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by Takashi

Stone humans in Pompei ruins, Liver=Stone god, The statue o

Atoms have consciousness

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Stone humans in Pompei ruins, Liver=Stone god, The statue of Maria and an infant, The assist by the prince of Sirius, The beings who made humans forget Stone gods, Mr. Hiro○○ Yoshi○○.

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Dec. 2, 2008

Stone humans in Pompei ruins, Liver=Stone god, The statue of Maria and an infant, The assist by the prince of Sirius, The beings who made humans forget Stone gods, Mr. Hiro○○ Yoshi○○.

It is said, the petrified humans in Pompei ruins were formed by Giuseppe Fiorelli who poured the plaster into depressions in 1863.
However it is suspicious if skulls and teeth would have remained as before?
Only teeth and bones should have dropped downward and they would become only the remains.
As a result of it, teeth would not have been left in the mouth even if plaster were poured into it.
In addition skulls of plaster should not be left accurately outside the plaster whose shape were rounded.
And it is suspicious the agonized look and the eyes of a sitting statue which was watching the family attentively can be expressed in detail by only pouring plaster into the underground space?
The image which shot the excavating Stone humans newly showed people were removing the soil with the brush commonly.
Though as many as 300 human bones were found in the harbor on which no volcanic ash is piled up, corpse whose shape was left were found in the place where volcanic ash was piled up three meters.
I was told through channeling that Pompei ruins was left as the evidence for the mixed race of Stone humans and humans.
As the eruption was planned to leave the evidence, more than 1000 corpse seem to be left.
Consequently the plaster statues seem to express the clothes and the pause and the expressions at the time of their last moments.
One of the petrified humans show the father is left in the pause of picking himself up and he is watching his family.
Why is he picking himself up and watching his family?
I was told through the channeling that it is the figure which was giving the word of command to the atoms of Stone gods of his family.
He is ordering them to stop being alive.
Atoms of Stone humans stopped being alive all at once as they were given the word of command.
They were not suffocated but they died by the will of their own accord.
The atoms from the sky and universe told me the volcanic ash came down after their death.
This is the very thing that proves Stone humans wanted to leave as the evidence.


The wheel track on the stone pavement

The above image shows the stone was soft at first as there remained the trace of wheel track on the stone pavement.


Liver=Stone god

The liver is the internal organ which imitates the figure of Stone god's descending to the earth.
The working of it is the same as Stone god and it can do many work.
What is more, it has the strong reproduction power, as the cells of the liver can restore the original size even if it were cut out.
I was told it hands down it is the same as the atoms of Stone gods.

Nov. 29, 2008

I had a stronger signal to the part of liver.

"Liver speaking.
We imitated the figure of liver to the one which showed Stone god's descending to the earth.
Even though it is cut out, it can multiply so that it can show Stone gods can multiply.
That is the cells of liver can multiply with its own power.
As Stone gods can change to any thing, so the cells of liver can do many work.
Liver can lay by food.
And it can decompose one and make the organization which make the body.
To the opposite, it can decompose the broken thing neatly and carry it out to the outside.
It is just like the factory, too.

Nov. 30, 2008

"It can't be helped as the generation of the devilish came into being naturally.
The result of evil deeds has to be paid back by the result of ceasing to exist in this world.
The sequence of cruel incidents inform it.
We try to protect so that we should not be deprived of three rings by the devilish.
To make the devilish reform themselves is the work of you, Hoshinomina(elder sister of Ohmoto).
We asked you(Hoshinomina(elder sister of Ohmoto)) to chop up the king of Mercury which is giving the energy to (constellation) Hydrus in order to make it reform itself.
It was the very important thing."


"The green color which is in the slightly bigger ellipse of the reddish color of persimmon that changes to rectangle box-type."

(It was just like giant emerald which is in the red incipient)

The meaning of the above vision is as follows.

"It's the energy body of the vicious king of Mercury.
Please chop it up.
The atoms from the sky and universe gather together and inform it."

I coughed out when I was given the intense signal to the middle finger.
There seems to be two kind of kings of Mercury.
One is bad guy and the other is good guy.

I was given the signal to the right wrist.

"I want you to write.
The earth got round when Stone gods died?
Ptolemaic system had been right until then.
The reason why Stone gods got solid, was that Pleiades came to have more power.
Pleiades didn't think good that Stone gods made Stone humans.
That is why Pleiades solidified Stone gods and made women bear children.
Consequently humans increased naturally.
As Stone gods found they would be solidified, they thought to leave mixed race of Stone gods and humans.
The Stone god who was kind enough to do such the work was Mount Vesuvius volcano.
That is the volcano of death.
The volcano of death left the evidence of the mixed race of Stone humans and humans.
They have remained in the form of a family under the volcanic ash in order to inform it.

