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You Can Rehearse Your Freedom!

Discovered Seneca (with the help of the universe), transformative insights (with the help of Jupiter) and the "Star of Bethlehem" (with the help of holy astrology ; ~ )!

Date:   6/19/2015 1:22:38 AM   ( 6 y ) ... viewed 1029 times

Started my first research session with an astrological search that then considered a "Toltec" perspective during which I stumbled across the idea of astrology as a science on the "metabolism of the universe". Then I switched my search terms and landed at:
where I found:
"Rehearse death; rehearse his freedom. A person who has learned how to die has unlearned how to be a slave. He is beyond the reach of all political powers. – Seneca (4 BC – 65 AD). Letters from a Stoic"

I'd add a exclamation mark after that quote!

I continued to research this and found a reference at Amazon:

That quote is:

"... 'Rehearse death.' To say this is to tell a person to rehearse his freedom. A person who has learned how to die has unlearned how to be a slave. He is above, or at any rate beyond the reach of, all political powers. ..."

Thank you Seneca, Lucius Annaeus and "Sreenivasaraos"!

Now I have another quote from

"Love, and there is understanding."[1] -
J Krishnamurti

June 19th - "The Star that Astonished the World."

And speaking of "the help of the universe" here's a truly impressive "Star Project" I found in the course of my current research[2]:

A couple hours later - just watched "The Star of Bethlehem" Documentary 2007 at YouTube and it has ignited a fire in me - I'm a "burning man" now!

Plus there are a couple other videos that follow that one including:
where a couple books are listed as well.

"When the records of history are combined with the results of astronomy, it now becomes possible to identify the 'Star of Bethlehem' that many people for the past 1900 years have been trying to discover.":

June 20, 2015 -

Later - Had a conversation with a friend who contributed a few interesting things that I am considering looking further into[3]. The additions as well as an anticipated expansion of my research is something that I had already anticipated.

Earlier (10:05 PM Fri. 19th) I had noted: consider the "Star of Bethlehem" message as an archetype of the Christ Consciousness that has been given for all of humanity as a most sacred seed planted in the collective psyche and that awaits our individual activation for sprouting, growing and forming our Inner Christ.

I have to note here as well to research "The Gospel of the Stars".

At 10:12 PM I noted - all of which underscores the necessity for a language of light; and that is precisely where the stars come in! I further had noted: "Light is the active agent in the forming of our eyes and our capacity to see"![4]

The astronomical findings regarding the 'Star of Bethlehem' are just one set of a number of examples where a certain astronomical design is being communicated; indicating (to those who have an ear to hear) that there is a higher and truly universal intelligence at play behind the observable phenomena that we may see in the cosmos. All of this ties back to my previous reports posted here regarding "Cosmos and Psyche".

All things considered - I might have to start yet another blog site that is devoted to "Cosmos, Psyche and the Higher Intelligence".

More fuel for this last thought:

This site's footnote[5] linked me to another interesting site that includes findings on Mars.

Tom Mellet mentions "The Evolution of the Earth and Man and The Influence of the Stars" by Steiner and says: "Rudolf Steiner spoke of the mission of America as that concerning both mechanistic occultism and cosmogony --- both aimed at finding ourselves at home as citizens of the entire cosmos and not just planet earth." I'm imagining that Tom is inferring that these Steiner lectures refer to this "mission of America" and that sufficiently interests me to read these lectures.

"This is another cycle of lively, impromptu question and answer periods Steiner had with the workers of the second Goetheanum. He begins with an imaginative description of the creation of the world and of human beings. He goes on to consider a wide range of questions about Chinese culture, nutrition, the sense of smell, planetary influences on animals, plants and stones, weather and its causes, and more. These talks are among the last he was able to give before his illness put a stop to his lecturing and travel." - See more at:

June 24, 2015 -

More light on the stars:

"How Immense is This?! Christ-Consciousness, Open Relating, and the Epic Leo Conjunction"[1]

Next day -

In this moment (clock reads 10:09 AM PST) I'm in the midst of doing two or three things at once! I have an email in progress in which I am making reference to my natal 12th House Sun wherewith I spoke of it's "themes" and whereupon I was inspired to research and identify such themes. I found the following at the very top of my search results and just had to note this here:

"The daimon is concerned solely with guiding you to your purpose; it doesn’t particularly care if that purpose runs contrary to the mores of society. When you’re at your favorite Thai restaurant, eating tofu while discussing recent meditation classes with your friends, it’s the daimon who shouts: 'What I really want is a hamburger!' ..."

July 31, 2015 -

The following just came into Inbox. It is an example of where "You Can Rehearse Your Freedom!"

"Truth is the ground and will not fail those who stand on it":

"I have been studying this stuff for YEARS and have been terrified to put what I know to be true into practice in the courtroom. Finally I decided that I've had more than enough and that I am all done playing ball with these strange individuals who lord their own self appointed power over other created equals. I went in today for a $250 right turn penalty turned into $1000 failure to appear. Went in capacity of Authorized Representative for the defendant and stood my ground through about a dozen conditional acceptances over the course of about 1.5 minutes. I kept stating I was there to setoff, settle, and close all accounts associated with the debtor and the collateral. She kept saying there is no debtor and would I be pleading guilty or not guilty. I kept stating what capacity I was in over and over and that I was there to settle the matter and again asking the court to produce the original instrument in question - Conditionally accepted EVERYTHING the commissioner said - and kept reasserting my capacity.

The bailiff finally had to escort me out of the courtroom because they didn't want me controlling it in front of everyone whereby I stated out loud 'for the record that the court was not willing to furnish the original charging instrument' which is the equivalent of there not being one, 'this case is dismissed'. The clerks sitting next to the judge were snickering and smiling as I thanked the bailiff politely for escorting me and noted everyone in the public's jaws were on the floor. I am gratefully indebted to you guys for sticking your necks on the line in order to be the example for the rest of us who are just now beginning to see that truth is the ground and will not fail those who stand on it."

