Blog: Atoms have consciousness
by Takashi

From a reader living at the foot of Mt. Iwaki in Aomori Pre

Atoms have consciousness

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From a reader living at the foot of Mt. Iwaki in Aomori Prefecture (Hirosaki City)

By Takashi

From the information of "THE UNIVERSE(THE SKY)=SORA"

Jan. 11, 2015

From a reader living at the foot of Mt. Iwaki in Aomori Prefecture (Hirosaki City)

The following is a letter received from the reader living at the foot of Iwakiyama in Aomori Prefecture.

He was a high school science teacher, and he himself was a person of 90 years old who was connected to the spirit world by being autographed since his younger days.
Because he thought this information is genuine, he has changed his way of thinking, and he was practicing Sora's way of living, but unfortunately he passed away in November 2014.
This letter received was written as a testament to convey information about "Solving the mystery of the earth" to the people around him when he was fine.
There are some that I could not tell him the information about the SKY (SORA)the universe enough, which was told through the channeling of mine, because I'm far away from Aomori Prefecture as I'm in Hyogo Prefecture but since the person himself was hoping for disclosure of this testament, let me introduce it by the following link.

Original text is a vertically-written manuscript, and some ruby rubbing is done by editing the place of personal information.
Also, I have received a letter just before he passed away, so let me introduce it later.

Mt. Iwaki eternity Banzai First light By Renzan
First of all, I am deeply appreciating the rough plainness and praying for your health and peace.

In late July, during a dialysis session, I visited the "Old Center of the country of Wa". in Ayabe City (Kyoto) accompanied by my daughter.

Seventy years searching for the truth To Hoshihara By Renzan
Looking up at the lucid light high. By Renzan

Haiku(Japanese poem of seventeen syllables)and Waka(traditional Japanese poem of thirty-one syllables) feel the word which is simple and easy to see, but you will not understand the content.
Therefore, please read the following sentences.
Years go by like arrows, and I am ninety years old now.
Weakness by ageing process and senility, furthermore, using right arm during kidney dialysis.
Therefore, the right arm can not be used as expected, literary writing and physical work are also degenerated.
Let me finish now.
However, for many years your love of patronage, fellowship and support, as a lifetime goddess, let me bring it to the other world.


The next sentence is mainly "information from the SKY (SORA), the universe,"
Reception of information "The association of stars in the sky".
It is still a small association.
The leader of the group organized the association that have continued in this century after receiving the information through the channeling in 1998, and released it as booklets.
The sentences are plain.
However the content is profound and infinite.
Truth is that spirit can not be measured by human mind,
I just try to keep it while feeling afraid.
This information, in the future, will transform the history of civilization, human basic stance, religion of the present civilization, and furthermore gives a great suggestion to natural science.
It seems that it is not an exaggeration to say that it is comparable to hundreds of Nobel Prize winners.
Well, the next civilization is told by this information.
The next civilization to come is an era of spirit(subconscious)exchanges.
Briefly told, even if you tell a lie, it is an era that can be reached immediately.
Age to be able see through.
An age where the contents of the brain and heart are known to others.
Consequently people can't tell a lie.
Human beings provide mutual aid brightly, purely, beautifully, with consciousness of equality.
Up to the present age, power, wealth, war, destruction have been filled in the world.
It is inevitable to escape from crazy faith for the accomplishment of the pleasurable eternal Achievement of wish.
What's the biggest reason?
Since the history, the majority of human thought was the trinity of "body, soul (life), spirit (subconscious)".
From the 21st century, the three conscious bodies of human beings, the earth and the universe are united to form a "cosmic conscious body".
Of course, it is to be clarified that there is consciousness also in atoms, molecules, cells, elementary particles, and superatomic particles that the current scientific community calls.
(Recognized by some state-of-the-art physicists)
The development of the cosmic conscious body is to be spreading to all the fields and people will find "place, time, phenomenon" all relate to one another in one moment.
All will be clarified.
This has been told in the following.
"Heaven's net has large meshes、but nothing escapes."
This will be brought to light.
This is due to the dramatic development of exquisiteness of modern radio equipment, mobile phones and televisions, It is used worldwide and practical, and it is used by even the naked, ignorant, serfs.
However, society does not regard "the book of the sky star" as a problem.
It is said that it is good for people to ignore, and it is put off by a squirrel or abusive.
Before the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred, "The association of stars in the sky" sensed the signs and reported to the government.
The government ignored without a single word.
East Japan great earthquake occurred.
Japan has turned into the veriest hell.
But there was no government policy.
Without wisdom to the scholars, without the operation of TEPCO, the media and television etc. only to make noises.
Religious circles preach like lies and kindness.
Even if we try to show the magnitude of the damage in terms of damage amount, even at the present time two years have passed. calculation is impossible state.
That is, the great earthquake is a phenomenon, it is a conscious body, of course.
"The conscious body can not be sensed unless it is conscious."
This is a trivial idea.
Typhoons come every year in Japan.
"Typhoon is a phenomenon, it is a conscious body"
How many people can know "the size and course of the typhoon" is determined by the consciousness body in Japan.
According to the old man's remark,"If the people's heart is straightforward what the heaven shows is peaceful.".
(The meaning of the above poetry)

1. Mt. Iwaki

Since the history of the earth, Mt. Iwaki has been referred to as "Mountain of God".

