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The Therapy Part 3: Personal Development

Personal development means the elimination of all distortion and damage in a person so development can follow a more beneficial path.

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Please note, as with The Therapy Parts 1 & 2, nothing in Part 3 is consumed - ever.
The materials are used in the same way as in The Therapy Parts 1 & 2.

Personal development means the elimination of all distortion and damage in a person so development can follow a more beneficial path.

The Therapy Part 3 is to help all people who wish to change their behaviour and covers everything internal from mental disorders through to behavioural problems, although, obviously, a person must consult a Doctor, Physician or relevant health care professional first about any problems or concerns they have.
Also a person may wish to use Part 3 to help deal with powerful emotions such as rage, anger, fear, hatred, violence and so on.

The Therapy Part 3 takes the view that everything a person develops into, after birth, comes mostly from food, and certain wholesome food contributes to human feelings, thoughts and a whole range of internal conditions derived from the food eaten.

The energy of consumed food, as opposed to the food energy received in the womb via the placenta, provides energy for the software of the body, the mental and emotional state, which is what Part 3 deals with.

Parts 1 & 2 of The Therapy, broadly speaking, dealt with the bodies hardware and processes, health and strength, which are more basic and need to be dealt with first, like foundations, to be built upon.

The energy for the physical foundation, including health and strength, is acquired before birth. The energy for mental, emotional and character development is acquired after birth, from food during life.

Food, here, is anything taken in or consumed by a person, so would include inhaling.

The energy of wholesome food contributes towards creating emotions, feelings, thoughts, mental states and so on. Wholesome means it doesn't have an adverse or damaging effect on internal processes or produce energies with adverse effects.

This means that if a certain food is eaten it will lead to certain thoughts and life will be seen in a certain way. The same is true with feelings, mental states, the type of character developed, etc.

It all comes from the food eaten and the combined energies of different food.

Changing the food consumed will help change the internal mental and emotional state, so long as it's uncontaminated with the energy of petrochemicals and the energy of petrochemicals isn't already in a person.

Problems arise when unwholesome food is consumed, contaminated mainly with petrochemicals and their associated products manufactured from fossil fuels.

The energy of petrochemicals feeds into the body's internal processes preventing the energy of wholesome food from being utilised by the body into beneficial mental and emotion states.
The energy of petrochemicals can also gives rise to adverse mental conditions, feelings and behavioural problems.

Petrochemicals also damage and block internal processes preventing internal personal development and destroy the energy of salt and the energies it carries, causing more problems.
Internally human emotions, ideas, thoughts, mental conditions etc are very fluid. They flow in and out of a person when petrochemicals haven't damaged the internal condition.

Damage and blocking to the internal condition, or pathways, means these thoughts, feelings, mental conditions and so on are stored, held onto, dwelt upon repeatedly and acted on, instead of simply being observed during their passage through the body, then released or let go of.

It's the difference between having a brief flash of emotion, which becomes an indicator to the brain /mind of how to view or judge a situation, which then goes, to having a powerful emotion constantly attached to a situation, being stored in memory, provoking an adverse response.

When the internal pathways are undamaged wholesome energies are transient. They pass through a person, are considered and reflected upon, then released. Sometimes things are acted upon sometimes not. They become a guide to how a person acts, responds and judges a situation.

We generate mental conditions and emotions from food, but when damaged or blocked internally we lose the ability for energies to pass through us. Then energies derived from petrochemicals can build up, cause pressure and are constantly waiting to explode and expressed. They take control of a situation, how it's judged and responded to.

We can also absorb the hatred, anger, fear, desire etc from others, which is then stored and acted upon. Young people and children are especially prone to this as their internal state is more open.

This is pushed on people from outside by others and is a different from empathy which follows on from a feeling of sympathy for another's condition.

Sometimes others transfer in these energies, or pass them on to others, in an attempt to lessen or get rid of them, or as a vicious act to inflict hurt and pain on others. Warm, genuine feelings can also be passed on which allows people share how they feel.

The filtered energy from basic food staples, such as potatoes, wheat, corn, rice or whatever's local to your area is essential not just to the movement of energies that pass through us, but also to supplying the energy in the first place, and will be looked at further on in The Therapy Part 3.

The energy of petrochemicals is withdrawn from a person using The Therapy Part 1, followed by silica gel and serotonin later, removing its ability to do harm, like removing the fuel from a car.

Better though is not to consume petrochemicals in the first place as once in the body they have a very powerful, adverse effect which can continue even when the consumption of petrochemicals has stopped.

The absorption of energies by a person, mostly from food, during their life combine and contribute to the expression and quality of the life of that person and, except for the energy of salt, isn't passed on to offspring. It's for the individual only, although the developed energies within a person may connect and join with similar developed energies in another person, to form trust, co-operation, society even civilisation and will be looked at in future updates.

Personal development isn't evolution, which is where certain energies from outside the body, such as the drawing in of pure, clean environmental energy through the joints of the human body, combine with the energy of food, air, water and sunshine, to energise internal processes transforming energy from simple forms to more complex ones. This is done at a more basic energy level in the body - which to help understanding is being labelled level 1 and 2.

