Blog: Atoms have consciousness
by Takashi

The story of atoms and Neu(The meaning of clouds, rainbows

Atoms have consciousness

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The story of atoms and Neu(The meaning of clouds, rainbows and earthquake clouds,and so on)  

By Takashi

From the information of "THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA"


The story of atoms and Neu(The meaning of clouds, rainbows and earthquake clouds,and so on)

The earthquake and clouds
The story of atoms and Neus

Though nothing seems to exist in the blue sky, the beings which are much smaller than atoms=Neus fills the sky.
Those Neus can never be seen by humans.
They say the ultra-small beings called New with thoughts are looking at the earth.

The story of the universe (from the birth of stars to the birth of life)

There was darkness in the beginning of the universe.
First of all, the thoughts was born in the darkness.
It was the thought which means "What?"
The being with the thought "What?" was Ohmoto(the central consciousness of the universe).
Ohmoto was lonely.
So he tried to look for others.
At first his thoughts started the action to try to catch something like castanets.
So some thoughts, a kind of subconsciousness, which didn't want to be caught, was born.
They wanted to escape from Ohmoto(the central consciousness of the universe).
And he(Ohmoto) started to run after them.
They showed the movement to escape from him.
The race and chase was started.
But they stopped running because they wanted to know who was chasing them.
And both the thoughts got together.
They became thoughts of the subconsciousness of Love.
Then something was born.
The first substance appeared.
They were tiny things, "Atoms".
Some thoughts which were being chased by another stopped moving.
They became atomic nucleuses.
The chasing thoughts became electrons.
They continued to chase another because they liked chasing and didn't want to stop.
Many new atoms were born that way.
And they filled the universe.

The first atom was helium.
All of helium were equal and peaceful.
But they got tired of that situation little by little.
They continued to chase each other.
Many helium were born one after another in the universe.
And they kept racing and chasing each other.
As a great number of atoms participated in their movement they created a huge spiral.
The center of the spiral was compressed too much.
In the end it burst and sparked.
Countless sparks were scattered in the darkmess.
The sparks were the first light in the darkness.
The sparks gathered atoms around them and became masses.
A lot of spirals were born here and there and a lot of masses of light were born.
Then, stars were created by them.
The atoms of stars wanted to be with their fellows, so they gathered together and formed the oval.
The oval is called a Galaxy.
Some groups like the Galaxy were created in the universe.
Each star was a massive group of atoms, helium.
As for atoms only helium existed then.
They had thoughts and subconsciousness, though.

The first group of stars was created near Ohmoto(the central consciousness of the universe).
It was called Sagittarius.
It had the spirit and wanted to take good care of another as an elder brother or sister.
A lot of stars were created one after another in the universe.
Ohmoto arranged them in an orderly manner in the universe.
However some of the stars didn't like to be arranged.
So the war of stars was started.
After the war, some discontented thoughts became a mass.
The mass drifted in the universe.
Ohmoto thought to try to clean it up.
At first he created his double, "Hoshinomina".
Then he made her clean the universe.
Hoshinomina created a mass of atoms to collect discontented thoughts and spirit(subconsciousness)in the universe.
The mass was made of helium.
At first atoms formed lightning and struck the mass of helium.
The lightning burned the mass and made it a fireball.
The fireball of helium gradually collected discontented thoughts and burned them.
The fireball was getting bigger and bigger by attracting the thoughts of discontent while drifting in the universe.
Finally, the fireball became a star.
The star was called the Earth.
Other stars tried to keep away from the Earth because they didn't want to be burned when the Earth approached them.
The Earth thought there was no choice but to go out of the universe.
But Hoshinomina said to the Earth to stay in the universe.


