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Welcome To "These Auspicious Times"!

The innermost part of your being inevitably has its place in the "equation" of: "as within so without"!

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May 2, 2022 - Anthropos-Sophia -

"Anthroposophy, the Double, and Depression -

Please keep in mind that I don’t use the word 'Anthroposophy' to mean familiarity with the works of Rudolf Steiner. To me, Anthroposophy is personal awake cognition of our own experiences of soul and spirit. 'Anthroposophy is a path of cognition from the spiritual in the human being to the Spiritual in the Universe'. First sentence, first leading thought. The key words here are 'path', 'from', and 'to'.

No book I have read, from whatever authority, will help me work with my own Double. That work is mine, and if I watch myself (even talk inwardly to myself), I can become more intimate with my own soul, and its darker characteristics.

The threefold double complex is not the I. Early on in the Class Lessons, Steiner writes of three creatures. Tomberg, in his anthroposophical work (Inner Development), writes of there being a luciferic double, an ahrimanic double, and a human double. Later, in Meditations on the Tarot, Tomberg writes of the tempter, the prosecutor, and egregores.

From one point of view, these entities are with us all the time. They serve purposes … i.e have functions in the psychology of the human soul and spirit. If we study this in ourselves, we will notice how they help us unfold our karma. For example, we are repeatedly tempted to indulge in a certain pleasure, but through over use we get ill.

Illness is a vital 'initiation' process, and some anthroposophists recognize illness as a blessing.

In our present now/moment in the spiritual history of mankind, these creatures are essentially hyper-active. The plandemic made us not just face illness, but fear of illness, fear of death, and to a certain extent fear of the 'other', the contagious ones.

All three aspects of the threefold double complex are working in concert. Readers of Steiner will be aware of how often he wrote of Ahriman’s intentions, or Lucifer’s as well. Generally he characterized them as evil intentions.

I am fairly sure that Steiner did not expect the ‘60’s, where the Mother (Divine Providence – fortune) and the Son (Artist of Karma – fate), engineered a Dionysian (luciferic) Rite in order to balance out the excessive aspects of the age of Ahriman’s incarnation. ..."[12]

January 2, 2021 - "Unusual Times ... On The Cusp of a Great Change"! -

"...with 2020 we entered into the last 7 year cycle preparing us for the new era of the Individual in 2027. Ra Uru Hu had shared that it would be a rocky ride:

'The system is breaking down not because there is something wrong with the system; its time is coming to an end. It just is. These are unusual times; we get to live on the cusp of a great change in the way in which the world works.

And any time in the history of humanity that you come to these cusp points, there are all kinds of disarray that arises all around it. It’s a change. There is a deep and profound mutative force that is at work on this planet.

So let’s leave the blame game behind, and let’s enter into what is the only thing that will allow us to survive in the next cycle—the honoring of individual authority, follow your decision-making strategy, operate correctly within yourself and you will live as you should in this life.

That is the point.

There is no one you can depend on. There is no one you can rely on. And truly, there is no one you can trust but yourself. And when you’re correct and you’re operating correctly that trust in yourself is your armor for this life. It will protect you; it will guide you because it’s precisely what you are here for."[11]*

December 22, 2020 - The Shift -

"Possibly the most fundamental shift in modern science is the discovery that our material world is shaped by the observer."[10]

October 19, 2020 - Perspective -

"...Convulsions and catastrophes, they are one of the means of human progress; unless they took place from time to time the world would not be able to support her children, for the soil of earth grows exhausted with the multitude of the people who are fed from it; and from time to time the old soil is wisely
whelmed beneath the waters of a new ocean, in order that it may become virgin again — may arise for the building of a new civilization, for the home of a new people. Oh nature is only the garment in which God enshrouds Himself; her catastrophes are only means for the working out of mightier ends; and why should you be troubled, you who are immortal spirits? For continents may break up, continents may emerge, but the human Race is immortal in its origin and in its growth, and there is nothing to be afraid of, even if the foundations of the
earth be moved."[9]

August 18, 2018 - These are the days my friend! -

This is the time appointed for you and most especially for the innermost part of your being to be revealed - firstly to yourself!

