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34 Day Water Fast - Day 6 update

My energy is high and I feel very social, which seems like a natural balancing act after deeper connection and solitude.

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*Note I am posting my journal from the last few days.

Fast April 2015.

3/30/15 Monday – Day 4

I am on day 4 of a 34 day water fast. I like to break it into “chunks” of time to make the fast a little more maneagable in terms of goals, so I have divided every day into 4 x 6 hour blocks, meaning there are 4 chunks in a day. I have completed a 28 day water fast and multiple 21 day water fasts over the years (about 6). Now I set a record in both days and hopefully in my quest to optimum health.

Today is March 30th, the second to last day of the month before I begin to go through the entirety of April with no food. There are 30 days in April, and I will eat again on the evening of April 30th at 6pm.

The longest fast I have done to date is 28 days, which was done in April about 5 years ago. I like April for long fasts I guess.

Being on day 4 is like being in the first mile of a marathon. There are advantages and disadvantages to having run a marathon before, just like embarking in a long fast.

There is apprehension because you know what you are in for, and you know it is not all going to be easy. Some of the best and hardest moments of my life have come during fasts, and I would expect nothing less during this one.

In moments where I am strong it is easy to believe I am unstoppable. These are refreshing moments, and to date I have had no difficult moments, but then again I am on day four and I am a semi-veteran in the fasting game.

I do not take these moments for granted. I am prepared for the healing crises that are expulled on multiple levels of my being. They can be rough. Only through prayer and mental fortitude can I move by these and rest through them. There are times sleep and tiredness are my best friend during a fast. I will allow these both to occur.

I do not expect or not expect difficulty. I just let things occur as they will and ride the ride. Motivation is easy when we feel great. It is like the saying in athletics, everyone wants to win at the beginning of a mile race. Very few people want to experience the highest degrees of suffering to win once their bodies have become exhausted and broken down. Such is so many things of life in that it can be a war of attrition.

Surviving attrition is the goal for me. It is simply grinding through the days, staying occupied through work and social activities until I can rest my head on the pillow at night and rest. Sleep can be one of the most challenging things, and for me the best thing is to wake up early and go to bed very tired. Going to bed not being very tired for some reason I can find sleep very difficult.

I do not like speaking to most people about fasting. I would say the same about multiple topics that involve a degree of understanding and alignment before there is shared positive communication. Selling the idea of fasting to someone who has no interest has no interest to me. People close to me in my life have witnessed the benefits I have received through fasting and many of them have tried this themselves and can attest to the same. This is how we share and learn, as one by one we cleanse and renew.

I actually love the process. I think I have to, otherwise I simply could not do it. To say I enjoy every moment is not true, but to understand every moment is a means to an end makes them bearable. For me the vast majority of my experiences in fasting are positive and not at all painful. My sense of smell becomes very keen, to the point I would liken it more to an animal than a human.

My thoughts slow down and I become much more in touch with the moments as they pass. In fact, the days seem almost twice as long when I fast which is what makes the fast sometimes difficult. Coupled with the additional hours of not preparing food, eating food, cleaning up after food, or driving to get food, the time of a day can seem like a week of a non-fasted state to me.

To revisit what is difficult regarding healing criseses experienced I could somewhat explain like this. Imagine a nail that has been lodged in our foot for many years. Perhaps we have grown comfortable and entirely forgotten it is there unless we put pressure on it. The nail does not just work its way out, we have to do something to help remove it. For me, fasting is the great remover. The master cleanser and detoxifier. The healing that mimics the earth itself, as by rest the grass will grow with rain and sunshine. All the cement and toxins will be cleansed away.

In my experience removing a nail can be a suddenly painful and sharp process. It does not seem to last a very long amount of time, but there is a sharp spike in discomfort within the being on many levels. Negative thoughts and emotions release, and as they release we cannot but witness what we had held.

Mucous and smell may fiercely be leaving out bodies as we process these nails we have held for so long. To make things even more challenging, I seem to remove multiple ones at the same time. I would actually prefer this as it makes the getting over the bumps in the fast faster yet more challenging.

The greatest blessing for me during a fast is after the removal process. There is so much energy and light, I long for this again. This is my greatest motivation in doing this, to align again properly with that which is greater than me.
A common thought for those who do not fast is that one is tired all the time and has no energy. The more this is true, the more someone needs to cleanse. For someone who is in good health and not toxic, the opposite will occur.
As about half of our energy is not bogged down by digesting and assimilating foods, we more than make up for the 15% or so decrease of metabolism in overall energy. Sure things like powerlifting do not sound appealing due to the ketogenic state we are in, but all daily functions including light aerobic activity feel absolutely fine. This is me speaking of my experiences anyway.
I have had so much energy going into longer fasts I cannot sleep more than a few hours a night sometimes. I wake up and cannot pull the plug on the amount of energy I have. I am not there yet being day 4, but I will see how it goes and take it as it comes.

Amen and in peace. This is my first journal of this fast. Another benefit is I will end this fast right around 180 pounds with 12% body fat which should put me at 21.6 pounds of fat.

3/31/15 Tuesday – day 5

I felt great yesterday when I wrote. I promise I did! Then I got home and the mucous began coming out all day and I felt 100 pounds heavier. I was irritable as well.

Yesterday was almost an experience of the things I had written about in the morning previous. It was not easy. I had multiple thoughts and temptations of eating. I was not going to but I felt close and drawn to saying “I don’t need to do this”. The truth is I do not need to do anything. I do not need to be healthy, I do not need to coach football when I am 75, these are things I will to occur or they are not.

I will to health. This is my attestment to my life and those around me. This is my testimony to that which is greater than me, yet extends partly from me as it is extended to me. Tomorrow April begins. A month more of this beautiful process. I like that title…Fasting, the beautiful process.

After the morning I caught the fasting “cleaning bug”. I have gotten this bug every fast, but never so soon! Basically bad smells become pronounced as I mentioned and they really bother me. So do messy spaces which usually I do not even notice.

I washed everything possible, vaccumed (I do this so rarely I cannot even spell it!), and dusted away. I carried boxes and large items into the garage until I was forced to remember I did not have the same strength in this fasted state and items felt much more draining.

4/1 Wednesday Day – 6

I have been keeping this journal for myself when someone on the forum asked if I blog. I had not but decided I would try it. So now as I write this I know there will be the possibility of people reading it. No worries friends… I wrote and introduction to make sure those of you not ready for the kinds of things I am going to write are weeded out right away. It saves time 
I am buzzing with energy now. It seems after a period of time in a deeper quieter place I come out with a Blam. My energy is high and I feel very social, which seems like a natural balancing act.

The fast yesterday was very easy and the only discomfort was in my dreams. I almost believe it is mandatory to dream of having eaten or the temptation of eating as those dreams have always been prevalent when I fast. I remember sleeping much more in the first week of a water fast than I have. Only Monday was my tired day where I could barely stay awake. Yesterday I worked hard and studied all day and slept from 9pm – 2 am and feel very refreshed still.

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