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The story of Yamatai Kingdom (Revised on June 2, 2011)

Atoms have consciousness

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The story of Yamatai Kingdom (Revised on June 2, 2011)

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

The story of Yamatai Kingdom (Revised on June 2, 2011)

(The following story is what was informed through the channeling and it is not the one written by the imagination.
You may find the age written here is different from what is told in the history.
As the consciousness (soul) repeat the reincarnation, humans are born again and again and those people who are born again have the similar appearance to let people know the thoughts of the past life.)

(To Japan from Atlantis)

When Atlantis perished, Okuninushi(Great Land Master) who was the offspring of Atlantis was told by the queen of Atlantis to go to Japan where Hoshinomina (alter ego of Ms Taeko Shiraki)=alter ego of Ohmoto (the central consciousness of the universe), descended.


Okuninushi(Great Land Master) was very big and white as he was the mixed race of Stone human in Atlantis and humanity.
He had a rare sickle to which atoms had turned into in Atlantis.
He was given the manna which was the food and the water in the bottle by the Stone god in Petra.
The manna given to him in the middle way to Japan,was the one which didn't reduce however much Okuninushi(Great Land Master) might eat and the water in the bottle didn't reduce however often he might drink.
He proceeded to Japan and on the way to Japan he came together with Queen Himiko who was the mixed race of Stone human and humanity.

Queen Himiko

Both of them proceeded to Japan but they died as they were killed by the serpent which was sent by the Ruler's Stars.
However the giants of Stone gods along the way knew the thoughts of them through telepathy which told they wanted to go to Japan.
Therefore giants carried the dead bodies of Okuninushi(Great Land Master) and Queen Himiko with the sickle to Japan by deliverying by hands.

(The beginning of Yamatai Kingdom)

Okuninushi(Great Land Master) and his mates were born again on the back of Stone god who had turned into the plateau in the mountains which existed in Shikoku region in Japan.
The country on the plateau was called Yamatai Kingdom.
Okuninushi(Great Land Master) and his mates were born in the bodies of mixed race of Stone human and humanity.
They were able to live without having the struggle as the atoms of Stone gods turned into the food one after another in the land which was the body of Stone gods.
However they found the ability of Stone gods would be lost gradually.
Therefore Okuninushi taught people how to get food by agriculture.
The agriculture developed and they got rich .
People lived in peace by sharing the blessings of nature.
Men and women lived in the divided places.
Women lived together in the vicinity of the river along with the children and men worked in the field or in the mountain.
Okuninushi was taught the wisdom of agriculture by the Stone god who had turned into the mountain.
Queen Himiko was taught such the wisdom of living as characters and clothes.
They lived the peaceful lives as human beings.
The rumors of them spread not only to the neighborhood but also to the continent.
Therefore many people came to Yamatai Kingdom in order to be taught many things.
Queen Himiko was taught the characters by vision as she was the channeler of the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA.
She taught people Hotsuma character.
When they were washing the cloth woven by the bark of the paper mulberry, they found they were able to make the paper.
They wrote the characters about the wisdom of living on the paper.
They were called 'Hotsuma Tutae'.">
'Hotuma Tutae'

As Hotsuma character was hard to remember, Queen Himiko made katakana and easy kanji in cooperation with children.

Okuninushi and Queen Himiko had a girl called Ito and a boy called Takerunomiko , who lived happily.

(Jinmu(legendary founding emperor of Japan) destroyed Yamatai Kingdom.)

On the other hand, a boy named Jinmu(legendary founding emperor of Japan) to whom the subconscious mind of Dragon which liked strives entered, was born to the couple who came from Korea to Kyusyu.
As he was entered by Dragon, he was good at dominating others.
Therefore he made many people subordinates of him and spread the territory one after another.
In Kyusyu,Japan, he found the megalith in front of Udo Shinto shrine and strange rock called Washing rock of demon which was made by solidifying the sand.
He asked who had made those megaliths.
The locals replied they had been made by the giant of Stone god(Ugayanofukiae).
He decided to make Ugayanofukiae his ancestor.

