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"Genetic Instability" due to Radiation - Future DNA

Genetic instability does not show itself until well after the process is underway. Have we allready wiped our "future selves" out? Each generation is showing greater mutations without more contamination - it is adding up.

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Part Two -

      Have we already wiped our-future-selves out?

   There are very few things that pose more of a threat to the existence of the human race than defective DNA. The more immediate result of damaged DNA is the agonising reality of birth defects.

   A study now in it's 10th year is reporting that there is a strong indication that there has been genetic damage caused by nuclear power, nuclear bomb testing and the two incidents of their use, and D.U. [depleted uranium] weaponry.

   Most importantly, that genetic damage is INCREASING as time goes on - it is not a spike of problems and then a return to normal, this genetic damage is increasing over generations. If you were born to a mother exposed to Fukushima radiation, your offspring will have even more genetic damage than you did, and their children more again. This will amplify through generations until that family line is no longer capable of reproducing.

  This is called "genetic instablity", and it is NOT to be excused as "ya, but evolution comes about due to genetic mutations so it is a good thing". This is NOT a good thing, it is a threat to the future of the human race if enough of us are affected.

   We do NOT KNOW if we have been exposed to the degree where we might be the parents of children with genetic damage. There is no way to know, and sometimes the effects are not seen until three or more generations come along. Have we allready wiped our-future-selves out?

Quoting the study:
   "Genetic changes have  long range effects -  before birth and later – even into the next generation chromosomes  affected – in egg or sperm – resulting in a hereditary chromosome problem."

  Some of the other delayed effects, not obvious at birth, include cancers - the offspring two generations removed from the parent exposed to radiation are MORE likely to develop cancers than the exposed parent!! This is a shocking new reality of the dangers of nuclear power.

  Severe birth defects are only one sign that an individual will be "no longer capable of reproducing", but they are the surest sign. They are the most heart-wrenching aspect of radiation, because, as heartless as it sounds, they live. They squirm and roll around and drool and their appearance is alien.

   Some die soon after birth, such as the ones described in the title of the report:
“A baby that has no head..."

   The full title is about the certainty of the result of exposure, as a way to refute the nuclear industry defence that the cause of genetic damage is uncertain - in full, the title is “A baby that has no head has no head" - and that is as blunt, clear, and damning as it can get.

Other birth defects being noticed in greater numbers include:

  anophthalmia , (missing eyeball)
  microphthalmia (tiny eye)
  spina bifida, ( opening in lower back  body wall),
  conjoined twins, (“Siamese twins”). 
  fetiform teratoma (a monster like mass, containing a mixture of tissues)
  anencephaly (absence of head or of most of the skull and brain)

  The study has found that birth defects in the areas around Chernobyl, and in Fallujah Afghanistan where D.U. weaponry is used, are where the most noticeable increases in damaged DNA are occuring. Obviously, it is too soon to see the generational increases around Fukushima, but there are several cases of birth defects in the babies born to exposed parents.

Quote from the report -
  "Meanwhile, genomic instability is now studied in  a variety of non  human   organisms. There are research results on butterflies and birds. Danish ornithologists found very serious instability in Chernobyl- the same results are   being found in Fukushima. Results include weakened birds unable to migrate – microcephaly, crooked wings, abnormal tail feathers, and many male barn swallows are sterile."
 - end quote -

  I hope I am not frightening you to death, or causing excessive depression or anxiety. These things are not a gaurantee of "wiping our future selves out" but any path that includes more of the same activities that produce radiation, and as I touch on below, more burning of fossil fuels, demands a serious and sobering examination. Economic considerations, and even temporary suffering, are far smaller concerns - we must not let economic fears excuse us from abandoning nuclear power and fossil fuel use - because there are far greater risks with much more at stake.

And Part Three coming soon!! UPDATE - the other name for this condition is: Accumulated generational genetic degeneration

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