Internal evolution is the adaption and interfacing of the individual to their environment and can be passed on to descendents, becoming the individuals contribution to humanity.
Personal development may be seen as using level 3 energies which are supplied from food, building upon the work done by The Therapy Parts 1 & 2 which are for the body, its structure, health and processes.

The Therapy Part 3 energises, restores and repairs internal emotional, mental and behavioural processes and energies.

All the energies required for personal development are acquired after birth mostly from food, the exception being the energy of salt which is passed on from females in the womb. It can't be passed on by males, but it's used by males during their lifetime.

Salt energy, being fundamental and basic to the working of energy at this level, has to be passed on in the womb, filtered by the placenta, so it's there right at the beginning of life as it's also essential for many other processes in the body described in The Therapy Part 3.

All other energies required for personal development are acquired after birth. This allows the individual to have a choice, or a say, in the energies acquired through the selection of food, as these energies shape the individual and what that individual expresses during life, so the individuals input is important.

With personal development a person acquires what they need from food, but it's absorbed through the tongue, not the stomach, in small amounts, which has a filtering action similar to the placenta, other membranes in the body, such as in the brain and stomach, and putty as used in The Therapy.

Energy is also absorbed, processed and filtered through the sense of smell and this energy, along with the filtered energy of taste, is stored as memory in the brain.

The energy filtered through the tongue and nose goes into a completely different system than energy of the digestive system. The tongue, acting as a filter, wouldn't normally absorb the energy from petrochemicals, but its filtering action has been compromised by being coated with chemicals from toothpaste, sugar, tea and coffee.
This allows the energy from petrochemicals to pass through the tongue and into the system that gives rise to human emotions.

Each substance that coats the tongue changes the nature of the tongue's filter so certain energies are let in leading to a corresponding kind of behaviour.

The energy absorbed from smells, isn't filtered and selected in the same way as the tongue, as smells, until the last few centuries, have been pure and didn't need filtering. Inhaled energies which pass through the nose, are used to line the inside surface of the mind, forming a coating, in which images can be projected and observed, like a screen.

This coating, or screen, also forms a backdrop for thoughts and until the inside of the mind is coated by energy in this way, thoughts and images, from memory, are unable to be observed. The tv screen and monitor are a reflection of this process.

Mental processes which work and exist in the present, such as reflection, consideration and observation have a different origin and function than static thoughts and images. They work in a different way and aren't the product of experience and memory, but act on it. They reflect on possibilities becoming the gatekeeper for ideas and thoughts providing checks and balances.

Powerful, adverse smells such as petrol/diesel fumes and heavy tar vapours can damage and/or infect the memory, which is nothing more that stored energy and the coating of the inside of the mind.

If the powerful smells from petroleum products are among the first smells encountered and inhaled, their energy will go to form the lining or inner screen of the mind causing a huge distortion in mental processes leading to many adverse conditions.

The reason for all this - the absorption and storage of energy from a person's environment - is so that a person can function in that environment, and is relevant to it. Until that energy is absorbed and used as person is a potential. Absorbed energy fuses with that potential making them work.

A similar process happens in the stomach producing the energy of our emotions.

We store energy absorbed through the tongue in the stomach as a kind of memory. The memory of inhaled smells is stored in the brain. Both are acted upon when this stored energy moves and is observed by the brain/mind.

The taste of a particular food is a guide to its energy content, with the 5 tastes, perhaps more, indicating the different types of energy being absorbed through the taste buds in the tongue.

These energies supply much to the mental processes and emotions. They also are also self regulating and 1 of the problems with petrochemicals is they stimulate food energies so they're no longer self-regulating becoming out of control.

Humans are born with capacities which are dormant until they combine with the absorbed energies of the physical world to form abilities. Humans are born with the capacity to think, but the outside energy of language is required to infuse with that capacity for it to become an ability.

In the same way humans have many capacities which become abilities when combined with the energy of food, so in order to function, there has to be a joining with the energies of the physical world.

As said, food here means anything consumed or taken into the body including such things as the products of smoking, inhaled vapours, fumes, gasses, waxes, sprays, various chemicals and so on.

Undistorted abilities in humans that have combined with the energy of wholesome food form the basis of human society and civilisation, the problems start when they, and so human behaviour, are damaged or distorted by adverse chemicals such as those produced and consumed from petrochemicals.

The energy of petrochemicals, their by-products, tobacco, sugar, tea and coffee are all powerful stimulants driving people in adverse ways contributing to obsession, paranoia, fear and other adverse mental conditions.

One of the points of The Therapy Part 3 is to restore, repair and calm down food energy in a person returning them to a time before they were affected by petrochemicals and powerful stimulants.

Once the energy of petrochemicals has been withdrawn from the body using The Therapy Part 1, plus silica gel and serotonin, neutralising and stopping them from hurting a person, you're now ready to proceed with The Therapy Part 3.
Part 3, starts with salt because that is a carrier for other energies needed.

Sea salt is best because that energy combined with the first life in the oceans and has stayed with us ever since, until that is, it was destroyed by chemical additives in food absorbed by the tongue.

Once the salt energy is damaged and lost all the energies that flow within it are damaged or lost as well and people change. More on these changes as we proceed.

A person can have adequate levels of salt in their bodies or diet, but that's not the problem, it's the functioning of the salt energy that's the problem.

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