body begins.

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