There was no universe first of all.
Only the spirit called the Ohmoto existed.
At first Ohmoto wanted the beings who would amuse him as he felt lonely.
Then the thought which tries to catch the beings who amuse him, was born.
Next,the thought which wanted to run away from Ohmoto was born,too as they wanted not to be caught.
The thought which wanted to catch and the ones which wanted not to be caught chased with one another.
The whirlpool was created by race and chase.
The whirlpool condensed to the limit and bursted "Kaboom!".
Then atoms with the thought were born.
Stars were born when the atoms with the same thought gathered together.
However some of the beings of stars which were made by the collection of atoms wanted to go out of the stars as they were not able to move freely because they were solidified to the form of stars.
Those beings which wanted the freedom were called Neu.
Those Neus which had very small mass had thought, too.
However humans were not able to find them until recently as they are too small and have very small mass, though they have thoughts.
Atoms are made when electrons turn around the nucleus.
The material was made when many atoms gathered together but no material was made even if lots of Neus gather together.
The beginning of the earth was a star like a red fireball,
However the Ohmoto(the central spirit of the universe) had planned that the earth would become the "the star of hope" on which the things with shapes were able to be made.
Atoms of Sagittarius which was made first of all in the universe gave their approval to the plan made by Ohmoto.
Consequently they came to the earth from far away in the universe and tried to solidify by cooling down the earth by the group of atoms.
Initially the atoms of the Sagittarius came to the earth in a shape like a rectangular bar.
When they arrived at the earth, they became the big chunk which looked like the powdery kneaded mass, which extended thinly and became the thing like the film.
The thin film wrapped up the earth.
The atoms which came down to the earth next in the shape like bananas became the mountains and hills on the earth.
And next,the atoms which came down to the earth in the shape like the jellyfish became the origin of the creature, which became the various shaped ones by the order from the stars.
Consequently on the earth there were atoms which became the underground, as they descended to the earth at first.
Of course there were also Neus which popped out from atoms of the underground.
There were also atoms which descended next to the ones of the underground.
They became mountains as they descended next to the ones which became the underground.
The atoms of the mountains.hills and Neus which popped out of the atoms of them were talking with one another all times.
That means atoms are always communicating with each other by making the Neus which popped out of them liaisons.
And the atoms which surrounded the earth and the ones which became the mountains have conveyed their information as the thought of the mountains go up into the sky in the shape of the steam because the atoms of the steam have slso thoughts.
The atoms in the sky which knew the thought of the mountains called to the ones of steam that had the same thought as their mountains' one became coalesce into water droplets.
Those water droplets became the visible clouds when they gathered together a lot.
The clouds with various thoughts floated in the sky.
The shape of the clouds expresses the thought of the atoms which compose the clouds.
On the other hand,atoms which became the creatures in the shape of humans by the guidance of the stars after coming to the earth from universe tried to inform atoms which were kind enough to become the earth on which creatures can live of the human spirits because they had the same thought(spirits) of stars.
That's because the conscious mind of most humans are apt to think everything is made naturally and they don't notice the earth,food and every material are made of the atoms with thought.
What is more, they believe in the different things.
The different things are the ones called "god" or "God".
When the thought which worship it or them are strong,the atoms which form the human bodies give forth SOS.
When many people give forth the signal of SOS, the Neus which are given the directive from atoms contact with one another and transmit it as the big thought’s chunk of SOS to the universe.
Then atoms which fill the sky and the earth take action and various disaster come about in order to make humans notice.
One of the things which is represented in the form is various shaped clouds.
When the opinions of atoms is agreed, atoms form the unusual clouds in order to show that there are the being with thought here.
They sometines make clouds by gathering together in order to protest against humans.
They seem to cause earthquakes to inform humans to tell that they want humans to turn their eyes to atoms when unusual clouds like these appear.
Small earthquakes inform that the beings who are here have thought,too.
It is important to think that the way humans are going is on the wrong path when the massive earthquake takes place.

I chose the kind of cloud which are shown by the images, though I decided on my own terms.
When the clouds like the followings appear, atoms seem to show "We will cause an earthquake from now".
Consequently it seems that an earthquake will occur after a while.
Even if earthquake might appear in the earthquake table, often you do not notice or we can't know it by bodily sensation when it happens off the coast or happens at the distant place.
Consequently when we summarize like this, we can see the relationship between clouds and earthquakes clearly.


【An unusual type earthquake】

The next thing also depends on the information of channeling, so I do not know the truth or falsehoo.
However it seems to be connected to all other information so I briefly summarized it.

《Drawstring bag earthquake》
This is an earthquake shaken only at hundreds of kilometers away from the epicenter where it does not fluctuate at all.

December 20, 2005,Ise Bay, depth 370 km, M 5, 1 seismic intensity 1, Fukushima prefecture Ibaraki prefecture,Tochigi prefecture,Tokyo 23 only

March 28, 2006,Tokaido,offshore,depth 410 km, M 6,0 seismic intensity 3.Ibaraki prefecture, Shizuoka Prefecture, intensity of seismic intensity 1

June 17, 2006,Sea of Okhotsk about 390 km deep, M 5.6, seismic intensity 2,Hakodate, Iwate
August 22, 2006, Epicenter Wakayama Prefecture southern part,depth 410 km, M 5, 1 seismic intensity 2, Fukushima prefecture

September 16, 2006,Seismic center Japan Sea central part,depth 430 km, M 5, 6, seismic intensity 2,Hokkaido, intensity 1 Aomori, Iwate

November 17, 2006, Mie prefecture off south east 370 km, M 5, 1, seismic intensity 2 Fukushima prefecture Ibaraki prefecture Tochigi prefecture

In this way, there are earthquakes that do not shake at all in the epicenter, but shake in the place far away.
This type of the earthquake is caused to inform the earthquake don't happen by the plate's shifting out.
Drawstring bag earthquake occurs because atoms that are made into membranes tighten strings in the deep place with the same principle as a drawstring bag.
So the part of the drawer at the entrance to the drawstring bag = 300 to 400 km from the epicenter moved.

