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Ukraine Coup by Nazi Militants - Supported by America!!

Ukraine Armed Coup by Nazi extremists

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                                                        Ukraine, Crimea, Russia and America

  Have you heard about the situation in the Ukraine?  Well, ya, it is all over the news....  but WHAT have you been hearing, and do you believe it?

First, some definitions and facts:

    Crimea is the population of eastern Ukraine that backs Russian forces who have been permanently stationed there for years under treaty.

     Russia has NOT moved into the area in a show of force that is going to start World War Three – Russia was allready there when this thing started.

     The democratically elected government of Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovych was overthrown in an armed coup – armed gunmen over-ran the Parliament in the Ukraine and Yanukovych ran away. He remains alive, but unable to be reached, unable to give interviews. A potential whistleblower.


Secondly, some questions:

     Who does the USA, and the UK, support? Surely they don’t condone violent coups? And what about the “Nazi influence” of the new government in the Ukraine – surely America would not be supporting THEM??

     According to western mainstream media the new government in the Ukraine is fighting the Nazis in Crimea.... but that is NOT the case. The new government in the Ukraine is made up of the Nazi influenced population that has been quietly growing in the Ukraine over the past few decades.

    Do I have it right that the Nazi side in Ukraine is the side that America supports? And that western media is reporting the opposite of the facts?

    The Nazi side in the Ukraine are the ones who have been open about their hatred of “Progressive socialists, homosexuals and Jews”. They have, in fact, gotten help from the Americans, very similar to the way the "Arab Spring" got started when Gaddaffi was ousted and killed. America wanted him out, and they wanted Saddam out of Iraq, because they were talking about using a different currency to trade oil - they were going against America and American currency. Dead now.  And now the democratically elected government of Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovych was overthrown, with American help - why? Was Yankukovych going to go against America and refuse further austerity programs needed to help sustain the global financial situation? Was Yanukovych threatening to bring down the USA financial house of cards?

{why is my screen flickering like it is? It never did that before, and even though I have only had my new laptop for two weeks, I definately would have noticed this flickering}


Thirdly, the horrible reality we must wrap our heads around:

        The truth is that the USA has been backing the Nazi influenced “new government in the Ukraine”. The truth is that the USA has been working behind the scenes in the Ukraine, quietly organising, financing, and directing the times and places at which the new government of the Ukraine has asserted itself. [This is the same tactic of "quiet organising from behind the scenes" as the Arab Spring uprisings and changes of government in North Africa and other Arab nations - widely believed to have been organised by the USA/CIA].

  BUT - What about the news from mainstream US media that says that there are Nazis in Crimea? Nazi types would not be on both sides, and Crimea rejected the new government in the Ukraine. So which one has Nazis - Crimea, or the rest of the Ukraine? USA mainstream media says Nazis are in Crimea, but it is not true.

  This is the tactic – to claim that the Crimea population is all Nazi, when in fact it is the new Ukrainian government that is made up of Nazi ideologists. It is MEANT to confuse – the last thing we want to do is to condemn our own nation’s government of something horrible such as “being supportive of Nazis”.

    Calling someone a Nazi sympathiser has so often been used in conspiracy theories that our first reaction is to be in disbelief that the USA and the UK are supporting Nazis in the Ukraine.

{The flickering has stopped since I changed over to the TOR browser.}

    Clear your mind now, think about it – would Russia be supportive of Nazis in Crimea? Russia had the heaviest losses in World War Two fighting the German Nazis - 20 to 30 million Russians died in that struggle - and suffered the most damage on their own soil in World War Two [even Germany recovered more quickly than did Russia after WWII]...  so, would Russia now be embracing a Nazi influence in Crimea now? No, they would not.

     RUSSIA IS NOT supporting the Nazis - but the USA and UK ARE supportive of the Nazi takeover of the Yanukovych government in the Ukraine.

     Are you saying “Oh, ya, right, as if America would support Nazis - because ya, maybe Russia fought the Nazis in WWII, but so did the USA."

   Ahhhh, but grasshoppers.. I would love to tell you a little secret....

    But will it be too much? Nazis in the Ukraine, being supported by the USA is one thing...  but going back to WWII and re-writing that history might be too much. You would need to read some "hard-to-find" books first, as I did – the geopolitical factors leading up to World War Two were just about as complicated as today’s mixed up mess...

    Here is one little tidbit from those 3 history books:  “The U.S.S.R. –  the United Soviet Socialist Republic -  was a growing power in the early 20th Century, and after World War One they seemed to be surging ahead of America with industry and technology and military, and were seen as a threat to Europe as Europe recovered from World War One – just look at a globe of the world and see how the Russian border hangs over Europe like a big mouth about to swallow Europe...

    So? So the Americans began to quietly support Hitler and Nazism as a way to stop the U.S.S.R. from swallowing Europe.

    There, that isn't such a stretch is it? The powerful German Army under Hitler was a hedge against the huge USSR.

    American corporations had subsidiaries in Germany, and Hitler spent a lot of money on American technology, and right up until the very end of World War Two Hitler was getting his petrol supplies from American oil companies. American industrialists LOVED Hitler’s money,  the profits helped America catch up to the USSR.

     {Okay, now that helicopter is gone..thank you Tor browser}

Concluding WHAT, exactly?

   To sum up – the USA is supporting the Nazi fascists who ousted the democratically elected government in the Ukraine.  The USA news is saying that Crimea is full of Nazis, but that is just a way to deflect from the ugly truth that America and Britian are supporting the Nazis who stormed the Ukrainian Parliament.

    The fact that the USA is supportive of such a move must mean that it would be okay to storm the US Senate and White House and take over the American government in an armed coup. In fact, I see it as an invitation to do so – unless you LIKE the fact that the American Government is lying to you, and supporting a Nazi takeover in the Ukraine.


 Future Projections

   What will come of the Russian Army facing down the maurading US forces who have moved squadrons into the area over the past two weeks? Well, World War Three of course.  And once again, it will be America who is starting it,  like they started World War Two.  And Vietnam.  And “Terrorism”.  Warmongers.

   Why now? It might have something to do with the precarious financial predicament that the American and global economies are in – there is $100 TRILLION in debt that will never be paid back, and that cannot possibly be accounted for, and when just one nation calls “bullshit, we ain’t gonna” when asked to begin some new harsh round of austerity to appease the financial dragon America has created, sacrificing their economy to keep America’s fake house of cards standing...  THAT is when World War Three will start.

  Hmmm, that begs the question about World War Two – did America have FINANCIAL incentives to support Hitler, to contain the USSR by starting World War Two?


LINKS - Two Articles helped me write this [and there is so much more ground to cover, but not all at once] :

1] about the Global economic predicament >

2] About the Ukraine/Crimea/USA/Russia predicament >


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