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How The Therapy works

In all this the immune system of the body is key. Part 1 frees it. Part 2 strengthens it and Part 3 changes it to transform the mind, emotions and behaviour.

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Part 1 removes polluting energy from fossil fuel and its derivatives from a person.

Part 2 replaces and restores by passing energy the body can use into a person.
Part 3 works on the mind, emotions and behaviour. These are established after a person's born from the energy of food.

Part 1 of The Therapy is used by the immune system to remove dead environmental energy from the body and draw the energy of insect bites out of the bone marrow so it can function correctly.
Dead environmental energy, which comes from fossil fuels and its derivatives, is also drawn from bacteria making them vulnerable to the immune system and antibiotics.

Part 1 also draws out the energy of shock, emotional and physical, anesthetics, given during operations and gas, given during labour.
The detergent used in Part 1 has a powerful drawing effect on dead environmental energy that the immune system uses to pass this energy out of the body.

The energy of the disinfectant tends to break down the energy of fossil fuels, especially from bacteria, so it can be removed.

The Therapy uses different energy systems in the human body. The ankles are used to remove dead energy from the energy system the body uses to sample the energy of its environment.
Materials are placed on the forearms to remove insect energy that has combined with dead environmental energy that's entered the bone marrow.

Materials are placed on the neck in Part 1 to neutralise insect bites poison which has entered the clear fluid of the brain and spine and all clear fluid in the body - tears, saliva, sweat, synovial and lymph fluid and even the fluid around a baby in the womb.

Materials are placed on the throat to clear it of the energy of infections - viral, bacterial and fungal - which weakens them making them easier for the immune system to deal with.

Bags of materials are placed on the stomach to clean out any dead environmental energy lining it which blocks the absorbing of food energy.

Putty filters dead energy from the body. The immune system copies this by uses the energy of the putty filters to create virtual filters which stops dead energy entering the body through the wrists and ankles even after the putty has been removed.

This protects the body from absorbing any more dead environmental energy.

Part 1 draws out of a person's body the energy of fossil fuels which can cause direct harm to a person by its action and presence. This energy moves around the body in its channels or conduits and removing it allows the channels to function properly again drawing in clean, useable energy, which is filtered by the body copying the action of the putty filters.

This congestion of the energy channels is an underlying cause of illness as the ability of the body to defend itself has been reduced. It's good practice to clean out these channels by using Part 1 even if a person appears health, as there's always room for improvement, and as a means to maintain health.

Clearing out the energy channels involves placing bags of materials on the draw off areas, the ankles and forearms, and it a method to help combat illness.

Pollution supported illnesses propagate through the energy channels, or at least, it's a factor, but accident damage is different, best dealt with the use of Part 2 as damage caused to the body through an impact isn't caused by polluted energy in the energy channels and is why, impact damage, or accidents, need the materials of Part 2 placed on, or near, the damage.

Part 2 of The Therapy, amongst other things, introduces useful, life supporting energy into the body directly through the lower back, neck, throat and abdomen. This comes from batteries and oils and the experience of many years is now showing that flooding the body with such energy, combined with the energy of different materials, is one on the most beneficial things to combat illness and disorder.

With the energy from the different materials the immune system can clean out the body of disease and infection on a cell by cell basis.

The forearms are used to introduce useful, life supporting energy directly into the bone marrow where it's processed into producing heath and a proper immune system response.

The energy of Part 2 is also used to energise the body increasing strength and vitality.

The Therapy places materials on a person in proximity to the body. No physical contact is made with the materials used. They are separated by the clear plastic bags.

This gap though very small is very important as it's needed for The Therapy to work. It also makes The Therapy non invasive and puts the immune system in control of the energies used. Like the sun's energy it needs space to travel through. When batteries and oils are used they act like small suns around a person.

The immune system makes an energy connection with the materials used, which it uses in Part 1 like a rubbish bin. The immune system literally puts out the trash by passing dead environmental energy out of the body where it's neutralised by the putty, but only dead energy that's not wanted and harmful is passed out.

Energy drawn out, and in, passes through the plastic bags so long as they're clear.

This is not an automatic process - the dead environmental energies disposed of are removed from a person by their own immune system.

The body draws energy into itself though the joints of the wrists and ankles. Once drawn in the action of walking and using the arms moves the energy around the body.

Dead environmental energy once drawn in is hard for the body to remove as there is no reverse action to move it out and processing it through the bone marrow helps anchor it. Part 1 is needed to remove this polluting energy.

The forearms are used in Part 1 rather than the wrists to remove dead environmental energy from the bone marrow and to break the anchoring effect caused by processing.

Using the wrists would draw dead environmental energy from the bodies energy systems, which placing bags on the ankles will do, not from the bone marrow.

The bone marrow of the forearms is the controlling bone marrow for the entire body where so much programming and interaction with other energies, and the bodies blueprint, is done.
From here all the bone marrow of the body can be cleaned of dead environmental energy as its all connected. The adverse information in the bodies blueprint can also be cleaned from the bone marrow of the forearms.

This action is reversed in Part 2 where, once the connections made, the immune system draws in good, life supporting energy if the body has a need for it.

The ankles aren't used in Part 2 as they're used by the body to draw in environmental energy, not the energy of materials. Using the lower back is better for absorbing and distributing this kind of energy.

When Part 2 is used for the first few times filtered, life supporting essential energy is drawn out of the materials very quickly if they contain energy the body needs.

In Part 1 the batteries are used to introduce the body/immune system to the battery energy, but the main point is the batteries create a strong, local electromagnetic field around a person which helps the energy process involved to work. This is a reflection of the action of the same field around the planet Earth.

In Part 2 the battery energy is used to pass a massive amount of filtered life supporting energy into the body. The same is true of the oils.
Electrical energy has to come from low voltage batteries not from mains electricity which is too powerful and harmful to the bodies energy systems.
Vitamins and minerals, earth and rice release very little energy naturally. They are energised by the batteries and oils so the immune system can draw the energy in.

With Part 3 materials are used in a similar way to Part 2, but on a different level helping the mind, emotions and behaviour which is established during life, after a person's born.

In all this the immune system of the body is key. Part 1 frees it. Part 2 strengthens it and Part 3 changes it to transform the mind, emotions and behaviour.

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