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George Carlin 'American Dream' Best 3 Minutes of His Career

All the shattered "American" dreams appear to come back to the "money" issue.

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February 6, 2020 - An Original Seed Dream of America -

The Dream and America - By Anna Von Reitz

The year was not noted, but somewhere around 478 A.D., a young French Celtic Prince, who had only vague notions of what Christianity might be, fell asleep and dreamed of a magnificent country to be established far to the West, a place where all men embraced what they called "The True God Within" and each one had his own peaceful and lovely home and garden.

Awakening from this dream, he could not forget it or bear to come back to the realities of France --- even though, to be sure, he enjoyed many advantages as the nephew of the King of Gaul. He was so enraptured by what he had seen that he could talk and think about little else and he set about trying to turn his own small principality in the Auvergne Region of France into a living model of this magnificent realm where everyone accepted "The True God Within" as the only King and every man and creature was blessed.

His name was Guilleroi de Lancelot du Lac, and his small kingdom, inherited from his Mother, Lady Elaine du Lac, known as Camelot, would become part of the fabric of the mind and soul of another country which was indeed to the West, across the English Channel: England, where his substantially older Cousin, Guinnivere, ruled as Queen of Powys and Wales.

Still obsessed by his dream and seeking that kingdom to be founded in the West, he traveled to England and infected the Court with his idealism and all the strange ideas he had adopted. Men must use power only for right causes. All men must honor The True King Within. Each man, he taught, was created to be a king in his own right, to have and enjoy his home and land undisturbed, and to obey no other Earth-bound king at all.

The key to happiness and peace and love, was to turn inward and find the True Heart--- and honor it by wedding together thought and feeling, until they should become one. All men should be faithful caretakers of the Earth. All men should be at peace with the animals and take good care of them and not lead the Good Beasts to slaughter anymore. Life was the greatest gift, the most holy of all, the most to be honored and be grateful for.

He could go on for hours with his inner vision fixed on what other men could only see by his words, and they, too, became enraptured and empowered, and rose up from whatever station of life they were in, to live and breathe and think of themselves as kings within their homes and villages---- kings with duties, kings with honor, kings with moral fiber and vision, each one serving The True God Within.

Many miracles occurred, and great transformations in the way people thought of themselves and behaved. And then, the Roman Catholic Church came, and branded his vision of man and "God Within Man" a heresy, contrary to the dogma of the Church and its dreary vision of guilt and suffering and alienation from The True God Within--- alienation that could only be cured, at a price, via the intercession of priests and their doling out of Communion.

So now you know what happened to Camelot and where its ruins lie buried, and also know the vision of Heaven on Earth, the New Jerusalem, that inspired it and inspired him, Guilleroi -- which means William the King -- and his Kinsmen and Clan, the Belle Chers, forever afterward: a vision of a mighty and happy kingdom, a kingdom that would be blessed and also be a blessing to the entire Earth, a self-governing nation where each man would be a king unto himself, serving The True God Within and living with passion for all that is right and good and true and just.

Guilleroi de Lancelot du Lac was a lot like St. Francis of Assissi, a lover of peace and of animals and nature, an earnest and humble man seeking The True God Within, so strongly envisioning the New Jerusalem that he did his best to manifest it on Earth. He was not a murderer or philanderer or even the great man at arms that the Church and later writers portrayed.

He was a dreamer and visionary whose passion to realize his dream on Earth has transcended 1,500 years and sixty generations.

You often hear the phrase, "The American Dream" -- but now you know The Dream that inspired the men who founded America, the dream of that happy western kingdom, ruled by common men all acting as kings in their own right, all of them subjects only to The True God Within, and a common vision of brotherhood and justice and honor and goodness and right. Each one self-governing. Each one in possession of his own well-cared for kingdom.