(1) The birth of Yahweh (Creator)
Considering with the king of Sagittarius of the universe, Ohmoto tried to create human culture, civilization on the earth.
Consequently Queen of Sagittarius put a child on her belly and descended to Mt. Gozaisyodake (Mie Prefecture in Japan ).
The child who was given birth was "Toyouke" (the main god of the outpost of Ise shrine)
Queen's sister enters the Iwaki mountain with her child in her belly
The child who was given birth was Yahweh.
Yahweh went south when he became an adult, and married Toyouke.
He then entered the modern Islam which is said to be the heart of the earth, and preached the law as "Creator".
That is the first "God" of the Old Testament and was the founder of Judaism.
In later generations, as Jesus Christ 's "Jehovah", he preached the law, and it later became Christianity.
Then Muhomet preached Mahamet 's doctrine as "Allah".
They are believed as so-called main religions of the spirit of the Earthlings as the three major religions.
However, they were distorted later in the order of the demonic star.
Because of its distorted teaching, the earth has continued to this day, manifesting the era of "power" "wealth" "war".
Information that Yahweh's consciousness has returned to Japan this autumn has been conveyed to my life.
Then the following flashed in my heart, "The new civilization become bright and beautiful."
From the bottom of my heart, I repeatedly said, "Mt. Iwaki, banzai(hurrah)".
This is the purpose of this New Year's "Permanently Banzai".

2.Jesus came to Japan in accordance with the leading of Mt. Iwaki

Jesus took over as a "rebellion against Rome" and "sin of man", and at the hill of Golgotha he became crucifixion.
However, "Jesus was not dead" (Admiral Pizarro orders behind not to kill).
In the nighttime, his younger brother and Judas dropped Jesus from the crucifix.
He was fainting but had a pulse.
They helped Jesus secretly and treated Jesus.
From the Virgin Mary "Toward the east, there is a country of God called Japan, so go to that place" was told.
He got a boat from Mahomet, his best friend.
His brother, a fisherman, Judah, Bartholomew, headed for Japan for five people.
On the way, Judas was sick and got off in India.
They arrived at the Tosaminato(13 lagoons)in Aomori Prefecture, by the "Induction of consciousness of Iwakiyama". His younger brother and the fisherman indigenously arrived in Aomori prefecture's current Shingou village and settled there.
Two people indigenously arrived in Osaka after passing through Ibaraki prefecture and Chubu region.
Jesus healed the sick with super powers, and he taught stonemasons.
He was said that he led a rich and peaceful life.
And there is noteworthy information.
With super powers Jesus knew that Yamasachihiko's descendants hid and lived in "the country of Wa" , adopted the child by sending Bersolomiyu.
And educated him the truth.
That child was excellent, and when he grew into an adult he served in the court.
There was a political change and elections were held.
That child was elected Emperor.
That Emperor is the famous Emperor as Emperor in Emperor "Emperor Nintoku".
However, the power of the devil was awesome and he was assassinated by the Buddhist Ononoimoko (the first a Japanese envoy to Sui Dynasty China.).
There is a great tomb.
But that is not the Yamato regime nor the Buddhist made.
It can not be made by human power at the time. (Just because the administration confiscated and managed it)
The tomb of Jesus is settled with the towers of the thirteen pupils to whom Bartholomew was inserted at the foot of Ikoma Mountain.
To this day the general public does not know until today because it was sealed by the Yamato administration and the Buddhist until today.