Though the giant had made a big cave and had wanted to make it the place so that Stone humans would be made there, Jinmu(legendary founding emperor of Japan) told a lie and fooled people.
In addition, Jinmu invaded to the east to further east to expand the territory.

(The extermination of Yamatai Kingdom)

On the other hand. the young man who hated to work had a grudge as he was told to work harder by Okuninushi who was the hard worker.
One day he took Takerunomiko who was the young child of Okuninushi, hostage, he stole the important mowing sickle of Okuninushi and ran away from Yamatai Kingdom.
The sickle was the giant one which Okuninushi had brought from Atlantis.
As the young man wanted to become the subordinate of Jinmu, he met Jinmu and held out the sickle which he had stolen.
Jinmu was glad to get the stunning metal sickle which didn't exist in Japan in those days.
He thought he might be able to get many swords if he would destroy Yamatai Kingdom.
He attacked Yamatai Kingdom.
He found no weapons in Yamatai Kingdom because people there didn't make wars.
He found only the stack of paper on which characters which Queen Himiko wrote .
He got angry and devoured Yamatai Kingdom thoroughly.
He made people of Yamatai Kingdom slaves and took them to the Yamato Kingdom besides Okuninushi and eight subordinates of Okuninushi whom he kicked out to Izumo region.

(The generation of Burakumin (modern-day descendants of Japan's feudal outcast group) )

People in Yamatai Kingdom were put the tatoos since then, and came to be differentiated as Burakumin (modern-day descendants of Japan's feudal outcast group).
As they had the skills to make rice which had been taught by Okuninushi, they were ordered to do the cultivation of rice fields one after another.
The harvest was exploited by Jinmu family.
The discrimination got worsen by prince Shotoku.
As Emperor's family who are the offsprings of Jinmu has continued until now, offspring of Yamatai Kingdom have subjected to unfair discrimination.
However people from Yamatai Kingdom are the proud people who lived in the first nation in Japan.

(The birth of the Country of Japan(The country of Wa ))

On the other hand, Queen Himiko let her daughter, Ito escape secretly.
However Queen Himiko, herself was caught and came to be taken to the Yamato Kingdom as a slave.
But she ran away by looking for a chance.
She ran away to Docyu in ShikokuDocyu, where she killed herself.
Docyu, in Shikoku

Please see the images of Docyu in the following site.
The images of Docyu on parade

Ito was able to run away safely with her nanny but she was not able to reach Hoshihara and died on the way to Hoshihara.
Since then, she was born again as the channeler of the information from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA in Hoshihara where Hoshinomina (alter ego of Ms Taeko Shiraki) had descended.

The parent-child of Noah(Noah and Muura , the son of Noah)who had been guided by Stone god, had been washed ashore in Japan and reached Hoshihara as he had been guided by the voice, too.
Muura and Ito, the daughter of Queen Himiko、 fell in love there and decided to live together.
They lived in Hoshihara for a while but they decided to live in the shore of Yura in search of iron sand.
Yamahiko who was the son of them held a conversation through the telepathy with Mt. Kimi(the mountain in Ayabe city) and he wanted to live in Hoshihara and stayed in Hoshihara.
Muura and Ito lived on the side of the sea and they sometimes visited Yamahiko with seafood.
Soon it became the market as seafood was prized a lot in Hoshihara, inland region.
The market place was called Minatukisan.

(※) Umihiko and the girl who are told in old tales were not the children who were born from Ito.
Umihiko was the boy who was found on the rock and the girl was found lonely on the white sand.
They were found by Ito and they became her children.
Those children were incarnation of sea Dragons.

As the region honored peace and helping each other like Yamatai Kingdom, the country came to flourish and it became the origin of the Country of Japan(The country of Wa ).
The parent-child of Noah and Muura remembered the technology of iron-making even after being born again.
Therefore they made hoes and axes.
Their country flourished a lot.
As it was the age before the earth's axis to move, it was warm around the Sea of Japanese side, exchanges with mainland was prosperous, and curiosities from the continent have also entered .