This Blog is about addressing the revelation of you - the truth of who and what you are. The nature of these auspicious times require this. Of course you may think you have "freedom" not to respond to the times. However the nature of the days continue - without your response - and that "innermost part of your being" inevitably has its place in the "equation" of: "as within so without" regardless of what one may think their freedom may be.

February 9, 2019 - "The next three years will show us how reality shifts as we build a conscious relationship with both our own intelligence and the quantum field." -

"... The most recent science indicates that the most fundamental thing in our universe and beyond is consciousness. More fundamental than matter, energy, space and time.

'I have come to believe more and more strongly that the universe is put together with an ingenuity so astonishing that I cannot accept it merely as brute fact.

I have come to the point of view that mind – i.e., conscious awareness of the world – is not a meaningless and incidental quirk of nature, but an absolutely fundamental facet of reality.' - American physicist Paul Davies, The Mind of God: The Scientific Basis for a Rational World.

Pluto in (Human Design/Hexagram) Gate 61 is the beginning pulse of our cosmic co-creativity coming into conscious play. We are weaving a net of consciousness from our unique personal perceptions and responses. To do this we must draw our attention away from seeking safety in intermediaries, and learn to trust in our emerging cosmic intelligence.

We must learn that we are not a ‘brain in a box’ with a body attached, but that we have so many forms of intelligence we have as yet been incapable of utilizing them all. The next three years will show us how reality shifts as we build a conscious relationship with both our own intelligence and the quantum field."[7]

Comment: This "Auspicious Times" author thinks he's been preparing virtually all his life for these days!
There are only three gates in the Human Design "Crown" (Head) center and the BodyGraph of this author show two of those activated. Now with Pluto transiting in 61 he has all three turned on! (God I'm so glad I survived everything I survived over the past sixty eight years! ; ~)

October 25, 2018 - The American destiny - The creative force at the dawn of a new future - by Jon Rappoport - August 14, 2018 -

Whenever a breakthrough occurs for the individual, there is a stepping back, a retrenching, a delay, an attempt to reset the clock and push the breakthrough away. This delay tactic can last a week, a month, or, historically, a hundred years.

We are in the middle of such a delay, after serial revelations that erupted in the latter part of the 19th century.

Individual artists (and a few philosophers) became aware that: imagination gives birth to ideas that in turn shape personal reality.

Therefore, reality is very elastic and changeable.

America—and indeed, the world—stood on the brink of a great internal revolution.

The creative IS the spiritual.

America’s love affair with the idea of individuals reinventing themselves was about more than immigrants “becoming American.” It was about imagination as the core of transforming self and future.

Such a radical realization was too much for many people to absorb, so a backing away occurred. The wave was stilled for a hundred years or so—but now it is beginning to move again.

The attempt to take over America, by Globalist forces, on a behalf of a controlled world order, is really an attempt to quell the individual creative force. That is the secret inside the master plan. And that Globalist effort is in trouble. More and more people are realizing it is a massive fraud based on instituting an imprisoned Collectivist Hive Mind.

Whereas the promise of America was always the intensely creative individual. And what does he do? He takes frozen realities and injects life into them so they move and shed their encrusted energies.

He rejects all formulas that instruct people about how they must live their lives and guard their words and fit in.

On a spiritual level, America was and is about transformation of energy into greater living shapes and forms and flows, through imagination.

It is about building a new and higher “plane of experience,” so to speak.

The fact that this aim has been sidelined and throttled to a significant degree doesn’t change one iota of America’s destiny. It’s still there, and the individual is the core.

He is the shaper.

Yes, you could say “America was made” for many criminal undertakings, but the other side of the coin is the most powerful: America is the house of the individual soul and that soul is creative.

That soul is an artist of reality.

