Blog: Atoms have consciousness
by Takashi

The key-shaped Crop Circle reported by the foreign poster NO

Atoms have consciousness

Date:   7/6/2017 11:54:40 PM   ( 4 y ) ... viewed 633 times

The key-shaped Crop Circle reported by the foreign poster NO2

The poster, cropredy


This is amazing, thank You.

I was surrounded by bees when I found the key crop circle, they led Me to their hive between the crop circle and the windmill, it was in the ground.

I felt as though I was communicating with them, and told them to leave as the combined harvestor was cutting the crop .

It was humbling to interact with the bee's .

The bees led Me towards the windmill, and after research I discovered it was built by Inigo Jones who has links to the Jesuits, it was originally built as an observatory, and the Jesuits run all observatories and report direct to the Vatican.

The ropes on the wall plaque will represent the serpent like spiral flows of consciousness that come from galactic center.


To Kevin

Thank you for your wonderful comment.
I was moved to read that you had been guided by bees.
Bees must have hoped to teach you important matter.
Please let me know if you find something good information.



The mail of Ms Taeko Shiraki(the channeller for atoms)

Kevin, thank you very much for your very interesting information.
That the key has the very important meaning was informed me by such the Crop Circles at an early stage.
What was more, I was told it by the key which can never be used in real life came out from the slit between the furniture.
It was inexplicable such a key came out in 2006 and it is also inexplicable even now.

It is very hard to claim such a matter as the information from "THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA" overturns the common sense until now, but I make it a rule to tell because I serve as a liaison between humans and atoms.
According to the information from "THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA" the most important matter in the universe is the equality.
Nevertheless the society of bees is not equal according to the information from "THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA" because worker bees finish their lives after working only for the queen bee.
Consequently I was told by atoms it is informed by the phenomena in which bees are gone all at once recently.
As you know, there is the imperial system in Japan and there is the queen system in the United Kingdom.
Those system show it is not equal because people spend their lives owing to emperors and the king or the queen.
It has been warned by the atoms of SKY (SORA), the universe since an early stage,
All the religions gave people important teaching in the early stages but they have constrained people thereafter and the conscious bodies which want to be worshiped have ruled humans.
Consequently the earth became miserable has been repeatedly warned by atoms.
Both Christianity and Buddhism which insist peace have very miserable time of bygone days when they are dated back to the past age.
The atoms from the sky and the universe tell the religious leaders are "the canary in the cage" because they claim only the beautiful matter by hiding their behavior of bygone days.
I am told by the atoms from the sky and the universe that the religion which tell Trinity is Christianity and the religion which prays to "sun=Allah" is Islam.
Nevertheless they have the same ancestor named Ab-ra-ham.
In Japanese,ab means the horsefly which sucks the blood though it is contrasting to the bee which serves for humans.
Nevertheless both horsefly and bee are the creatures which were sent to the earth by the same Vega.
As the words told to me by atoms is Japanese, it may be very hard to grasp by English speaking people but I can consent well the description told to me through the channeling.
In conclusion let me tell why I have to tell such a matter.
The earth has been dominated by the too powerful conscious bodies in the universe and the atoms of the earth came to hate it.
Consequently the atoms which form the earth are about to be decomposed because they hate today's situation of the earth.
It has been warned by every kind of abnormal weather in these days but no change of human thought has been accomplished.
The atoms from the sky and the universe have tried to inform humans by making lots of Crop Circles but less of them seem to be made in these days as the meaning of them are not understood by humans.

The mail of Ms Taeko Shiraki(the channeller for atoms)

I can't understand difficult matter.
According to the information from "THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA" , every atom has consciousness and atoms with the same thought become even stones and ice by combining with one another.
Consequently we can understand that is why abnormal affairs are taking place on the earth.

Consequently people regard them as the sacred things as they knew the stone was kind enough to teach various matters or gave many things to them.
Nevertheless today people don't give thanks to atoms which are kind enough to make them alive on the earth.
What is more, atoms get angry because people worship religious god and they believe science is correct.
Is the work of human brain bright enough when seen from the universe?

*)Madhya Pradesh in India:"Stones fall like the rain from the sky" took place and the people in the village became panic.

Appearance of the scene like heavy snow in the heat wave : The catastrophic hail-storm



That is the key.....

"Every atom has consciousness"

Every atom has polarity and equator with dual spin magnetic fields .
It is how consciousness makes every atom, and then how atoms combine to make everything.

The key is in comprehending consciousness.

Our megalithic ancestors clearly did, IMHO, they knew the measure, the timings, and most importantly the duality of spin.

Wonderful information Sennari, thank You.


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