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The Problem of Illness - Insect Material and Energy

Explains more about insect material and energy

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Insect Material and Energy:

Another problem that comes from insects is their actual physical material that for centuries humans have been consuming along with grain and cereal products. Even today this goes on and pre-industrial age the body's defenses, that is the stomach acid and the clear fluid in the body, dealt with consumed insect material and its associated energy which is incredibly strong.
Insect material and energy is at its most dangerous when it’s consumed, much more so than bites.

The physical material of insects enters also enters humans through milk and dairy products.
Insect material is anything physical insects deposit on the ground, grass, crops and vegetation. This would include eggs, pupa, lava and even the material of dead insects and shells all of which contain insect energy. It also includes the toxins an insect stores through eating toxic plants and poisons an insect develops as a defense against predators.

Food is also produced and shipped around the globe so toxic insect material from various countries is being introduced to populations which have never built up a defense to it, and of course, global travel is much more common now exposing people to different types of insects.

Clothes can be made from silk, an insect material, which is often dyed with products made from oil, adding to its ability to cause harm.
An insect weaves silk into a cocoon in which it undergoes a metamorphosis. It changes from one creature into another and the silk cocoon acts as a magnifier, protector and incubator of the insect energies within it helping them change and develop.

Wearing clothes made from silk will also do the same to any insect energies in a person helping to promote them. Silk also appears to draw insect energy to it, drawing it to the surface in humans.

Insects are also used in cosmetics, especially lipstick. The lips are energy receptors allowing a flow of energy through the lips, from fluids being drunk, so the body can gain the necessary information it needs as to the energy content of different fluids.

The inside of the mouth, the tongue and especially the teeth, due to their composition and structure, do the same with food.

Coating the lips with lipstick prevents this process from happening, but the insect energy from the lipstick is absorbed through the lips and the insect material and energy in lipstick will eventually be washed into the body where it can cause its own unique type of damage, because insect material and energy is at its most dangerous when consumed.

Kissing lip to lip, may be an instinctive way for people to gather non verbal information about a potential partner which is blocked when lipstick is worn. The person not wearing lipstick will then absorb insect material and energy through the lips and by swallowing the lipstick, if that particular lipstick contains insect ingredients.

This means the bonding process between potential couples becomes distorted leading to people making unwise choices regarding partners.

Lip balm coating the lips would also prevent them from being used as energy receptors, as that is a petroleum product, and licking stamps and envelopes transfers glue energy into a person causing a unique type of congestion in the lips, mouth, throat and chest.

In some countries, of course, eating insects is part of the diet and done deliberately as opposed to being eaten unknowingly with other food.
Insect material is also becoming heavily contaminated with harmful, environmental energy from fossil fuels which blends with its own insect energy making it, and the insect when alive, more powerful, vicious and dangerous.

Grazing animals such as cows and sheep ingest grass with insect material and its associated energy on, where its chewed, ground up and regurgitated, separating the insect energy from the material it belongs to, imparting strength and concentrating the insect energy.

The type of insects consumed are nearly always crawling insects that live close to the ground in the animals grazing and they have a very heavy energy associated with rheumatoid arthritis and cancer.

A similar grinding process happens to cereals when milled, in grazing animals, and when energy is passed through the cells of the bone marrow, in humans.

This grinding process in grazing animals, humans and similar animals is to protect the young from any harmful energy getting into the milk making it harmless.

In humans harmful material and energy is ground by the teeth breaking it up to protect the body and in pregnant women to protect the developing child.

Beneficial material and energy is ground up and reformed into energy the body can use and a pregnant woman will pass it on to the developing child.
Teeth pass on information regarding the energy content of food gained during chewing to the body and is the reason why teeth have nerves.

What’s changed is that insects and animal feed are now heavily contaminated with pollution and sprays which protect the harmful energy from the grinding process so they stay intact becoming a factor in many harmful conditions in people.

Grazing animals will also do the same energy grinding process with any manufactured feed they are given. Anything contaminating the feed, either physical or energy, will end up in the milk and into the food chain and while grinding doesn’t break it up, due to its pollution content, it can be made stronger and more concentrated through regurgitation.

Sterilising milk does not remove insect energy, but it will add harmful used gas or electric energy residues to it as milk is a carrier.
Different species of insects have different energies which have a different effect on human health.

They combine with the energies from fossil fuels in the environment and through heating with gas or electricity plus any other harmful chemical energy they come into contact with, to produce a combination of energies capable of producing a certain illness or condition once in a person.

