Blog: ”Atoms have consciousness” with images
by Takashi

Correction about "spaceman" clay figurine from about 500 AD

"Atoms have consciousness" with images

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Correction about "spaceman" clay figurine from about 500 AD |How to make the spine | Zoroaster

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

April 3, 2006

Correction about "spaceman" clay figurine from about 500 AD |How to make the spine | Zoroaster

April 3, 2006

Though I asked the meaning of "spaceman" clay figurine from about 500 AD, I was not able to get the answer readily.
"Spaceman" clay figurine from about 500 AD

They still seem to have felt guilty.
Therefore let me correct the contents which I have written in the book until now.


I was told "spaceman" clay figurine from about 500 AD was made by the younger brother of Jesus who made them by imitating Indians that have big eyes and constricted body.

Such the clay figure as "spaceman" clay figurine from about 500 AD whose meaning we can't understand were formed by the atoms which were fooled by the Ruler's Stars and turned into such the figure as told by the Ruler's Stars.
The Ruler's Stars made humanity worship them and made energy body generate and they took advantage of it.
The Ruler's Stars had known Jesus and his attendants would go to Tohoku district of Japan in the future.
Therefore they made humanity make such the figures as were similar to Indians.
It was the era when Stone humans of Stone gods were alive.
In addition as the younger brother of Jesus told people that God made them produce those, people came to worship the "spaceman" clay figurine from about 500 AD more."

I woke up as I felt itchy around the spine in the back.

"We are the atoms which turned into the spine.
They (deep pots which are lining up like the spine) are the vessels in which Stone humans did a job.
The job means to distribute Stone humans the juice which came out of Stone gods."

"Atoms (elements) which wanted to form the spine were separated from Stone gods all at once and lined up lengthwise.
And atoms in the center of the spine stopped holding hands in order to make a hole.
Next the baby whom there were no one who wanted to get it entered into the hole."
(=↓Please refer to the picture of the vision.
It shows the tube which has the open mouth in the middle.)

(A hole is made in the center of the spine and the nerve passes through it
It shows that the spine was made in this way.)


The deep pot which shows how the spine is made | The vision which shows the previous stage when the spine is made | The stone which shows the spine | Izu island of Onagawa-town, in Miyagi Prefecture

(The tube in the spine.
The center of the vision looked like an eel. )

(The spine was made first in an eel? )

"The baby went out of the spine and extended longer and longer.
It is the peripheral nerve.
The extended nerves caught each organ wherever it went.

(I felt the signal in the right ankle. )

Atoms gathered together in order to protect them by making muscles and skin.

(The nerve which goes out of the gaps among spine extend to the organ. )

Atoms which turned into the brain gather together at long last.
"The brain taught atoms which form the body why they had the body.
It means the body can feel five senses if they had the body.
They are taught it is only the being that can do it is the one who is born as humanity.
Next atoms get connected with the extended nerves and the brain in order to let the body alive and let them work in each field.
The brain was made so that it will send the directive in order to make the body alive.
The above is common to every vertebrate."


"There is a whitish chunk which is divided into three parts.
A short line is drawn and there is a mark in one point."

"One of the three brain sends the directive in order to maintain the body.
The other ones are divided into the right one and the left one.
The primary purpose of the brain was that humanity should know that it was created so that the humans should notice that stars created humanity.
It let humanity know with the point.
However humanity became nasty because bad stars had known that they were able to send conscious mind to humanity."
"The point which humanity is different from other animals is that humanity has two kinds of conscious mind."

(I got the signal in the left neck.)

The long and short of it humanity has two conscious mind.
They are consciousness and subconsciousness.

(A rapping sound is heard then .)

The subconsciousness is the thought of stars (= Sagittarius , and so on ) which forms the body.
The human cerebrum developed in order to receive the consciousness which is sent to it from the sky where consciousness lies."

(I have been informed several times that consciousness is sent from stratosphere .)

"The atoms from the sky and the universe know why consciousness is made in stratosphere.
The memory is accumulated as the humanity are born again and again in order to experience many things.
The thoughts made by various experience are accumulated in the stratosphere.
Those atoms with thoughts stayed on the earth or in the stratosphere.

(I got the signal in the left palm. )

The atoms with those thoughts want to be born somehow as a humanity as soon as possible and are born as a humanity.
It is the phenomena of population explosion." "One of the reason why population explosion take place is that there are mates of vicious stars which desire only carnality.
The beings of those vicious stars are the ones who sent the religion of the flame and the energy body of it is bad."

I sent the following thought to the universe.
(The energy body of Zoroaster is to be erased.)

(Zoroaster=Zoroastrianism is the old religion which generated about BC 6 and the dragon is assumed as Devil in it, too.
It is written that the goats showed up first and they deify the cow in Zoroaster.
It is the same with Hindu and there has been population explosion in India, too.
I was told as follows.

"Though people regard that Taurus is vicious, Bootes is the mate of the Ruler's Stars and Taurus was made into the mates."

The reason why the brain which receive consciousness was made is that humanity can guide the bad subconsciousness to the good one, because there are bad stars from which bad subconsciousness comes.
That means those who are related to the subconsciousness which go against the law of the universe, can do the course correction during the time of humanity and it serves not to be born in the nasty stars (like the snake stars).
However there are many who forget the thoughts which they had before they are born on the earth.

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