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The Problem of Illness - Fossil Fuels

A companion blog to A New Therapy for Health & Energy giving the explanations

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Hello and welcome to this companion blog to A New Therapy for Health & Energy which contains The Therapy which be added to as more is discovered.

A New Therapy for Health & Energy is a free book available from Smashwords and in blogs on here.

All references in this blog are to that book.

There now follows a more detailed look at the energy factors of an illness or condition. It’s for information only, none of its need to use The Therapy or to make it work, but it may be useful for people wishing to develop The Therapy further.

The Problem of Illness:

Harmful environmental energy and toxic by-products are a factor in many chronic conditions.

These come from:

A) The Burning of Fossil Fuels

Living things such as plants, trees and vegetation, shed material such as leaves, seeds, nuts, pollen, scent and smells into the environment. They also radiate energy, like radios, which contains information about the environment which they have absorbed mostly from the earth through their roots.

Humans and animals then absorb this environmental life supporting energy which is drawn in through the joints of the wrists and ankles where the action of walking and using the hands moves it up the legs and arms and into the bone marrow of the forearms through a system of conduits where its processed and refined.

The forearm bone marrow is where processing happens and it's this area that connects to the energy blueprint of the body. The body refers to this blueprint for many things such as the bodies shape when it's growing, repair when injured, damaged or ill, and the fine tuning needed for the body to stay in balance with its environment.

This is an ongoing process as environmental energy is constantly flowing through the bone marrow due to the bodies pumping and moving action which also anchors it to the bone marrow.
Processed environmental energy is then released into the bodies blueprint which is connected to the bone marrow of the forearms. From there the information spreads throughout the bodies blueprint adjusting it.

This process isn’t really evolution, although to an observer it may appear so, but more about staying in tune or balance with the bodies environment.

The bone marrow can deal with these unrefined energies directly whereas the blueprint needs a more specific, refined energy.

The bodies general blueprint has 2 parts. A fixed part that's set at the moment of conception and governs things like growth, repair, the shape of a person, features, lifespan and so on - the parts of a human being that are fixed. The long term plan.

The massive release of energy at the moment of conception fixes the unchanging part of the energy blueprint and it would take a massive amount of energy (radiation and electrical energy could do it), plus the right environmental conditions, to change it - see the piece on water condition and swimming pools further on.

The energy blueprint has a second part which is more flexible and changeable which uses the energy of the environment to adapt to it. It governs how we respond to challenge, change and how we adapt. It's more short term dealing with responses to local conditions.

It's the same as ram and rom computer memory, permanent and rewritable.

As life supporting environmental energy comes from living things it's mobile, fluid, powerful, responds to the bodies pumping action, works and is compatible with human energy processes and is a completely separate process from how the energy of food is processed.

Also this energy, entering the body through the joints, enters unfiltered, so any harmful energy can just pass through. The joints act as membranes allowing a 2-way flow of energy, but because, up until the last few centuries when industrialisation began, the energy passing in was always clean, no mechanism has evolved to filter and clean this energy as it enters the body.

However, the human body is very adaptable and once it sees how the putty filters work it will take the energy of the putty filters and add it to the energy membranes of the joints, so incoming environmental energy will be filtered of harmful pollutants.

But before this filtering gets put in place, harmful energy can pass into a person unfiltered, so the problem is this: by burning high energy fossil fuels we release and saturate our environment with the energy by-products from dead organic material which is very powerful.

Fossil fuels like coal, gas and oil, all come from dead plants, trees and organic material.

It's the same source as the energy of life, but death has changed the life supporting content.

Burning fossil fuels, wood included, releases an energy by-product like invisible smoke from dead material into the air, which is drawn into the joints and passed into the bone marrow where it's information is processed and released into the bodies energy blueprint, the same as if the energies from living things were being processed.

This energy by-product is depleted and has no real energy to bring about direct change in a person, like an insect energy could, it harms through its presence and its information content being processed through the bone marrow leading to adverse change in the body. It also changes the way the bone marrow functions while it's being processed producing problems with cell division.

Fossil fuels give off a depleted or exhausted energy when burnt like a thick smoke which our bodies absorb through the joints. As this is a undetectable gas like substance which mainly gets into the surface body systems and conduits it can be drawn out of a person fairly quickly so a person tends to recover quickly.

It’s presence in a person is a factor in congestive, mental, emotional and painful conditions.

If a person's body was uncontaminated the build up of fossil fuel energy by-products would take decades, about 30 years, but as the build up can be passed down the generations, parents to children, the build up, and the emergence of related conditions, is quicker.

This can be seen in the breakdown of health in children and the emergence in them of illnesses associated with old age such as some forms of arthritis.

Much illness comes from this process where environmental energy from living things has been replaced with the burnt powerful exhausted energy or by-product of fossil fuels, changing how the body works.

One aim of The Therapy is to return things to normal by clearing out the energy by-product of dead fossil fuels allowing the energy from living things to be drawn into the body and to protect a person from more dead fossil fuel energy contamination.

Part 1 of The Therapy uses materials made from fossil fuels, detergents and antiseptics, to remove the environmental energy by-product released from fossil fuels from the body before it's processed by the bone marrow, using like to deal with like.

The by-product from fossil fuel energy is passive, gas or sludge like depending on its source, unresisting to the drawing effect of The Therapy, inert, immobile, doesn't impart vitality to living systems and is resistant to the bodies pumping/moving action.

It can be withdrawn from the body using materials from the same source.

This energy, being immobile, has a clogging effect on the bodies conduits taking up space in a person so the energy from living things is blocked, and it has a numbing, debilitating effect on the bone marrow making the detection system of the immune system, which is energy based, erratic and confused.

This is a factor when the immune system attacks the body.

When the information from the energy of dead fossil fuels by-products is processed by the bone marrow and passed into the bodies blueprint, changing it, illness can be the result as repair and renewal will now come from a distorted blueprint.

The illness would depend on the information that was passed into the bodies blueprint and how the blueprint was distorted.

The information content of the by-products of fossil fuels is powerful, made more powerful through burning, enabling it to imprint the bone marrow and body blueprint.

Illnesses, where a change in the blueprint of the body is a factor, are deep, internal and first distort the way the immune system operates. They then move into the body being created from the blueprint which is the bodies reference for growth, renewal and repair.

A distorted body blueprint can be a factor in many chronic, autoimmune conditions as the blueprint works through the immune system.

Physical products from fossil fuels such as electric light, heat and all things electric, anesthetics and drugs in general are also dangerous due to their damaging energy content.

Examples of conditions where environmental energy by-products from fossil fuels is a factor, building up in the body are: asthma, insomnia, migraine, allergies, arthritis, ADHA, some forms of depression, mental conditions, types of dementia, autoimmune conditions and conditions involving congestion and reaction.

These are very much surface conditions cause by the energy by-products of fossil fuels clogging up the conduits of the body before being processed by the bone marrow, and will respond very quickly to using Part 1 of The Therapy.

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