For instance the physical material and energy of flying insects has a completely different effect on humans than that from crawling insects and when different energies combine from different sources at different strengths and levels they can become factors in various illnesses or conditions.

A contributing energy of Parkinson's' disease which affects more men seems to come from the material of flying insects found in food and drink.

One possible chain may be flying insects, possibly grasshoppers, crickets or locusts, depending on location, feed and live on hops which are harvested along with various insects, to brew beer, which, at this time, men mainly drink. The energy residue of used artificial heat needs to be present as well, as the male body stores heat. The chemicals used to preserve beer also play a role in this.

The body condition of a Parkinson’s disease sufferer is that of types of flying insects like crickets, grasshoppers or locusts which can also be full of viruses, bacteria and fungus, making it worse.

Any insect energy in a person nearly always provokes an immune system response and in brewing the insect energy has a chance to combine with fungal energy, yeast, virus and bacterial energy, the residue of artificial heat and cold and chemicals.

Long term disorders and conditions usually have a combination of different, harmful, energies as a factor.

Once insect material and its energy is in dairy cattle, its carried into people, more through milk and dairy products, which are more a natural carrier of energy, than meat. Milk is the main source of nourishment when born. It’s automatically accepted unconditionally by the human body as a friend, not foe, allowing harmful energies to pass in unhindered.

Once in insect energy gets into the human stomach it lines the stomach wall restricting the absorption of food energy coating stomach bacteria making them undetectable to the body's immune system which is holding them in the stomach.

The immune system acts like a gatekeeper basing its actions on recognition or detection not allowing stomach bacteria to pass through the stomach wall.

Once undetectable, stomach bacteria are no longer prevented from leaving the stomach, moving around the body through the clear fluid spreading the insect material and energy they're contaminated with.

They also pass out through the walls of the colon if it’s been damaged and made porous through antibiotic use.

Small amounts of insect material produces a staggering amount of insect energy and it’s estimated a person consumes about 1-2 lbs or a half to 1 kilo of insect material every year.
Think of that: up to 1kilo a year of poisonous, toxic insect waste consumed every year and nobody talks about it and we wonder why we get ill. Truly the elephant in the room.
Milk can transport many different types of energy which, once in the stomach, can be distributed by stomach bacteria.

Other energy such as food heavily saturated with mains electric/microwave energy through pasteurising/cooking, passes through the stomach wall, damaging it in the process, and into the blood destabilising the blood cells and making them erratic, becoming a factor in blood disorders.

The damage to the energy integrity of the stomach wall can be a factor in a range of conditions from ulcers to stomach cancer.

Cheese, which has mould in it heated with electricity, has 3 harmful energies in it - insect, electrical and mould or fungal.
Insect material and energy also gets into people through rain washing insect material on the ground into the water system where the water absorbs it.

Water, generally, is self cleaning of harmful energy making it no threat to the body, so the body hasn't evolved a way to clean drinking water of harmful energy. The body expects water to be pure and wholesome and like milk, accepts it unconditionally.

Insect energy stays in water though, which may be because many insects have evolved on or live in water, so it may be a natural carrier for it. It also seems to be immune to the effects of gravity and water movement which would help remove it.
Sterilising water and attempts to purify it do not remove harmful insect energy, but adds the energy presence of the sterilising process.
Any healthy quality water has for humans is destroyed by insect energy and its presence prevents the body converting water from outside into clear fluid by the addition of the body's own energy making it part of the body and acceptable to the immune system.

Fluoridisation and any chemicals in drinking water will also inhibit the body's ability to convert water into the bodies clear fluid.
Insect material and energy which is ingested is a much heavier, more concentrated, more resistant type of insect energy than the energy of bites which tend to get into the nervous system through the skin.

From the stomach this heavy insect energy is distributed throughout the body through contaminated stomach bacteria which changes the body condition, infusing with the fabric of the mind and becoming the underlying condition, the soil, of rheumatoid arthritis. This is very, very common and most people have it to a lesser or greater degree.

From the stomach insect material and energy spreads from the clear fluid into the internal organs, interfering with the way they are regulated and work. Its presence is enough to do this and it has a different effect on organs which are processors, particularly the brain as the processing of insect material and energy causes the brain to start sending out the wrong instructions to the body. See the piece on cancer further on.

The presence of insect energy produces a resonance, or vibration, in cells, which will interfere with cell division. People express this resonance as horror, bad reaction and/or a feeling of dread depending how sensitive they are.

Holding a liquitab used in The Therapy: Part 1 close to a person’s leg or arm will sometimes make them shudder which is caused by the insect energy in them reacting to the detergents presence as it’s aware the detergent is a threat.

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