(The birth of the Yamato Kingdom)

Jinmu(legendary founding emperor of Japan) had a base of the Yamato Kingdom of old Japan by taking advantage of the big tumuluses which were made by a lot of alter egos of Stone gods.
However he envied the prosperity of the Country of Japan(The country of Wa) which was constructed by Muura and Ito again.
Jinmua attacked it suddenly in order to rob the ironware of it by force.
As Muura had heard disturbing rumors of Jinmu at that time, he gave Ito a knife and taught how to protect her body.
They tried to protect their bodies somehow.

A stout-hearted Ito made a desperate resistance when she was attacked by Yamato, but she was caught with a net of fish.
As Muura was threatened to kill Ito(his daughter), he said to Jinmu to help her life in exchange for his life.
The innocent Muura was placed in the basket and placed on the boat which was swept into the sea.
But his mates who had yearned for Muura secretly helped him at night and they sheltered him.
He was lurking in Mt. Ohoe with his mates who had been runnig away.
However at last he was found by Yamato and was slaughtered.
(Muura was told to posterity as the bad guys in a story of Demon extermination of Mt. Ohoe. )

Noa, father of Muura, who was yearned by everyone was expelled, too.
However he was valued as invited person near the Country of Japan( The country of Wa ).
And the water which Noa drank was handed down as the water which had been drunken by Noa.
(The water was taken advantage of the rite of drawing sacred water and was sealed. )

However he was mistaken as a beggar while he went far away, was put in the cage and died.
He was found to be a respectable person later and was buried cordially.
As Noa was not able to speak Japanese, what he said was his name, Moses though it was not Noa who appeared in the legends.
Therefore the tomb which was made then was regarded as the one of Moses.
(There is the tomb of Moses in Kanawaza-city in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.)

(Okuninushi(Great Land Master) in Izumo district)

Okuninushi who was not able to contend left Yamatai Kingdom which he had built with his great effort started for Izumo district with his eight subordinates.
Hardworking Okuninushi developed agriculture in Izumo district, too.
Therefore people gathered together around him and a big country came to be made.
However he was not able to forget Yamatai Kingdom.
He talked to the hair of Himiko which he had brought as a keepsake every day.
He put a skewer in front of the unified hair of Himiko.
The people around him who saw it left the memento for the hair which are now known as the religious decorations of straw ropes and the one for skewer, the torii gateway at the entrance to Shinto shrine to recollect him after he died.
Though all that knew Himiko were only men because men only accompanied him, and one of them soothed him by imitating Himiko.
It is the beginning of the Kabuki play among which has been left in the name of "Kakiotosi =The falling of a persimmon" or "Kokeraotosi=The beginning of the play".
The persimmon is the food which was given by Stone god and it was made so that it looks like the color and the shape of Stone gods.
The Yamato Kingdom of old Japan feared the presence of Stone gods are conveyed by the name of persimmon and they ordered the people of Burakumin (modern-day descendants of Japan's feudal outcast group) to wear compulsorily, with the harassing purpose, the clothes which were dyed by persimmon tannin .
Yamato Kingdom of old Japan was anticipated to bully again when Izumonokuni(the country in Izumo district) became bigger around Okuninushi(Great Land Master)with the help of Stone gods.
Therefore Okuninushi who hated the struggle decided to go to Island of Oki which was not separated by the sea in those days.
He was placed importance there by everybody and lived.
He unexpectedly came across Ito, his daughter and lived happily there to the end of his life.
The emperor, Godaigo came to Oki thereafter and he found he was not able to live comfortably thereafter.
Therefore the subconsciousness of Okuninushi(Great Land Master)and Ito moved to Hokkaido, Japan which was out of reach of Yamato.

The young Takeru-no-mikoto who had been taken there from Yamatai Kingdom by young people died young.
The Ruler's Stars made him to be born to the environment under Jinmu(legendary founding emperor of Japan) when he was born again.
Takeru-no-mikoto grew old under Jinmu without knowing Jinmu was the enemy of him after he was born again.

He kept being informed constantly that Okuninushi was a bad guy.
When Okuninushi died, Jinmu told a lie that the eight mates of Okuninushi were going to attack Yamato Kingdom as they were fooled by the people of Korea.
Jinmu ordered Takeru-no-mikoto to make a deceptive attack to the eight mates of Okuninushi secretly.

