Blog: Raw Milk: The Whole Truth
by chef jem

Homogenization and Taste-Based Discernment

"infants digest better native human milk fat globules than homogenized droplets from infant formula."

Date:   3/31/2017 4:33:07 AM   ( 5 y ) ... viewed 1477 times

The science on homogenization of milk tells us several basic facts. Homogenization creates a "related reaction" of fat globule disruption plus dispersion of casein micelles. The "consequences" of this are the formation of fat-protein complexes and an oxidized or rancid taste.

If an individual had previously been drinking non-homogenized [and ideally farm fresh (unpasteurized) as well] they likely could be able to detect the rancid taste of homogenized milk. Or if they switched to the "farm fresh" variety after having been a drinker of highly-processed milk they would also taste the difference. Could this taste-based discernment be part of the reason why the Big Milk (BM) industry has done all it has to eliminate farm milk from every conceivable market?[1]

Actually this point is at least mentioned in the science paper that inspired this post: "the sensory properties homogenized vs unhomogenized milk could affect the metabolic response."[1]

In "Raw Milk: The Whole Truth"[2] Dr. Dale Jacobson (DC) interviews Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy in Fresno, California:

Dale Jacobson (DJ):
One of the hazards of milk now is homogenization. Talk now about homogenization and what that leads to.

Mark McAfee (MM)"
Homogenization was developed to basically integrate butterfat into the milk so that you couldn’t tell the butterfat level. Initially it was to get rid of the competition between the milk supply, the coming to the back steps of the housewife, who’d look outside and say: “who’s got more butterfat in their milk, because that’s the one I want.”
They destroyed that competitive process by delivering the milk that, you don’t have to worry about the butterfat anymore, because its all assimilated, its homogeneously put into it.

But the way that you get rid of that butterfat cell, a beautiful, floaty, soft-like marshmallow-looking wonderful sphere, is to send it through a high pressure collision with a stainless steel plate at about five to six-thousand pounds per square inch. Which obliterates it into little smithereens.

It's no longer even recognized by your body. It becomes an allergenic, stick-in-every- crevice and it can’t be digested! It releases xanthine oxidase. It does all kinds of weird things, that your body doesn’t know what to do with it.
You get all kinds of disease processes out of that. I am sure you can talk about the placquing process, how the assimilation or digesting process is completely messed up. But it is not a normal process.[3]

Homogenization also was able to integrate things in like dry powdered milks. And vitamin A, and vitamin D, all those weird things that were missing from milk after pasteurization; well with homogenization, you can put it all back in there and nobody would know the difference. It was the way to fool man, so you wouldn’t have those weird things that would come out of solution with fake milk. You could cram it all together and make it fit. Make it fit together, when in fact, shouldn’t have ever had any of it done.

Homogenization is a choice made by man. Its not something that is required for food safety, or anything else. Its more a marketing, commercialization tool that was never for food safety; as pasteurization was an excuse for food safety.

DJ: You might touch on one of the biggest hazards of homogenization too, its my understanding that the xanthine oxidase is made unrecognizable in homogenized milk, because it normally would be on the outside of the milk molecule, which is where the body’s immune system would recognize it, and detoxify it.

But when you homogenize, you make smaller particles of the xanthine oxidase and its within the milk moleculel itself, its no longer on the surface, so that body doesn’t recognize it. It accepts it, it can then go through the artery wall as if it were a regular fat or whatever, and that then sets up the irritation of the artery lining which then creates the inflammatory response which gives the response of placquing and LDL cholesterol.

So the homogenization of milk is this huge factor of causing heart disease. So its above and beyond just cosmetic value, not looking at the ugly cream floating to the top, but its actually an incredible hazard to artery tissue. I always recommend people, to do a whole milk only, no homogenization.

MM: Right.

DJ: Because that’s actually more dangerous than the pasteurization itself.

MM: Its horrible. Its horrible. Its adding a complexity that’s just completely unnecessary.

DJ: Yes.

MM: For commercial purposes, it doesn’t do anything to shelf life. It’s a disaster!


[2] See four video clips from the full length DVD:

[3] Preceeding two paragraphs quoted on June 20, 2018 at:

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