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Through the "Looking Glass" of Relationships

Toward twelve perspectives in understanding the true dynamic of relationships.

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June 18, 2015 -

In 1982 this Blog-writer published a second issue of Transformations which featured an article by Dr. Chuck Spezzano: "Relationships: Our Magic Mirror." Now 30 years later he is happy to realize that "The Human Design System" has a completely different perspective!

Gene Keys author Richard Rudd in his Introduction to Human Design gives substance to the true nature of "chemistry" in relationships.:

"... In a relationship we become someone else. The great revelation of Human Design is that chemistry isn't personal. All difficulties in relationships are because people take it personally! When two people stand within each other's aura (about two arm's length on either side of them) they are no longer who they were before they walked into the room. ... two perfectly ordinary human beings turn into a whole new being with its own design and chemistry when they come together. ...

Any relationship can be manageable and fulfilling, as long as both parties understand that the true dynamic cannot be taken personally."

I appreciate how this underscores the "Second Agreement" in "The Four Agreements" book by Don Miguel Ruiz: Don't Take Anything Personally." Everything that everyone says, doesn't say, does and doesn't do is all about them! None of it is ever to be taken personally! Whenever this writer needs to tell himself the truth about that he always sighs a big sigh of relief!

November 24, 2019 -

"... Every relationship is an opportunity for us to evolve and experience what we came to experience in this life.

If you feel confused by someone, ask yourself these questions:

1. Why did I choose to have this relationship?
2. What would I change about this relationship?
3. What is awakening within me because of this person?
4. What about them is just like me?
5. What about them is something I wish was me?
6. How do my answers reflect the energy of the planet(s) represented in the relationship between our cards? ..."[7]

June 19th, 2015 -

Just arrived:
Energy Update June 2015 by Matt Kahn

"... Another sign of an unraveling cellular structure and recalibrating nervous system is loss. Whether you've experienced the loss of romantic partnerships, friendships, sudden career changes, or shifts in your living environment, it is important to think of loss not as a form of rejection or deficiency, but as a parting of ways between you and the old paradigm."

I'd include loss of family here as well. By and large I've completely lost my family of origin over the course of the last two years. I definitely see that as "a parting of ways between (myself) and the old paradigm."

Matt continues to say: "The relationships or circumstances that may dissolve throughout this stage represent the releasing of karmic ties to the vibration you embodied when the circumstance or relationship began. Through the eyes of the Universe, the ending of a relationship doesn't have to symbolize you being rejected, but can be seen as a graduation out of an outdated level of consciousness that such relationships helped you outgrow."

I've seen and declared "this stage" as a time of graduation that I've been preparing for! And now I feel the beginning of a new wave of gratitude for the relationships that helped me outgrow an "outdated level of consciousness."

June 23, 2015 -

By knowing your Human Design you can differentiate between what is truly yours and what is your conditioning. Your Human Design offers you tremendous insights in both ways. With this greater self knowledge you'll be able to understand others and discern the true energetic dynamics of your relationships.

"How you connect with another person, whether attraction, repulsion, domination or compromise, it’s never personal, it’s just energy. ... (The key lies in) Knowing your energy dynamic and how you connect to others, ...

1) ... Live from conditioning, and you’ll attract what you think is missing. It’ll drive your behavior. Live from your greatest strengths, you’ll attract what fulfills and balances your life. ...

2) Discover your partner. Know their strengths, values, vulnerabilities and fears. ...

3) Discover the relationship. Know the strengths, values, vulnerabilities and fears of the partnership. This is a synthesis and synchronicity of individual energy dynamics...."[1]

July 6, 2015 -

Can you identify at least seven perspectives on relationships that are at least briefly mentioned throughout all the above presentation? (There are actually more than seven.) I have another one to add. I may add more as I agree with the idea presented by Rudolf Steiner that we need to have twelve perspectives for a complete "conception of the world"[5] and to truly know something (or someone).

This perspective is about how to "make all humans ‘palatable’ for us"[2]

August 10, 2015 -

Our Greater Need: "To Love"

"What humans need most is to love and be loved, to give love and receive love. And the truth is that they have a greater need to love than to be loved."[3]

August 16th -

"For good or bad, an (an individual with an) Undefined Heart reflects the ego of (another with) the Defined Heart. A(n individual with a) Defined Heart meets their ego through reflection from the Undefined Heart. In some cases, this can be very uncomfortable to see oneself in this way."[4]

I find the following especially noteworthy: "The Undefined Heart needs to be alert to the influence a Defined Heart can have on them. The Defined Heart does not understand why Undefined Hearts cannot just will themselves to do something, so the Defined Heart will try and impose their will onto the Undefined Heart."[4]

April 1, 2016 - Happy All Fools Day! -

Continuing with "twelve perspectives" with you as an individual in view. The 12 views of you is most certainly possible in astrology! The easiest presentation would be to simply read your natal chart from the perspective of each of the twelve astrological houses. My version of the twelve include:
1.) Your Destiny Birth Card
2.) Your Planetary Ruler Card (or a Karma Card)
3.) An overview of your Human Design BodyGraph
4.) An overview of your Natal Horoscope
5.) Your "Way" in the Secret Language of Destiny
6.) Your Chinese/Western Astrology synthesis
7.) Your Mayan Birth Sign
8.) Your Native American Indian Tree
9.) Your Retrograde Natal Planets or other option.
10.) Your Natal Sun Sabian Symbol
11.) Your Natal Sun Gene Keys
12.) Your Asteroid Abundantia!

I expect all of these together will begin to give you a larger multi-faceted perspective of you!

July 30, 2017 -

Relationships can be a spiritual path or at the very least a was for personal growth. In any case when we are with another we are changed, we are different and not the same as when we are alone. Therefore being with others can be a discovery process where we can learn from others as well as learn from who we are with that particular other.

Omraam says the "romantic" relationship is: "a school where they begin ... the most important apprenticeship: the expansion of consciousness".





[5] "There is not merely one conception of the world that can be defended, or justified, but there are twelve. ... The world cannot be rightly considered from the one-sided standpoint of one single conception, one single mode of thought; the world discloses itself only to someone who knows that one must look at it from all sides. Just as the sun — if we go by the Copernican conception of the universe — passes through the signs of the Zodiac in order to illuminate the earth from twelve different points, so we must not adopt one standpoint, the standpoint of Idealism, or Sensationalism, or Phenomenalism, or any other conception of the world with a name of this kind; we must be in a position to go all round the world and accustom ourselves to the twelve different standpoints from which it can be contemplated.

In terms of thought, all twelve standpoints are fully justifiable. For a thinker who can penetrate into the nature of thought, there is not one single conception of the world, but twelve that can be equally justified — so far justified as to permit of equally good reasons being thought out for each of them. There are twelve such justified conceptions of the world."

- See more at:"




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