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by Takashi

What has been informed by a dog(=Sirius)?

Atoms have consciousness

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What has been informed by a dog(=Sirius)?
By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

As the doggie named Show-chan which is told in this web page was kept by me (Takashi) but it was given to R.
I saw many inexplicable affairs when it was taken to R.

Feb. 9, 2017

What has been informed by a dog(Sirius)? (Postscript)The doggie which hugs.


The doggie which hugs.
Show-chan came to cling to a person like the dog shown by the below image.

However it stopped clinging to a person after it had been talked to as the spirit of it seemed to ascend to the sky.

The marvelous matter has been informed by the pet dog of one of the readers since last year.
Consequently let me inform about it after I got the comprehension of him.

1)In case of Show-chan

The dog asked me to change the name from Chao to Show-chan as it told me it had hated the name Chao.
Show-chan tried to step on my lap desperately when I was entertaining it.
I wondered why it tried to do so because it had never done such an act to the keeper of it.
That night my mouth moved, the words came out of it and it told the spirit of the grandpa of R of the fellows of UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA came down to that dog.
After that R went to see only the doggie as she had no time before coming home.
The Show-chan tried to entangle its paws around the leg of R as hard as possible and it repeated the strange movement called play-biting.
At that time, the keeper(=Takashi) of the doggie came there with the bait.
Though it used to hurry to the keeper in such a case, it repeated play-biting and entangling its paws around the leg of R even though it had a glimpse of the keeper.
Then the spirit who came down to the doggie told me through channeling that he wants R to keep it so that he could protect her.
At that time the keeper of the dog wanted to move to the apartment in which it was impossible to keep it.
Consequently the doggie was to go to the place of R and I(=Ms Taeko Shiraki) went with it too.
When the doggie, R, Takashi and I went to the R's house, it entangled its paws around R's leg as ever.
The play-biting became too severe as if it caused the pain.
What was more, it barked each other among dogs near by.
Consequently I worried it might be impossible to keep it at R's house.
I heard through the channeling at ease why the doggie did that kind of action.
I found the spirit of the grandpa of R came down to the doggie, and he told me to inform through the channeling that R's house was bought by the inheritance of the grandpa.
What was more he wanted me to say thanks by stroking the head of the doggie.
Consequently I passed on it to R.
R did just she had been told.
To our surprise the doggie stopped play-biting and entwining its paws around R's leg.
What was more, the useless barking went out in one breath.
The doggie sat on the soil.
My mouth moved and told its howling was to say hello to other dogs around R's house.
Though it didn't sit in the hut or the blanket which we took was that it tried to say hello to the dogs near R's house.
It also informed me through the channeling that it had wanted to say hello to the Stone gods in and around the ground.
It stopped useless barking thereafter and has spent its life as the ordinary doggie.
However its spirit seems to have come from Mt. Tarumae in Hokkaido and it told me it doesn't feel cold when it thinks of Mt. Tarumae in Hokkaido even though it stays outside the doggie hut.
I was told by the spirit of R's grandpa that it went up into the sky thereafter and has protected R's family as it comes down from the sky from time to time.
R sent me the photo which shows the Yakusima dog and she told me Show-chan looks like it.
I was much surprised as Show-chan looks really like it.

I was told Show-chan is the dog which was given by the health center.
I was informed in the early days that the king of Sirius came down to Yaku-shima island.

Incidentally Show-chan hates the toy dogs though it is on good terms with only a white one, which I was told it is the bride for Show-chan.
The 5 hundred yen skirt for formal wear which Show-chan wore in the car with which it went to R's seems to have been prepared by the SKY (SORA), the universe.


2) In case of Anko

I was told the son of the reader of my site is much discouraged owing to the Asperger's syndrome.
My mouth moved and he would be helped if the reader kept the dog which was sent to the earth from Sirius.
Consequently I recommended the reader to keep a dog.
Anko is the adult dog which had been protected at the Sakai police station.
I was told it was given to the reader of my site as it had been protected by the volunteers.
I was told it was enfeebled owing to the illness.
However it became full of vigor as it was protected with the affection of the keeper.
The son of the reader who suffered Asperger's syndrome came to change out of recognition and he was able to enter the agricultural high school in which he did well.
I was told he came to bring vegetables up at the field.
He had the special quality by which he could assemble the PC set by himself and he was able to develop his faculties more and more.
Consequently I was told he was attending school vividly.
I was talked as his family found they can't keep the dog owing to his father's personnel changes.
When I woke up at night, my mouth moved and the unexpected words came out of it.
I was told my classmate at the elementary school came down to Anko.
He was extraordinary excellent at school.
He was the son of the executive of Gunze corporation.
His family was the richest at Kimi-mura village where I lived.
He was enrolled in the Kyoto university directly.
I found his name(Mr.K) in the last list of names of the university in Fukusima Prefecture.
I studied with him at the same high school but I have never talked with him.
I have forgotten him completely as he has never taken part in the alumni association.
I found the spirit of Mr. K whom I have forgotten came down to Anko.
He found what he had done while he had been alive in this world when he went to the world of spirits.
He found he had killed all the people of the country of Wa in his past life.
Consequently he tries to erase the result of evil deeds in his previous life by coming down to a dog in this life.
(Thereafter my mouth moved and told about him in trance.
He was informed about the information from "THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA" at the university but he refuted thoroughly, he contacted his mates and told not to be involved in it.
All of a few classmates seemed to think the same as he and he came to avoid me apparently.
However it is not clear whether my talk is true or not as he has not attended even to the alumni association.)
At last Anko came to be kept at the house for fellows of THE UNIVERSEUNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA at Ayabe city which is in his hometown.
There is a family who live at the house for fellows of THE UNIVERSEUNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA with some reason and they told me they had been talking they had wanted to keep a dog as they had seen the TV program, the day before, which had shown the family with a dog.
When Anko came to them, the husband of the family, pensioner, was glad the most because he found taking a walk with the dog in the morning and evening is very good for his health.
Anko understands what is told by humans and it is very mild.
Consequently everyone that saw it found it is the easiest dog for keeping.
It is the enigma why it was taken to the police station.
According to my speculation, it was born at Nara Prefecture which used to be the Yamato Kingdom of old Japan but its spirit wanted to go to Sakai where there is Nintoku tumulus and it might elope.
The keeper of Anko might not able to find it as Sakai is too far away from Nara Prefecture.
And I think it might come to be kept by the fellows of UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA.
Though dogs were sent to the earth by Sirius, toy dogs or pet dogs were sent by vicious Sirius BC.
The expensive pedigree dogs seem to be selfish and the SKY (SORA), the universe, know it.
Though those pedigree dogs may help the keeper to some extent, the dogs whose destiny was to be abandoned know their destiny well and they try to help the new keeper who come to keep it after it was abandoned a lot.

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