(In Pompei ruins there is a figure of father Stone human who shows half picking himself up and watching his family.)

Why was Father picking himself up and watching his family?
He was giving the word of command to the atoms of Stone gods of his family in order to stop being alive.
That is why atoms of Stone gods stopped being alive all at once.
(They did not die owing to the choking) Then the ash of the death came down.)

I am going to sleep from now..

I was given the signal to my body.

"Female Sirius speaking,
The mixed race of Stone gods and humans were able to give birth to babies.
It was left as lots of pictures of statues of Maria.
Women always bore children longer than ordinary humans.
It made Pleiades get angry."

I am going to sleep from now.

"Women in Europe stayed in the rooms of the second floor in order preferably not to die.
And they survived by helping each other out.
There were receivers which received the conscious mind in the heads.
Pleiades made the best of them.
And Pleiades always issued commands to the receivers to inform anything.
They made women make the characters and write stories.
They were the religious stories in order to rule humans.
The writer of them was the woman who lived alone in the old mansion."

I am going to sleep from now.

"This is the story of Danjinki.
It means how they separated Stone gods and humans.
Pleiades ruled humans thoroughly by sending the conscious mind to humans.
And it has implanted that humans evolved from the monkey.
In addition, to the earth Pleiades sent the fossils which was made by making monkeys evolve and made humans believe successfully.
Danjinki is the record which has handed it down.
Pleiades has ruled humans by making humans forget Stone gods.
Consequently humans are mad for the theory of evolution which is full of contradiction even now.
Not only so, Stone humans have been the bad guys in any story.
Pleiades taught Stone humans are giants and violent.
What was more, Pleiades has taught they eat humans.
And it has made humans think that Stone gods were good for nothing and harmful.
Consequently Sirius has planned to erase Pleiades at last.
However Pleiades noticed it and Sirius was beaten at first."

(It is written in The memo of my experience | The star Rada (Postscript on May 31, 2012) )

"As you informed previously, Pleiades planned to hack the earth.
The other thing which we inform you is that human society after this can't be built only by Stone gods absolutely.
Human society will become the one in which humans will contend more and more by the religious domination.
The earth is filled with the despair.
Badly enough, the earth can't be helped if humanity follow the same situation.

I am going to sleep from now.

I was given the signal to the nose.

"The son of Sirius(prince) who gave a signal to your nose speaking.
I descended to the earth for the first time in my life as the earth is about to be broken though I have been watching until now.
As the commander of Sirius was gone, it has become easier for me to descend to the earth.
(In the dream)The cushion of Sirius dropped because I thought descending to the earth were just like descending to such an old lavatory.
I will help the earth and Ohmoto(the central)of the universe from now on.
The reason why I gave a signal to your nose is that I informed that the excavation is important.
Human nose expresses the inside of the earth.
There are lots of hollows inside the earth just like the ones of lotus root.
Some of the underground cavities are connected with each other within the earth."

(The walls of the underground cavities become thin just like Cappadocia and one hundred holes of Nagaoka and it means they are connected with the next one.)

The doorways to the exterior of many of underground cavities are closed.
They are closed so that they are not invaded by bad guys.
Stone gods call out to the mates through the underground cavities by the earthquake."

I am going to sleep from now.

*)dream="When I was cleaning the lavatory which looks to be broken soon, a white lace cover came to drop from the second floor."

When I saw this dream, I was not given the meaning of it and I thought the earth might part from Sirius.
However the channeling of today told the meaning of it as follows.

The prince of Sirius dared to descend to the earth which is just like the old lavatory.


I woke up as I was given the signal to the left big toe and I got anxious aboutPacific Ocean ring volcanic zone.

"It is related to the bead?
That's because they don't return the bead to humans.
The bead expresses the earth and it expresses that Dragons have grasped the earth until now.
It means the earth has been made a fool of by Dragons.
There is the thing to see in order to retrieve the bead to humans?"

I am going to sleep from now.

(I fell asleep as I readily didn't hit on an idea about "the thing to see.")

*)I got the intense signal under the left pinky when I was writing about Pompei ruins in the corner of the announcements from the stars.

"I gave you a signal as I want you to write it in the corner of the announcements from the stars."

They say "Discovery of the World's Mysteries" of TV program told that the correct answer for the round rice-cake shows the snake.
Mr. Hiro○○Yoshi○○ connected everything to snakes by claiming round rice-cakes and the religious decorations of straw ropes show snakes.
He graduated from "Gaku○in" and take up his residence in Nara Prefecture.
He tried to give people the impression that snakes are gods.
The channeling told the above suddenly last night.
That's because the spirits in the invisible world seems to have been contacting about him.

"He is the man of the conscious mind of (constellation)Hydrus(the mate of Pleiades) and he has been related to Medusa."

The words of channeling told above.

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