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by Takashi

Taklamakan Desert=The place where Ohkuninushi(Great Land Mas

Atoms have consciousness

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Taklamakan Desert=The place where Ohkuninushi(Great Land Master)and Himiko who were the mixed race of Stone human and humanity died.|The head of Big Buddha=strawberry

By Takashi

This info is translated into English from Let's solve the enigma of the earth

March 28, 2006

Taklamakan Desert=The place where Ohkuninushi(Great Land Master)and Himiko who were the mixed race of Stone human and humanity died. | The head of Big Buddha=strawberry

March 27, 2006

The channeling was started before going to bed.

"It reached the harbor.

(It means information reached. )

Thank you for informing.
The stone statue of Ohoita Prefecture, Japan(=Stone human) brought (the spirit of) Ohkuninushi(Great Land Master)and his traveling companions to Japan.
The area of Bungo was not the sea at the time.
However we, Stone humans found Dragons would come and attack us in the form of Buddhism.
Consequently Stone gods in Bungo sank and became the sea."

(The earthquake of yesterday= the announcements from the stars by M5.5)

"grind, grind, ・・・・It is the thing that grinds.

(Thereafter the words didn't continue and I was not able to understand what the atoms from the sky and the universe wanted to say.)

Grind means to grind an ink-cake.
It was me who taught ink-cake to *Qeen Himiko.

*Note:Qeen Himiko(The story of Yamatai Kingdom (Revision on June 2, 2011))

I told her to write characters with the ink.
We are Stone gods who imitated Stone gods in Mogao Caves in China and descended to Ohoita Prefecture, Japan.
Qeen Himiko and her traveling companions died in Taklamakan Desert.
Therefore we brought (the spirits of) Ohkuninushi and Himiko to Japan.
Himiko and others imitated the shape of Stone human who were in the place where they died.
However Stone human taught Himiko how to write characters with the ink.
Therefore the Ruler's Stars made the pictures of Buddhism be drawn with more beautiful colors.
Though Stone gods had helped humanity, they were sealed by Buddhism.
Therefore Stone gods became sands.
And they became the desert and lost the power to live."

I am going to sleep from now.

(Postscript on April 2.)

Previously I was told Ohkuninushi and his mates were killed by Ashoka pillar in India=the incarnation of a serpent.
The energy body of it seems to have gone to Taklamakan Desert.

At midnight on March 28, 2006
I woke up as I had the intense signal in my body.

"Let Sirius tell about the persons who were in the grave in the sands.
Though they are in the desert, there are the coffins made of giant wood.
They are the same ones as in Egypt.

(The climate there was mild enough to make big trees grow, but it became desert .)

Though Stone gods took care of humanity, who became at the Ruler's Stars' beck and call.
The desert was not made owing to the movement of earth's axis only.
It stopped raining because Stone gods came not to rise in the sky in the form of clouds.
The reason why the area became desert was that Stone gods lost the hope to live."

"The reason why there are graves in the desert is that Ohkuninushi(Great Land Master)and Queen Himiko died there.
And Stone gods turned into the sands as they knew Buddhism would pass through this road(Silk Road).
The mummies which were found in the desert were mixed race of Stone human and humanity.
The white material like white cream which mummies painted on the faces was the juice of Stone gods.
They painted it in order to inform that they drank the juice."

(The mummies which were found here, just after discovery, had the white skin, especially the mummy of a young woman, and had thin legs.
Therefore she looked as if she had been alive, though I glanced it in a moment.
I was told previously Ohkuninushi had been from Atlantis, Queen Himiko had been from Petra and they were mixed races of Stone human and humanity.
I was also told Stone human who died in this area took the spirit of the two to Japan.

I thought they had been carried to Japan alive, as I had been told Stone god carried them on his hand according to the information in the early days.)


1)"Wheat field which ripe yellow is reaped to the triangle shape."

2) "A few wheat grows only on the side of the road"

3) "The moors spread all over."

4) "The desert spreads all over."

The meaning of the above vision is as follows.

"Taklamakan Desert zone were covered with the rich soil at first as Stone gods descended and turned into the rich soil.
Therefore much wheat was harvested but the Ruler's Stars descended next and ruled there, which is shown by the triangle in the vision.
Therefore the soil which was made of the atoms of Stone gods gradually came to get poor and turned into the desert at last.

5) "The black wooden stick=Tip of the gravestones spreads, turn white and it becomes like a white bird, which goes up."

The meaning of the vision is as follows.

"I informed the meaning of the grave in the desert.
The spirit of the mixed race of Stone human and humanity went up into the sky."

1) "The small curly hair of the head like Big Buddha on the mild round mountain"

The meaning of it is as follows.

"(The head of Big Buddha) strawberry =It expresses the Stone god's saying of oath =Though it expresses the stones covering the surface of the burial mound of the round mountain(Kisaichimaruyama tumulus), it expresses it was completely and secretly switched with the religion of Buddhism.
The giant stone statue in Ohoita Prefecture, Japan is Stone human who descended there and it conveys the above story.
He brought the spirit of Queen Himiko and Ohkuninushi who died in Taklamakan, to Shikoku.
Therefore Ohkuninushi and his mates were born again at Shikoku and made Yamatai Kingdom.
However Stone gods had the future perspective which told Buddhism would surge to Shikoku where Yamatai Kingdom lay.
Therefore Stone gods in the districts of Bungo Suidou sank and the sea covered the area.
However Buddhism invaded into Shikoku and Yamatai Kingdom was completely sealed and it was made to turn into the dead country=Shikoku."

Strawberry=The stones covering the surface of the burial mound of round mountain which expressed saying of oath of Stone god.

"The Reclining Buddha shows there were the giants of Stone gods and the giants died in the same shape of the giant."

Kisaichimaruyama tumulus | The tumulus of loop-shaped mountain = strawberry= It expresses the head of Buddha

The ship-shaped wooden coffins were taught to make by Stone god in order to inform that parent-child of Noa proceeded for Japan by ship.
However they were covered by the cattle fur because they came to be ruled by the beings of Taurus."

I was introduced the site of Kumarajiva yesterday.

The site introduced the anecdote which told the tongue remained unburned and escaped the fire.
It is a believable story if they were ruled by the Ruler's Stars.
I really saw the Ruler's Stars were able to remain the paper unburned.
The channeler, Ms Ama〇〇 was ruled by aliens Lada that were the mates of the Ruler's Stars and she was shown the very fine vision when she saw others spiritually.
According to her the vision was like the character of Venusian and she was able to write them exactly on the Japanese paper with the pencil.
She wrote a circle and a dot in the center of the paper to protect her spirit.
When she burned the paper, the circle remained clearly unburned and escaped the fire.
However often she might repeat burning the paper, the circle remained unburned clearly and escaped the fire.
She seems never to tell the shape of the vision to others but she told the shape of crochet showed the alien.
The shape of lower extremities and strange patterns which were shown in her vision were similar to the shapes which were said to be Venusian characters.

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