This is your heritage. This is one of the great driving forces behind and in and running through all the themes of what lifts America up and who Americans are. ..."[1]

May 1, 2015 - Truth is not beauty! -

George Carlin spoke truth with a language that he had become famous for and his message was most probably consequentially avoided by people who took offense - yet how many other celebrities came close to telling the radical truth about the "American Dream"?[2]

I went to the Dissent site in search of a historical piece regarding the problem with fiat paper currency. These two things - money and the "American Dream" - are of course deeply connected. Both need to be unveiled regarding their true natures.

Private banking interests created a debt-virus-based financial system that imbedded itself into government and replaced the honest and more reasonably sound money system (that was originally identified for the "United States" government and the people who interact with that government). Consequently the people have (whether individuals will admit this or not) became enslaved to this debt-based system and they appear to not be doing anything about that (at least from George Carlin's perspective in the video clip linked above). It's a problem that I both recognize and wish to do something about, hence "Cheeta"[3]

Speaking of which - I may need to consider revising the meaning of the Cheeta acronym from "Cultural Healing ~ Enlightened Ecology ~ Transforming Art" to "Cultural Healing ~ Enlightened Economy ~ Transforming Art".

About 30' later - it appears that I am not the first individual to think of "enlighten economy"[4]

In continuing with the focus regarding the problem with "money" I have introduced myself to several works that either address in some ways a couple of the consequences incurred when fully relying on Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) or look at so called "alternatives" to that system. In addition there are works such as: "The Genius of Money: Essays and Interviews Reimagining the Financial World" by John Bloom who wrote:

“… My hope and purpose is for this inquiry to serve as an invitation to others to engage in their own, both as individuals and as organizations striving to transform the world through transforming themselves first. This is not practice what you preach, but rather practice what you hope the future may look like. …”[5]

In reading the above quote in the Amazon preview I initially thought that the "what you hope" part was a "shared reality" that I value and have stated at the "Cheeta" blog.[6]

I can't make any assumptions about that now!

After reading that I looked at a review at Amazon By Hazel Henderson and then commented as follows:

Thank you, Hazel, for mentioning "the Federal Reserve System" (an "elephant in the room") that I have yet to see addressed in any Anthroposophical work. (Please consider this as an invitation to inform me of any and all Anthroposophical works that does address "The Fed".) I most certainly understand how you can mention "the need to reform the Federal Reserve System" however I kindly disagree with the notion that this entity will ever be subject to a genuine "reform" that would correct the problems of this system. It simply is not within the nature of this particular beast. It has only been through the endless repetition of terms (such as "money" and the like) that people have associated with the Fed (as well as all the instruments it employs) plus all the imagined beliefs of what it's true purpose is that people have been essentially programmed/conditioned into projecting tremendous amounts of their value/s onto it when in fact people no longer have any real money resulting directly from their participation and reliance upon it!

I kindly suggest forgetting all about "reform" and begin thinking of what can be newly created starting small at a grass-roots level. I intend to co-create a version in new community as stated here[7]

This comment was posted at 6:42 AM (PST) on Friday, May 1, 2015.[8]

One "positive" thing that I can say now about the above mentioned "intention" and "money" is that it will be rooted in a foundational "community-supported" system that can be partially likened unto some other community-supported systems such as CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). It can include community-supported "gifting". There can also be some community-supported "investing" at the right time.

Cheeta is a humungous convergence of "High ideals" and as such it requires right order, right timing, right people and of course right "money". This is a multi-foundational co-creation. A first foundation is establishing the right agriculture as an "Enlightened Ecology" capable of sustaining not just a community but a whole entire village! Is it possible that this most essential foundation can be built by a CSA? Has something along these lines been done before? I think of the Angelic Organics Farm and how the CSA there took on greater financial responsibility for the farm.[9]

If it is conceivable, if it can be imagined and especially articulated then it can be made manifest in the 3D world. Everything that has ever been built began as an idea. Why not think big? In fact it is by thinking big that we can tap into our genius!

June 14, 2015-

Excellent transcript of a live broadcast on "money" aired on NPR's This American Life.[10]




First discovered this 10-minute clip here:









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