August 18th -

"... the beauty of human will: it draws power from the angle of our attitude. If we could completely embrace the simplicity of this concept, the possibilities of self-empowerment would be virtually endless!"[6]

October 14th -

More serendipities - About a day ago I made note to add "Freedom" to my list of "High Ideals" that I have begun at my Cheeta Blog here at CureZone. Then a couple hours ago I wrote "possibly my highest ideal is "total freedom" in all three spheres of life: Rights sphere, Economic sphere and the Social/Spiritual sphere. Then moments ago I got to the next message of a series from the Omraam community from which I quote:
“The ideal of a disciple is to free himself from all restrictions, to throw off everything that hampers him, and become like light.”[7]

May 11, 2017 -

Top Ten books for Biblical Astrology:

1.) Ludwig B. Larsen, ‘Key to the Bible and Heaven’

2.) John H. Annis, ‘The Mystic Key or Bible Astrology’

3.) George Carey, ‘Zodiac and the salts of Salvation’

4.) Karl Anderson, ‘Astrology of the Old Testament or the lost word regained’

5.) George Carey, ‘God – Man: The word made flesh’

6.) Lyman E. Stowe, ‘Stowe’s Bible Astrology’

7.) Ludwig B. Larsen, ‘Ancient prehistoric wisdom’

8.) Thomas H Burgoyne, ‘The Light of Egypt’, Volume One and Two

9.) Karl Anderson, ‘Wisdom And What It Is: Astrology Divine And Inspired Of God And The Word Of God’

10.) Ludwig B. Larsen, ‘The universal law: ‘The science of the heavens’[8]

I'm currently not familiar with any of these! ‘Zodiac and the salts of Salvation’ looks especially interesting!

May 28, 2107 - "Many adults do not know what to do with their freedom"

"As entities become more dependent on government it puts them back into the position they experienced as children when their parents were overbearing, overcontrolling, and when as children, they could only dream of growing up and becoming independent adults. But many adults do not know what to do with their freedom and thus enjoy subjecting themselves to an overbearing government and are willing to lose their freedoms in order to have greater protection and greater benefits from the governments that they choose to serve them."[9]


[1] (My newly assigned 1st footnote here as of 10:58 AM Friday, June 26th right after experiencing a major insight!) - "Love, and there is understanding" speaks volumes to me! Firstly "understanding" is identified as my joy in the "Secret Language of Destiny" on my life-long Destiny path: "The Way of Extension". My "insight" here is regarding the Human Design of a friend (whom I've known over the course of over thirty-three years). I just discovered with the help of the current Jupiter transit at Ajna Gate 4, (now at Line 2) that my friend has their personality Saturn activated at Line 4 in that gate and that says:

"Fantasy protects and nurtures a sense of purpose and reason no matter how misguided."

This came to me right after giving loving attention to my friend! (I love and there is understanding!) At the same time transiting Jupiter is now exactly conjunct my personality Pluto! Line 2 is "Acceptance - The recognition of limitation in oneself and others leads to tolerance and the suspension of judgement. The potential to realize that not everyone can understand." (Lynda Bunnell p. 347)

On top of that I'm also blessed with even more very significant understanding seeing my friend's Design Mercury at Line 3 in this same gate: "Irresponsibility - The general refusal to apply oneself diligently when one can get by with much less effort. Where art is more valued than the artist. The potential to enjoy the formulas with no regard to their practical application." I find this most apropos in characterizing what has possibly been my biggest resistance/resentment/repression/rejection of the way my friend communicates (Mercury) on an unconscious level. When operating in detriment this is described as: "The rationalization of irresponsibility as an act of refocalization."

The truth sets me free!

[2] All of my research was inspired by my reading:

"Those who have researched the acclaimed 'Star of Bethlehem' under which Jesus was born have commented that the majestic star was in fact this same stellar splendour—Jupiter, Venus, and Regulus." by ~ VerDarLuz CelestiOwl:

Plus his update on or about June 30th -

"Pray for clear skies, as the exact Jupiter and Venus alignment occurs Tuesday night after dusk in the western skies. The two benefic planets, royal, bountiful Jupiter and the intimate seductress herself, goddess Aphrodite will appear to make brilliant and passionate love in the sky, hearkening back to a similar transit which some astronomers and historians believe may have been the Star of Bethlehem."

Christmas Day '15 - Just found:
"Possible Explanations of the Star of Bethlehem":

"It was in 1968 when Roger Sinnott wrote a highly influential article in Sky and Telescope pointing to the June 17th 2 BC conjunction of Venus and Jupiter as having been particularly spectacular from Babylon that this theory took off. Sinnott’s work is still one of the finest ever carried out in this field and all the more laudable for having been done from planetary tables, without the assistance of a computer. Sinnott investigated conjunctions over a wide range of dates from 12 BC to 7 AD finding more than 200 conjunctions of the major planets. He also found no less than 20 compact groupings of three or four planets, of which only 4 would have been observable. After carefully filtering the events, Sinnott concluded that the 2 BC conjunction, in Leo, would have fitted the bill.":

[3] A "Star of David" geometric configuration between the moon and the earth and its geological effects on earth.

[4] "The eye was made by the light for the light so that the inner light may emerge to meet the outer light." ~


[5] For the latest news about the Face on Mars as well as many other cosmogony-related issues, please go to Richard Hoagland's website called the "Enterprise Mission" at:




About 2/3 down the page in section titled : "In the New World Order ..."
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