Takeru-no-mikoto killed the eight whom Okuninushi had trusted most one after another as he knew nothing and did as he was told.
However he heard that the eight persons had been the mates of his real father when he returned to the Yamato Kingdom.
Takeru-no-mikoto fell into despair to hear the words.
He was invited by the subconsciousness of Mt. Ishikata(=Mt. Sarunage)and he killed himself there.

The subconsciousness of Mt. Sarunage asked Ms Taeko Shiraki to call him Mt. Isinage because the name Mt. Sarunage was made to despise it by the Yamato Kingdom.
Sarunage means to throw the monkey.

As the goods keepsake of his father was the sickle, it is dedicated to Sarunage shrine even now.

(Ito, the daughter of Okuninushi and Himiko, who was taken to Yamato)

On the other hand Ito was made to take to the Yamato Kingdom, though she had had the happy life until then.
She plucked and took the white wisteria flowers which were blooming on the way, to reminiscent of CaucasianMuura.

The wisteria of Sai | Shirafuji shrine

The relevant map.

Ito was taken to the Yamato Kingdom and was made to live the confined life in the place which was surrounded many fences.
Jinmu absolutely wanted to have a child between him and Ito and he forcibly made her bear a child.
The born child was Ninigi-no-Mikoto and he was brought up by the nanny of Ito.
The nanny told Ninigi-no-Mikoto the story of Stone god, Yamatai Kingdom and his mother was taken to the Yamato Kingdom from Yura in Kyoto, Japan.
However Jinmu who knew it got angy and killed the nanny by stabbing her in the crotch.
The above story is conveyed by *Mata-nozoki in Ama no Hashidate.
*Mata-nozoki is one of the methods to enjoy looking at Amanohashidate from Kasamatsu Park or Ama no Hashidate View Land in Miyazu city, in Kyoto prefecture.
Ito was able to go to Yura as she had given birth to Jinmu's child.
However she tried to kill herself as she had to return to the Yamato Kingdom.
As princess Suseri offered to become the scapegoat, she was able to run away from the security.
She was able to reach the end of her life with his father, Okuninushi at Island of Oki where Okuninushi had been hiding.

(Yamahiko who grew big in Hoshihara was also killed.)

The life of Yamahiko who was the son of Ito and Muura was saved as he stayed in Hoshihara and he was born again and again several times.
He made fields one after another with the help of Stone god.
He spread fields not only in Hoshihara but also as far as Shigasato which lay in the place over the mountains.
He had been gaining popularity with a calm personality.
Yamahiko had the big body and had the pupils which were different from other people as he resembled to Muura when he grew more.
The rumor of him reached the Yamato Kingdom.
The prince Shotoku who was the son of the emperor Suiko thought Yamahiko might retaliate as the Yamato Kingdom slaughtered Muura and he came to kill Yamahiko.
One of the Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets which recited the scenewas as follows.

In the depths of the faraway mountains, I step on beds of fallen leaves. I hear a deer calling for his mate, and a feeling of sadness pierces my heart.

The subconsciousness of Mt. Kimi which lay in Hoshihara in Ayabe-city was not do anything than to watch Yamahiko, the son of Ito and Muura, was killed with sad feeling though he was innocent.
However the energy of Stone god sparked a strange change in plant.
It is the miracle called "Seven Wonders in Shigasato".
(Note*It is the Seven Wonders which are conveyed in Shigasato, Ayabe-city, in Kyoto. )

1)White wisteria flowers(in Fujinami shrine ) bloomed white wisteria flowers on New Years.

2)The white bush clover (Wakamiya shrine=Yamahiko is enshrined(?)The bush clover of the shrine turned into white color.)

3)The swaying pine tree(The pine trees which grew in the place to which Yamahiko and his mates ran away swayed when there was no wind. )

4)The pine trees from which drops fall (Drops fall from the pine tree which grows in the place to which Yamahiko ran away even when it does not rain.)

5)Mr. bamboo shoot. (The bamboo shoot came out on Feb. 4 when it is not the season for growing bamboo shoot.)

6)Mr. Japanese ginger(The buds of Japanese ginger came out on Feb. 3 when it is not the season of Japanese ginger)

7)Goyo persimmon(It does not turn red in fall but it turns red on New Year.
Pursuers came with the voice "Goyo, Goyo" and the persimmon stayed in the color green owing to the terror.)

