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The Big Picture & the "Great Change"

"The climatic and biosphere processes here on Earth ... are directly impacted by ... the general overall transformational processes taking place in our Solar System. We must begin to ... understand that climatic changes on Earth are only one part ... in a whole chain of events taking place in our Heliosphere."

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April 25, 2019 - CO2 & "The Big Picture" with Dr. Mark Sircus -

“…medical scientists have known for a century how important and useful carbon dioxide (CO2) is as a medicine. … When it comes to CO2 it is good to get it out of our heads the bad propaganda on CO2 as a waste product or warming gas. Linking of carbon dioxide levels moving from 0.028% to 0.04% of the atmosphere with global warming and/or ‘climate change’ is purely imaginary.”[i]

When one chooses to open their mind up to the possibility of a grander "bigger picture" that allows for a much needed contrast to the isolated information presented by mass media (the "news", etc.) with the inherent dangers of misinformation due to an emphasis on extremism at best (or intentional exaggeration) by focusing just on isolated facts and missing the larger relational context.

"These days many people do not have enough oxygen in their bodies to support the daily functions of all our internal and external organs. Many of us are deficient for a wide variety of reasons. When we learn that each stressful event in our life can drop our oxygen score drastically we can begin to understand how central to successful treatment oxygen can be.

Severe oxygen deficiency is called hypoxia, often referred to as oxygen starvation. This affliction invites cardiac trouble by over-stimulating the sympathetic nervous system and raising the heart rate.

Symptoms of Oxygen Deficiency:
•Increased Infections
•Sexual dysfunction
•Irrational behavior
•Muscle aches and pains
•Lung insufficiencies
•General body weakness
•Weight Gain
•Cancer and Disease
•Fatigue and Sleep Disorders
•Suppression of the Immune System
•Circulation Problems
•Poor Digestion
•Memory Loss & more![ii]

Dehydration is one of the most overlooked and basic causes of disease.

Molecular hydrogen medicine promotes full hydration because hydrogen combines with the hydroxl oxidant and turns it into water. This is important all on its own because dehydration causes inflammation! Cancer and inflammation are bedfellows and we can easily understand why inflammation is linked to chronic dehydration. When we think of hydration, we think of water. Oxygen and water are widely available but hydrogen is not freely available anywhere in Nature. Hydrogen is almost always ‘bound’ to other elements. When the body calls for water, it is hydrogen bonded to oxygen it wants. Most of the symptoms of disease and aging are, in one way or another, accompanied by hydrogen deficiency, which leads to oxidative stress as well as dehydration. Hydrogen hydrates by turning the worst offending free radicals into water.”[iii]

[i] “Hydrogen Medicine”, Dr. Mark Sircus - Pgs, 8-9
[ii] ibid pg. 57
[iii] “ pg 56.

June 28, 2015 -

This is essentially about one of my search results from a search that was first inspired with a forward that I had received saying:

"I'd guess that 'global warming' may not be just a local (Earth) event.":

Subject: "Something is Affecting the Entire Solar System - ..."

An interesting link was included in that original message[6]

That inspired my search that eventually led me to this:

I've firstly been deeply inspired with:

"the general overall transformational processes taking place in our Solar System".

I replied to the individual sending me the "forward":

The following linked page collaborates with what ... sent.

I discovered this at the fifth listing of a Google search with terms: natrium+moon.

Now to blog about this - as I see it relates to what the "Gene Keys" (and others) refer to as the "Great Change" that will initiate genetic mutations (that are anticipated within the next decade) as the next step of our evolution)!

