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187,000 Iatrogenic Deaths & From Hospital Infections / Year.

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January 19, 2018 - Dr. Raphael Kellman -

We've been taught by science, colleges, universities, medical schools that bacteria are bad. They're "disease-causing", "virulent", they're "pathogenic"; they're something that we just have to "get rid of". It was the big enemy.

With the discovery of the incredible, staggering numbers of bacteria in the micro biome in us - it was the greatest turnaround in medicine, in science in a hundred and fifty years! From bacteria being disease-oriented, virulent, pathogenic now all of a sudden they're our greatest allies. In fact that's what the research is showing that bacteria on earth and within us have one primary goal - to promote healing and to promote life, outside of us with the world at large and within us. That's bacteria![6]

What amazes me is that even though the research has been known for about a dozen years[7] intelligent people (including professors I know who are working in health-related fields) still have and vehemently defend the old mindset "that bacteria are bad ... 'disease-causing', 'virulent', ... 'pathogenic'!" This deserves a lot of transformative "art" as the science alone apparently has yet to fully penetrate through the walls of the "real world".

July 4th (With Fireworks Shooting-Off In The Background Now, oops - all over now! ; ~ )

"... Efforts must be made to distinguish between genuine natural science and scientific fantasy. How often do we not hear it said today that one thing or another is scientifically established — whereas it is nothing of the kind, because words are simply accepted as facts. Never was blind belief in authority greater than it is at the present time in the domain of science, for everyone allows things to be determined entirely by those in whom they happen to believe. ..."[8] - Rudolf Steiner

Original postings as of March 3, 2014 -

This essential subject matter was introduced in the DVD I produced: "Raw Milk: The Whole Truth".

My special interest in this subject matter is addressing the bacteriophobic beliefs against real food and enlightening the public by exposing the fraudulent indoctrinations that were targeted against traditional foods (including raw grass-fed/pasture-fed dairy products).
I have been doing this with my DVD: "Raw Milk: The Whole Truth",[1] and having co-created a local chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation fifteen years ago in 2000.

The general public has been conditioned to believe that bacteria is something to be feared. Once fear has been brought in to the collective psyche then the general public becomes like silly putty that can be manipulated into an endless matrix of mantras and magic, potions and
ways to fight their microscopic enemy.

Yet "man has a symbiotic relationship with microbes ..."[2] and therefore microbes are (by and large) our friends! The understanding
of this is "known in the case of coli bacteria" however, "we did not extend this understanding to other bacteria, since we regarded them as enemies".[2]

"Bacterial food-poisoning that causes disease is caused by cooked or processed food. ... Only bacteria feeding on cooked, non-organic foods are likely to turn pathogenic."[3]

The following quote comes from a PDF online book that has a lot good information.

"Antibiotics are gradually ceasing to work; most drugs have little real benefit and lots of side effects; the costs of prescriptions has risen
to the point where drugs are now a huge proportion of the gross national product and deaths due to medicines has soared to the
point where, in the US alone, iatrogenic deaths—deaths caused by doctors—are now over 100,000 per year. ... And when I say drug deaths, I mean where the CORRECT drug, was CORRECTLY PRESCRIBED.[5] Mistakes and blunders account for a further
7,000 deaths per year. And that’s from a study carried out by a professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health, not 'statistics' from left wing agitators or Ralph
Nader. [By the way, since it is germaine to the topic in question, you can throw in another 80,000 deaths a year from infections acquired
in hospital and despite the very best of antibiotic therapy]."[4]


[1] with my Blog:,

[2] Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer "The Abridged New Medicine" presented to the University of Tubingen as a Lecture Thesis in 1981 and completed in 2000.

[3] We Want To Live - Aajonus Vonderplanitz; pgs. 229-230

[4] "How To Survive In A World Without Antibiotics":
(See page 31)

[5] “… according to a study published in JAMA, over 100,000 Americans die each year from properly prescribed drugs taken correctly. According to the Centers of Disease Control statistics, only 10,000 to 20,000 Americans die annually from taking illegal drugs, so although we have a growing drug problem, it seems that the major culprits are not the drug cartels but the drug companies.” -
“Sodium Bicarbonate: Nature’s Unique First Aid” (page 117) by Mark Sircus

[6] As of 9:33 into the "Broken Brain" documentary by Mark Dr. Hyman that is now playing:

[7] The "Raw Milk: The Whole Truth" video I produced in 2007 featuring a conversation between Mark McAfee and Dr Dale Jacobson (DC) included this subject matter where references were made to research of earlier years.

[8] "Significant Facts Pertaining to the Spiritual Life of the Middle of the XIXth Century" -
LECTURE II. Ancient Occult Magic. - The Ahasver Mystery.
Dornach, 1st November 1915.:

Antibiotics, Iatrogenic Deaths, Hospital Infections, Bacteriophobia, raw milk the whole truth, microbes, coli bacteria, science

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