《Slowly shaked earthquake》
Slowly shaked earthquake has become a hot topic recently.
In the event of it, the deviation of the basement rock which normally generates a large earthquake will progress gradually over a long period of time, and there will be no swaying feeling to the body.
Boso Peninsula is said to be moving about 2 centimeters a year in the northwest direction by the plate theory.
However according to the observation satellite, it seems that the plate was found moving 1/2 cm to the opposite southeast direction.

And in that trial calculation, there seems to have energy corresponding to the magnitude (M) 6 or 5 earthquake if a slowly shaked earthquake occurs in a moment.
It is also observed in other western Shikoku, northern Kii Peninsula, Aichi prefecture.
It seems that land movement is happening opposite to plate theory in slowly shaked earthquake.
And it seems that you can not explain the twin earthquakes off Wakayama by plate theory.
Earthquakes rarely occur in the continental crust away from the plate boundary and in the oceanic plate also do not seem to know the cause.
This type of earthquake is increasing because the atoms of Stone Gods who realized that human beings will suffer serious damage when the earthquake occurs.
I think that it is also important to think that the land moves little by little to prevent people from being damaged.

【Huge earthquake and gigantic tsunami】
The thought of the atoms that make up the human body is subconscious(=spirit).
If the subconscious mind(spirit)of that person is dominated by their disgusted things of religion etc, it will ask for help to the universe.
Then a comet of huge gas plunges into the earth accordingly when the desire for its help gets enormous.
The earth is covered with membranes which is made by atoms' holding hands, but when a comet thrusts, a hole is made in the membrane.
Then the Earth will be in trouble as the gummy air comes out.
So the atoms making the membrane hurriedly try to repair the hole.
That's why a huge earthquake will occur.
Even after that many earthquakes occurs because the hands of the atoms are separated by the impact of the comet's collision.
So the land shakes many times in order to try to get back to original.
A gigantic tsunami, while a comet of huge gas collides with the earth even though the impact is softened with water, it opens a huge hole on the sea surface.
The surrounding sea water flows into the hole and a huge whirlpool occurs.
In fact, people who were caught up in the whirlpool say that they seem to have been thrown into a huge washing machine,and the picture seen from the satellite shows a large spiral.
If it is a small scratch on the earth's membrane, lots of atoms get on the wounds, so that the wounds will be cured and healing will not cause a tsunami.

【Interpretation of the SKY (SORA), the universe, of natural phenomena】
"Typhoon" is said to occur as follows.
It is too hot in hot areas, so atoms of water tend to return to the sky and water evaporation increases.
So the atoms of water gather in strips and fly upwards,the atoms of water start "chase" trying to clean up the sea.
By chasing, a spiral is made, and big waves which clean the ocean are created.
In this way, atoms of water that gathers one after another on the ocean continue to chase, so the atomic swirls climb one after another to the sky(Sora), they become increasingly thick cloud swirls, and a typhoon will grow up.

"Lightning bolt" comes down in the form of electricity as many atoms getting the same feeling from the sky descend at once.
The atoms that came down from the sky(Sora)as lightning gathered on the ground and formed human shapes,but "Huge tornado" shows the opposite.
That is, the tornado winds up the substance and makes it fall apart.
The floating clouds in the sky called "white cloud floating in the sky" among "various clouds" is made because water atoms with the same thought gather and are in the shape of a wish.
What is floating as "white cloud floating in the sky" among "various clouds" is that water atoms of the same thought gathered,and they are drifting in the shape they want.
Among the clouds, as the atoms which consolidated the earth descended to the earth in the rectangular shape, the banana shape, the jellyfish shape, sometimes they imitates that form.
Also, what look like the faces lying on uneven clouds indicate that cloud atoms also have the same feelings as humans.
The clouds of small clumps spreading over the whole sky called "cirrocumulus clouds" shows that atoms can express a shape when it comes to a group, and it shows that they are seeing from the sky, although atoms are extremely small and can not be seen with the naked eye.

The "cirrus cloud" like the sweep with a brush represents the thought of the upper layers of Niu.
They do not know much about the struggle on the ground, so they become gentle clouds.

"Towering thundercloud" like the huge cotton candy can be made when many atoms of water rise in unison to the sky due to the heat on the ground.
Though they declare their intention in various forms, thick clouds express stronger thoughts of atoms.
Also, since Stone Gods who first got off to the earth had a shape like a snowman, it shows a shape similar to that.

"Crystal of snow" become various shapes of hexagons, because water molecules also have their own thoughts and express their thoughts in their shape.
As for why snow crystals become hexagonal like honey bees nest and columnar joint rocks, Human flesh is 5 in the hands,feet and the body, but since the flesh is composed with the body and the spirit which is invisible to human beings, it becomes a hexagon that represents 6.
columnar joints

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