Continuing with my reading at "tmgnow" site:

"... It is quite natural for the whole biota of the Earth to be subjected to these changing conditions of the electromagnetic field, and to the significant deep alterations of Earth's climatic machinery. These fundamental processes of change create a demand within all of Earth's life organisms for new forms of adaptation. The natural development of these new forms may lead to a total global revision of the range of species, and life, on Earth. New deeper qualities of life itself may come forth, bringing the new physical state of the Earth to an equilibrium with the new organismic possibilities of development, reproduction, and perfection. In this sense it is evident that we are faced with a problem of the adaptation of humanity to this new state of the Earth;"

I add a big bold exclamation mark at the end of this quote! I'm immediately recalling my own inner knowingness of this "new state of the Earth" that first dawned my consciousness in the Summer of 1970 (and without the support of any mind-altering substances ; ~ ) Gene Keys is a book that is all about this new state! And the 55th Gene Key is something on the order of an "epicenter" for the transmutation into the "new"! You can begin to look at this Gene Key from these search results:

"Conclusion" -
There is no other path to the future than a profound internal experiential perception and knowledge of the events now underway in the natural environment that surrounds us. It is only through this understanding that humanity will achieve balance with the renewing flow of the PlanetoPhysical States and Processes. -

English Presentation Sponsored By:
January 8, 1998

I'm amazed that I'm just now learning about this report after it apparently had been published some seventeen years ago!

"Understanding" is certainly the key here! In terms of "The Secret Language of Destiny" it is my joy to give my understanding to others.

The "Great Change" -

Regarding the "Gene Keys" and the reference to the "Great Change"that will initiate genetic mutations: Most all of this can be read about in the 55th Gene Key. Under Part 2 - The Mutative Process: "...very soon there will be children born among us who carry the full mutation and who will spread it through the gene pool." And toward the end of the discourse is another section: Children and Education: "...Many of the young children coming into the world today (2009) are carrying the seed of the future mutation in their blood. It will be their children who give birth to the new awareness, beginning around the date 2027."

Did Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov make reference to these children in his talk on The Puranas (April 12, 1982): "these children will make the whole earth tremble!"?[8]


I live in a household with housemates who are members of our local food co-op. I just looked at the cover article in the co-op's current news and quickly surmised the general assumption regarding "climate change" that's intertwined in an otherwise respectable article. I was motivated to respond and submitted the following.


I've just now come to your site for the very first time by way of your article "Food, Farming and Climate Change ..." by Ryan Zinn that was republished in Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Co-op News - July 2015. I then found your "Platform" presentation here at your site.

I live in a household that is generally supportive of what is advocated in your platform. One example is that I've been most actively building compost for a household of eight to nine people for over seven years. I also advocate and recommend composting for every household, mostly for the sake of the soil and not because of "climate change". We are avid supporters of small local farms and also do some gardening here. In other words I'm a friend!

As a friend of FWP I'd like to most kindly suggest considering making a small "course correction" in the perspective of your presentation regarding "climate change". You may appreciate knowing that there is a bigger picture involved and one that I think can be helpful when "climate change" can be viewed in its larger context. I have blogged on this here:

Submitted at 9:02 AM; Tuesday, June 30, 2015 at their site:

October 8th -

The "Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Co-op News" is at it again! Their current issue has a message from the General Manager that I am unable to characterize in any other way but with one word: Alarmist! Here's one line in the message: "The next generation, or certainly the one after that, will be facing conditions intolerable for survival of human civilization, unless we reverse course."

I replied earlier this morning:

Re: "General Manager's Message"

"The science is in, and the facts are not in dispute..." What science? The message begs for a supporting article (preferably written by a local, investigative science reporter; do we have one?). Show me the science!

Will the co-op's general manager respond?
If she does I'll offer this blog. In the meanwhile I offer the following as additional food for thought.:

400 Prominent Scientists Disputed Man-Made Global Warming Claims in 2007

U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee
Minority Staff Report

Released: December 20, 2007
Report available at:

U.S. Senate Report:
Over 400 Prominent Scientists Disputed Man-Made Global Warming Claims in 2007

Over 400 prominent scientists from more than two dozen countries recently voiced significant objections to major aspects of the so-called "consensus" on man-made global warming. These scientists, many of whom are current and former participants in the UN IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), criticized the climate claims made by the UN IPCC and former Vice President Al Gore.

The new report issued by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee's office of the GOP Ranking Member details the views of the scientists, the overwhelming majority of whom spoke out in 2007.

