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by Takashi

Reincarnation in the early days | Consciousness and subconsc

Atoms have consciousness

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Reincarnation in the early days | Consciousness and subconsciousness | Lightning strike

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

Nov. 4, 2005

Reincarnation in the early days | Consciousness and subconsciousness | Lightning strike

Nov. 4, 2005

Though the early Jomon period and Atlantis era seem to 10,000 years ago, Jinmu (legendary founding emperor of Japan) seems to have turned up 2500 years ago.

Therefore the age of Jinmu and Okuninushi (deity of magic and medicine later viewed as equivalent to Daikokuten and celebrated at Izumo Grand Shrine) don't fit with history.
Therefore I asked the beings from the sky what is the true history.
Numbers indicating the age don't come out as ever and it is hard even to imagine.
The reincarnation in those days seems to have been born as subconsciousness itself.
They seem to have appeared in this world in the form of adult.
The first figure was born and since then the same figure was born again after some period.
Humanity were made by Stone gods in the period when there are no humanity and humanity were born from those who were born early.
Therefore the number of humanity got increased little by little.
The representative of Stone gods from Sagittarius is Okuninushi whose son is Jewish Noah and Muura.
The representative of the Ruler's Star is Jinmu (legendary founding emperor of Japan).
I was told those subconsciousness was born again as humanity who had bodies and were asked to fulfill the hope of each star. 
The reincarnation of those subconsciousness who descended to the earth were born as children whose bodies were made as were barely able to walk.
However I was told others were made in the form of adults.
Those children have been conveyed in the stories of Peach Boy and the Moon Princess.
The shape of the peach of Peach Boy expresses Sirius, the soft fruit of the fruit expresses Stone god and the solid and big seed expresses the humanity who had sturdy body.

It expresses humanity were made in the stone chambers which were made out of bodies of Stone gods whose bodies were initially soft.
It also expresses humanity were also made in the caves which were made in the soil whose component was that of Stone gods.
Small stone chambers show those process.

Moon Princess is the princess to whom subconsciousness of the Ruler's Star invaded.

The story of the Moon Princess tells she was found in the bamboo.
There are worms in the bamboo and the story of Moon Princess was made with irony.
The story returns to the original.
Why were Okuninushi and Jinmu born in the same era?
It was related with the thought of each star from which they were sent to the earth.
The beings of Sagittarius= Stone gods plunged into the seething earth which was the fire ball and solidified the earth.
They varied silicon into creatures on the earth.
They wanted to enjoy the earth which was made of their own bodies.
Their bodies formed the loop happily with one another.
The Ruler's Star saw the situation of the earth and wanted to dominate the humanity who had been made with the wisdom of Stone gods and the beings from the sky.
The Ruler's Star started to dominate the humanity by making humanity fight with one another.
Therefore the earth has become the star which is full of egoism.
It is the earth until now.
Though subconsciousness of the Ruler's Star has gone, the way of selfish thinking has not been erased because mates of the Ruler's Star have imitated the way of domination by the Ruler's Star and wanted to dominate the earth.
Though subconsciousness of outer galaxy, Pleiadenai and the mates of them had strong power, they have been erased now but there turned up those who are imitating them.
However those imitating group don't have so strong power as the erased ones, I think.
Many small stars with weak power, the beings from the sky and Sagittarius have brought together the power and they seem to make an effort to make the earth the peaceful star somehow.

●♯●)Subconsciousness and consciousness

The subconsciousness comes from each star.
But the subconsciousness which comes from the stars with big power like Pleiadenai have been erased.
However there are infinite stars which want to imitate the erased big stars and those subconsciousness from those infinite stars want to dominate humans like the ones of erased stars.
Therefore they wait for the human birth , take over the human bodies and penetrate into them.
The time of penetration into the human bodies seem to be after three years old of human year.
As the humanity can't live without subconsciousness, those with the same thought from stars seem to penetrate into the bodies.

(Summary of information so far from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA' )

The beings from the sky decided right side of the human body under the head as the area which is much related to subconsciousness.
On the contrary they decided the left side of the human body and the head as the area which is much related to consciousness.
The subconsciousness is sent from the stars and consciousness is sent from the spiritual body which lies in the sky near the earth.
Human brain governs five senses, exercise capacity and language ability.
The thinking which comes from the sky is received by the brain.
The consciousness in the sky send the directive about the functions related to the movement of the body through the spine which is leading to the brain.
In addition subconsciousness and consciousness were made not to act alone.
Therefore the nerve was made to cross to the left and right in the neck even though the directive is sent from the brain.
That is why subconscious and consciousness can do the action that is balanced without bias to the left or right.
The beings from the sky wanted to make the human ears bigger so that they could collect sound well but they thought human beings might believe only the language which was heard as sound.
That is why they moved the ear lobe to the center and made folds.
The ears express universe, snail tubes express 'The Ohmoto (the central)' in the universe, auditory ossicles express that robots are sending signals and semicircular canals express that the Trinity is important.

●♯●)106 cattles were dead owing the lightning strike in the two farms in Australia.

Six horses were dead owing to the lightning strike in Colorado in US.

These incidents show dinosaurs were dead long ago owing to the global lightning strike as dinosaurs ruled the earth too much.
It must be the warning from the universe to the human race who ignore the repeated warnings and indulge in strives.
I think avian virus which has been spread all over the world has the same meaning.

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