3. About Hoshihara

(1)The ground for cosmic consciousness

When the Earth was created and the crust stabilized, the plants crowded on the earth.
Then dinosaurs came from other celestial bodies and began breeding.
In the end, it turned into the earth of the dinosaurs.
The Ohmoto(the central spirit of the universe) consulted with the stars.
"Let's create a world that will prosper in a new culture."
And he gathered the atoms of the universe, thunderstroke the huge amount of the lightning stroke at once and destroyed the dinosaurs.
And the Atlantis civilization and the civilizations that have been made since then have been formed.
The conscious body of the lightning bolt has rested as the basis at Tamba's "Hoshihara".
It has lasted long until modern times.
In 1998, Ohmoto consulted with the stars to "create a new civilization."
First of all, he brought the lightning consciousness back to the original celestial bodies and stars.
At the same time, until now, the evil stars which have enslaved the spirts of the earthling and have dominated by warfare, but the consciousness bodies of Ryujin, Snake God etc. were attributed to the original celestial bodies and stars.
Hoshinomina(elder sister of Ohmoto) threw in the devil's strongest conscious body into the black hole.
Nevertheless remaining forces of the devil's ones kept following the same vicious behaviors until the present world.
In the treatment by Ohmoto, the consciousness of the star of the sky which weakened to the present day and the earth began to communicate.
This was the birth of the "The association of stars in the sky".

※"Solving the mystery of the earth" and "NPO corporation The mystery meeting for the peace of the earth"

(2)Hoshihara is the center of the country of Wa

Yamataikoku of Shikoku was attacked by the Jimmu of Yamato regime and was destroyed
He exiled Ohokuninushi(Great Land Master of the country of Wa)to the Izumo.
Himiko disliked to become a slave and killed herself with her own blade.
The eldest daughter fled to Tamba and lived in hiding.
Then Noah of Noah's Ark and Muura of his first son arrived at Tamba and met Ito.
And they got married.
Ito and Muura lived in Hoshihara.
Noah was an iron engineer and built agricultural tools, and their country(the country of Wa)went prosperously from time to time.

※Noah was the man who got a name from Noah of Noah's Ark

The Yamato regime that sensed it broke into the country of Wa repeatedly, and Muura and his eldest son Yamasachihiko were murdered.
Ito was taken to Yamato as a slave and borne a child of Jinmu 'Niniginomikoto'.
In the later years, in the age of Mononobeno Moriya, the country of Wa became a great prosperous but it was attacked by the Yamato regime.
The country of Wa was attacked by the conspiracy of Emperor Suiko, who was a Buddhist demon, prince Shotoku and Sogano Umako.
It was thoroughly destroyed and plundered.
I got to know the following through the information of "The association of stars in the sky."
The plunder at that time became the treasure of Shosoin.
(Indeed, most of the things that seem to be historical are inspected except for Kisaichi Maruyama tumulus.Well, it's completely sealed.)

To mourn this, to tell later generations, Sugawara Michizane, Kakinomotono Hitomaro, and Onono Komachi's three people issued "Ogura Anthology of One Hundred Tanka by One Hundred Poets" in singing.
It was issued preparing to beheaded.
However, for this reason, both Hitomaro and Komachi were driven to death.
(There is a front and back meaning in the song, the contents are not written.)
Kyoto is flourishing.
Sightseeing of Kyoto is best in Japan.
The big temples and shrines are also the best in Japan.
This is the result of thorough eradication and sealing of 'the country of Wa' by the Yamato administration.
The history does not tell.
People are proud of the bent history and take delight in it.
After finishing the visit to the house of the SKY (SORA), the universe, I returned to my house.
I meditated quietly by myself.
An odd sense of fulfillment and a bright sublime came up from the bottom of the body.
A wonderful feeling and a clearer feeling of the gathered members came into sight.
Tears came out.
I felt that this was the result and purpose of this visit.
Nostalgia and gratitude.
I naturally joined hands toward the south.
"Truth is strong" "It is eternal" "The voice of the Heaven is gentle and the human language is fierce"


Poems of Mt. Iwaki

Mr.Kuga Katunan, from Aomori Prefecture was the a great man of letters in Meiji era.

He wrote a poetry as follows.

The above poetry tells as follows.(By Takashi)

Magnificent mountain will give birth to Master.
We should tell this story for a long time.
Who ,on earth, is the greatest Master who is to alive at the foot of Mt. Iwaki?

In my twenties, thought studying group was held at the Shyoin room in Youjyou association.
When we started the lecture, we surely chose this verse and poetry of Yoshida Shyouin before starting the study group.
Since then, I kept thinking about who was referred to as a master, for several decades, but I had no idea.
Suddenly it came to my head who was the master while dialysis.
I all of a sudden wondered if the cleverest "master may be "the information of stars in the sky".
Or that person may be a one communicating with heaven.
I think Mr.Kuga Katunan must be a person who may be honored as man with a lot of insight of global scale.
Please laugh at me at the end.

The poem in praise of Mt. Iwaki

I step on a pure snowy road and go to the mountain.

With my mind's eye I see Mt. Iwaki which I visit. By Renzan

I was admitted to a hospital.
I received "The book of the SKY (SORA), the universe" from my daughter.
I was truly amazed by the truth while reading.
I pray each day, confronting Mt. Iwaki.

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