... Many scientists from around the world have dubbed 2007 as the year man-made global warming fears "bite the dust.” … many scientists who are also progressive environmentalists believe climate fear promotion has "co-opted" the green movement. …

This inspired me to search:
"many scientists who are also progressive environmentalists believe climate fear promotion has 'co-opted' the green movement.”[5] with the following keynote results:

“Please take the time to read the entire study. The introduction notes that the scientists listed in the study are reputable, famous, published professionals in diverse disciplines of earth and climate science. Some are Nobel winners, …[9]

While consensus is not science, there never was a consensus on human-induced global warming anyway. It is and always has been a myth that, more than anything else, exposes the intimidating tactics of desperation employed by the true believers of the cult of global warming.”[1]

UN & Al Gore Are Lying[2]


The High Court in London recently ordered the British Government to correct nine of the 36 serious errors in Al Gore’s climate movie before innocent pupils were exposed to it. It was Gore who, in 1994, announced that Mars was covered in canals full of water. This notion had been disproved before his birth. It was Gore who recently spent $4 million of the profits from his sci-fi comedy horror movie on a luxury condo just feet from the supposedly rising ocean at Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco. No surprise that he and the mad scientists with whom he has close financial and political links are under investigation for racketeering -- peddling a false prospectus to investors in his “green” investment corporation by distorting climate science even after the UK judge’s ruling.:

Tuesday, January 22, 2008 -
Why 'Global Warming' is Not a Global Crisis
Special to the Hawaii Reporter
By Christopher Monckton

I have mentioned a dozen scientific papers. I could have mentioned hundreds more that challenge the UN “consensus.” There has never been and can never be a scientific consensus on climate change. Lorenz (1963), in the landmark climate paper that founded chaos theory, stated and proved his famous theorem that the long-run evolution of mathematically chaotic objects like the climate cannot be predicted unless one knows the initial state of the object to a degree of precision that is in practice unattainable. Whenever you hear anyone recite the propaganda mantra “The Science Is Settled,” laugh at his redneck scientific illiteracy. The science can never be settled.[4]

October 22nd -

"On September 25th Pope Francis addressed the United Nations General Assembly. The UN consists of 193 Member States from around the World. This year the United Nations is celebrating its 70th Anniversary and there were more countries in attendance than any time during the past 70 years. The Under Secretary of the UN said that 2015 is the most historic year since the foundation of the UN. He said this is due to the fact that during this general session the UN would adopt a set of 17 Global Goals designed to end extreme poverty by 2030. The three main objectives of the goals are to:

1. End extreme poverty by 2030
2. Tackle inequality everywhere
3. Vigorously address Climate Change ..."[10]

How does addressing "Climate Change" relate to "Global Goals" that are allegedly "designed to end extreme poverty"?









[9] Brief highlights of the report featuring over 400 international scientists follow after the end of these notes.

[10] New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose
PO Box 41883,
Tucson, Arizona 85717:

Dr. Nathan Paldor, Professor of Dynamical Meteorology and Physical Oceanography at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has authored almost 70 peer-reviewed studies and won several awards.
"First, temperature changes, as well as rates
of temperature changes (both increase and
decrease) of magnitudes similar to that
reported by IPCC to have occurred since the Industrial revolution (about 0.8C in 150
years or even 0.4C in the last 35 years) have
occurred in Earth's climatic history. There's
nothing special about the recent rise!"

Russian scientist Dr. Oleg Sorochtin of
the Institute of Oceanology at the Russian Academy of Sciences has authored more than 300 studies, nine books, and a 2006 paper titled "The Evolution and the Prediction of Global Climate Changes on Earth."

"Even if the concentration of ‘greenhouse gases' double man would not perceive the temperature impact," Sorochtin wrote. (Note: Name also sometimes translated to spell Sorokhtin)

Anton Uriarte, a professor of Physical Geography at the University of the Basque Country in Spain and author of a book on the paleoclimate,
rejected man-made climate fears in 2007.
"There's no need to be worried. It's very
interesting to study [climate change], but there's no need to be worried," Uriate wrote.