There remains the legend which tells a giant, Yama‐arashi did the bad deed in the middle of the night.
However it was conveyed by the Yamato Kingdom so that it would tailore him to the bad guy as the offsprings of Yamahiko had the big bodies.
The offspring of Yamahiko is Minamoto no Yoshitsune.

(The Yamato Kingdom became the violent state with the gap between the rich and the poor by using Buddhism)
As Jinmu was the incarnation of Dragon who liked struggle attacked many places in order to spread the country.
However it was very hard to put the country of Wa under the control of him, as the unity of the people of the country of Wa was strong.
There was ※Hosinobe =The channeler who can tell the words from the atoms from the sky and the universe and Stone gods in the country of Wa whose name was Mr. Monobe.
He had ruled the country.
He placed importance on Stone gods and he had received the support of the public towards the reconstruction of the country of Wa.
However the Yamato Kingdom didn't enjoy it and prince Shotoku destroyed the country of Wa by the order of emperor Suiko.

As the people who were ruled by serpents were so miserable that Stone god attracted a comet and destroyed the country in Central America at that time.
Big earthquakes were caused and earth's axis was moved owing to the smashing of the giant comet into the earth.
Buddhism which was ruled by Dragon came to pass to Japan from the continent when people in Japan felt uneasy.
People in the country of Wa had enshrined the mountains and rocks of Stone gods until then.
However the Yamato Kingdom told the people of the country of Wa to believe in Buddhism instead of Stone gods as mountains and rocks caused the big earthquakes.
In addition the persons who were ruled by Dragons showed the hell pictures to the people and spread the terrifying teaching by saying to them, "If you don't believe, you will have to go to the hell after you die." and came to rule people.
The ruler of the Yamato Kingdom told people that they can go to the paradise after death if they dedicate offerings and chant (Buddhist) sutras.
They made the class which didn't have to work.
To the opposite, they exploited from the people and built the luxury architectures for Buddhism one after another.
Though people got the blessing of the nature equally until then, the country became the state which became a fierce nation of the gap between the rich and the poor after that.

(The sealed Stone gods)
Though Mr. Mononobe had placed importance on Stone gods, everything about Stone gods came to be concealed as Mr. Mononobe had been destroyed.
Though Stone gods had changed into the food, it was all concealed.
People were ordered to worship the gods who are the incarnation of Dragons which were created as the alternative.
Himiko had made Katakana character and Hotsuma character in the early days.
However the Yamato Kingdom forbade people to write characters as they feared people might know that the Yamato Kingdom attacked and destroyed Yamatai Kingdom.
Instead the Yamato Kingdom made snake characters which they put in the shrines and they threatened people if they wrote characters they would turn into the snake.
Though there exist secretly various ancient Japanese characters in Japan, the Yamato Kingdom left the stories like Chronicles of Japan which were convenient only for the Yamato Kingdom.
Mr. Michizane who noticed it, made traditional Japanese poetry by preparing for death penalty in order to open the hidden matter to public in cooperation with Kakinomoto-no-Hitomaro, his friend, Ono-no-Komachi.
The traditional Japanese poetry which they made stated the tragedy of Ito and Muura.
It is the Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets and it was forgiven to open to public and has been conveyed until today as they put the name of the authority for the author of the poets.
However both Kakinomoto-no-Hitomaro and Ono-no-Komachi were targeted by authority, they lost their lives and they came to be regarded as puzzling persons.
As people knew the reason why they were killed, their names have been handed down until today.
The Yamato Kingdom pressed Buddhism and Shinto to people, as they served for dominating the people.
Both the religions cooperated with each other and have sealed entirely Stone gods who were worshiped as mountains and rocks.
This story is made by connecting the information which have been informed from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA'.
The stories of Yamatai Kingdom and Stone gods were conveyed secretly by the folklores and the Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets.

(Shikoku=The death country)

Yamatai Kingdom existed in Shikoku but the presence of it was sealed thoroughly by Buddhism.
*Please refer to the detailed stories written in (The true history given from 'THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA') published by Star and Sky Publication.

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