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Iodine Prevents Breast Cancer

** Great info not put out by the Mass media:

Derry’s Book -
But there is growing evidence that iodine provides important extrathyroidal benefits when taken in milligram amounts.
- David Derry’s book, Breast Cancer and Iodine introduced me to this side of iodine.
A fellow Dartmouth-educated physician, Brad Weeks, who practices “corrective” medicine, recommended it. The book is a bit disorganized, has references at the end of each chapter not cited in the text, and no index; but it was an eye-opener nonetheless. [10] **

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Presented at the 24th Annual Meeting of Doctors of Disaster Preparedness

at Portland State University, August 6, 2006

by Donald W. Miller, Jr., M.D.

Text for each PowerPoint Slide *** (with references):

*** {Not included in this post}


The World Health Organization estimates that 2 Billion people, 30 percent of the world’s population, suffer from iodine deficiency disorders. More than a billion people have visible goiters and 5.7 million are cretins. An estimated additional 750 million people without goiters have undiagnosed hypothyroidism [5], and many millions have iodine-related mental retardation.


Iodine Intake in the US as of 2006

The average daily intake of iodine in the U.S. is 240 ug—a quarter of a mg.

This is half the amount Americans consumed 30 years ago, when iodine was used more widely in the diary industry and as a dough conditioner for making bread. Now it is only added to table salt, and 45 percent of American households purchase salt without iodine.

Furthermore, since the 1980s those who do use iodized table salt have decreased their use of it by 65 percent.

As a result, 15 percent of the U.S. adult female population, 1 in 7, suffer from iodine deficiency and have a urinary iodine concentration less than 50 ug/L. [15,16] The same percentage of American women, it turns out, will develop breast cancer during their lifetime. [17]


Iodine Prevents Breast Cancer

Animal studies provide evidence that iodine does indeed prevent breast cancer, arguing for a causal association to the epidemiological finding that women who have a high intake of iodine are found to have a low incidence of breast cancer. [51,52] Garcia-Solis and coworkers analyzed the effect of iodine on preventing breast cancer in rats given the carcinogen nitrosmethylurea. Molecular iodine (I2) was more effective than potassium iodide, significantly reducing the cancer incidence (30 %) compared to controls (73 %) (P < 0.05). [51] Another study, using DMBA as the carcinogen, showed the same thing (P < 0.01). [56,57]

Other evidence that adds biologic plausibility to the hypothesis that iodine in milligram amounts prevents breast cancer includes the finding that the ductal cells in the breast that become cancerous are the same ones that contain an iodine pump (sodium iodine symporter) for absorbing this element. [55] And people with goiters resulting from iodine deficiency have a three times greater incidence of breast cancer. [58,59]

Presented with this evidence on fibrocystic disease and that on breast cancer, it is reasonable to hypothesize that fibrocystic disease of the breast and breast cancer are, like goiter and cretinism, iodine deficiency disorders. [60,61] But as of 2003, after most of these studies were published, a leading textbook on breast diseases, Bland and Copeland’s The Breast: Comprehensive Management of Benign and Malignant Disorders, fails to mention iodine anywhere in its 1,766 pages. [17]



Chernobyl is the only accident in the history of commercial nuclear power where radiation-related fatalities have occurred. The steam explosion and fire in this reactor, uncontained and lacking an emergency core cooling system, released 5 % of the reactor’s radioactive core into the atmosphere. 134 employees developed acute radiation sickness and 28 died from it. No increase in cancer incidence or mortality has been observed attributable to the ionizing radiation it released. In fact, based on the hormesis model discussed here at this meeting, this accident will prevent 20,000 people from dying of cancer in the former USSR over the next 65 years.

Thyroid cancer is another matter. The explosion spread significant amounts of I-131, raising the incidence of thyroid cancer in children in the Ukraine from 0.7 per million to 4 per million. Our own Dr. Arthur Robinson reckons that only 70 extra cases of thyroid cancer have arisen in children living near Chernobyl as a result of the accident, and these cancers could have been prevented had the Ukrainian authorities provided these children with iodine.

Sound Science and Iodine

Two centuries ago sound science was applied to iodine, following this chain of evidence:

The Coventry Remedy for goiter that was so effective in treating this disease, long held secret, was published in 1779. It was burnt sea sponge.

Bernard Courtois discovered iodine in 1811.

Andrew Fyfe, in 1816, found that sea sponge contain high quantities of Iodine.

Whereupon, a French physician showed that tincture of Iodine will shrink goiter.



Consensus has replaced science, and the consensus view is that iodine intake should not exceed 300ug/day.

Endocrinologists decree, without supporting evidence, that Iodine >1 mg/day is excessive {HUH?}

Physicians discount and ignore studies showing that iodine in mg doses can cure fibrocystic disease of the breast. {WOW]


Health Benefits of mg-dose Iodine at 100x the RDA

Consuming iodine in mg doses should, of course, be coupled with a complete nutritional program that includes, in particular, adequate amounts of selenium, magnesium, and Omega 3 fatty acids. So done, an iodine intake 100x the recommended daily allowance, as one observer puts it, is “the simplest, safest, most effective and least expensive way to help solve the health care crisis crippling our nation.”

These are the health benefits people experience with adequate doses of iodine:

They Feel Healthier

Sense of Well-Being

Lifting of Brain Fog

Increased Energy - Achieve More in Less Time

Feel Warmer in Cold Environments

Need Less Sleep, 30 minutes to an hour less

Have Regular Bowel Movements

Improved Skin Complexion

A Strengthened Immune System

It prevents Cancer

And taking 12.5 to 25 mg of iodine a day will block 98 percent of 1-131 absorption from radioactive fallout without having to take any extra doses.

For complete view of this paper go to the orig reference!
Reference notes are on the orig. Paper!

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