Atmospheric scientist Dr. Hendrik Tennekes, a scientific pioneer in the development of numerical weather prediction and former director of research at The Netherlands' Royal National Meteorological Institute, and an internationally
recognized expert in atmospheric boundary layer processes,

"I find the Doomsday picture Al Gore is painting - a six-meter sea level rise, fifteen times the IPCC number - entirely without merit," Tennekes wrote. "I protest vigorously the idea that the climate reacts like a home heating system to a
changed setting of the thermostat: just turn the
dial, and the desired temperature will soon be reached."

Chief Meteorologist Eugenio Hackbart of the MetSul Meteorologia Weather Center in Sao Leopoldo - Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil declared himself a skeptic.
"The media is promoting an unprecedented hyping related to global warming. The media and
many scientists are ignoring very important facts that point to a natural variation in the climate system as the cause of the recent global warming," Hackbart wrote on May 30, 2007.

Climatologist Dr. Marcel Leroux, former professor at Université Jean Moulin and director of the Laboratory of Climatology, Risks, and Environment in Lyon, is a climate skeptic. Leroux wrote a 2005 book titled Global Warming - Myth
or Reality? - The Erring Ways of Climatology.

"Day after day, the same mantra - that
‘the Earth is warming up' - is churned out in a
ll its forms. As ‘the ice melts' and ‘sea level
rises,' the Apocalypse looms ever nearer! Without realizing it, or perhaps without wishing to, the average citizen in bamboozled, lobotomized, lulled into mindless acceptance. ... Non-believers in the greenhouse scenario are in the position of those long ago who doubted the existence of God ... fortunately for them, the Inquisition is no longer with us!"

Geologist/Geochemist Dr. Tom V. Segalstad, a professor and head of the Geological Museum at the University of Oslo and formerly an expert reviewer with the UN IPCC:

"It is a search for a mythical CO2 sink to explain an immeasurable CO2 lifetime to fit a hypothetical CO2 computer model that purports to show that an impossible amount of fossil fuel burning is heating the atmosphere. It is all a fiction."

Dr. Boris Winterhalter, retired Senior Marine Researcher of the Geological Survey of Finland
and former professor of marine geology at University of Helsinki, criticized the media for what he considered its alarming climate coverage.

"The effect of solar winds on cosmic radiation has just recently been established and, furthermore, there seems to be a good correlation between cloudiness and variations in the intensity of cosmic radiation. Here we have a mechanism which is a far better explanation to variations in global climate than the attempts by IPCC to blame it all on anthropogenic input of greenhouse gases," Winterhalter said.

Paleoclimate expert Augusto Mangini of the University of Heidelberg in Germany, criticized the UN IPCC summary.

"I consider the part of the IPCC report, which I can really judge as an expert, i.e. the reconstruction of the paleoclimate, wrong,"
Mangini noted in an April 5, 2007 article.
He added: "The earth will not die."

IPCC 2007 Expert Reviewer Madhav Khandekar, a Ph.D meteorologist, a scientist with the Natural Resources Stewardship Project who has over 45 years experience in climatology, meteorology and oceanography, and who has published nearly 100 papers, reports, book reviews and a book on Ocean Wave Analysis and Modeling:

"To my dismay, IPCC authors ignored all my comments and suggestions for major changes in the FOD (First Order Draft) and sent me the SOD (Second Order Draft) with essentially the same text as the FOD. None of the authors of the chapter bothered to directly communicate with me (or with other expert reviewers with whom I communicate on a regular basis) on many issues that were raised in my review. This is not an
acceptable scientific review process."

Czech Republic:
Czech-born U.S. climatologist Dr. George Kukla, a research scientist with the Lamont-Doherty Eart
h Observatory at Columbia University,
expressed climate skepticism in 2007. "The only
thing to worry about is the damage that can be done by worrying. Why are some scientists worried? Perhaps because they feel that to stop worrying may mean to stop being paid," Kukla told Gelf Magazine on April 24, 2007.

Apparently over three hundred additional "brief highlights" at:

Highly recommended:

biosphere, Earth, earth changes, Solar System, climate change, Gene Keys, Great Change, genetic mutations, evolution, freedom, awareness, children, understanding, puranas, global warming

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