Dawn of a new day.[3]

November 12, 2018 - Our Eternal Creative Spirit -

"The American destiny ..." article posted immediately above by Jon Rappoport was shared with my very good friend Matthew and (IMO) fortunately well-received - especially since it is obvious to me that we both share a like spirit for "transforming self and future" as Jon characterized as a quintessential outcome: "about imagination". Transformation is a life-long theme for me that I have been working with in a number of ways over the past forty-eight years. In the early 70s (my "Church days") a key verse we worked with was: "Be transformed by the renewal of your mind"! A verse I turned into song included: "The growth and transformation of the seed is in the Epistles ...". "The "seed" being the "seed of the kingdom". (The first line of the song is: "The seed of the Kingdom is in Matthew". ; ~ )

All seeds are typically small - small parts of a larger whole. Even with a pomegranate that is full of seeds when it is broken apart each seed is a small part of the whole fruit. The "transformation" that is inherent in seeds typically goes through stages of growth until that life form reaches full maturity. The way of life starts small and grows larger. Therefore transformation can begin in small ways and grow larger as the new life is nourished.

This evening I am inspired with something very "small" a small letter "s". Take anything as a single item and add an "s" to that and all of a sudden you have many! "Consumers" may be "notorious" for having many variations of the same material items, clothes, cars, possibly houses and all the stuff that can be filled inside these houses! There is also the possibility of having many spiritual gifts and or a gift that can grow to have many variations to it! The thing I'm especially inspired about this evening is something called Re3 which I have only briefly mentioned one time at "The Whey, The Truth and The Life" blog.

Re3 is Matthew's idea.[4] I have a three-part relating exercise(Re) that also could be identified as a type of Re3. What I'm inspired about is the possibility of having many types of "Re3"s made possible by simply adding the "s" at the end. In a couple days I'll meet with Matthew in a session devoted to our High Ideals and will present my inspiration to him.

April 25, 2019 - Anthroposophically Speaking -

"...Ultimately, all questions of truth and goodness come down to the application of individual art and imagination - that is the creation of beauty. It isn't so much that the Universe has or is an answer that we seek and struggle to find, but rather that the Universe is an unfinished symphony in which we are one of the creative sources. Each individual i-AM is a song - continually knowing itself only in the moment of its becoming..."[8]

November 13, 2018 - The 43rd Gene Key -

"There is a natural process built into the lives of human beings, and this process essentially has three stages - survival, service and surrender. These three archetypal stages roughly represent the three levels or bands that form the spectrum of human consciousness upon which the 64 Gene Keys are built. At the Shadow level, you are always operating out of your genetic survival mode, which is keyed into the frequency of fear. At the Gift level, you enter into service mode, in which a transformation has taken place inside that enables you to operate more efficiently within the whole. The final stage involves a complete transformation as your individuated awareness is surrendered and your DNA is finally allowed to function with absolutely no interference from within. What is common to each of these three stages is the transformation process itself. At each level, it occurs in sudden leaps. We tend to move through long periods in which it appears that very little about us changes, and then suddenly, every now and again, an experience or event occurs which utterly changes our lives."[5]

Comment: The current Sun transit is now occurring in Hexagram 43 that was originally correlated - in the Human Design System - with its zodiac placement in Scorpio and later given greater illumination in the Gene Keys. I am so grateful to have the "Pulse" from the Gene Keys Society through which I am blessed to attune to the activation of this Gene Key and especially what the above presentation has to say about transformation! I can return to my analogy of seeds and relate it to include the "sudden leaps", i.e. when the seed's first "sprout" bursts forth or in the case of mammalian "seed" penetrates an ovum it suddenly ignites a transformation!

November 19, 2018 -

"You don't have to be a PhD - in fact it can probably get in the way." - Steve Forbes, Editor of Forbes magazine.[6]
Steve goes on to present the basic rules of an environment for prosperity that he says includes "Sound Money" as well as "The Rule of Law".

If you have any doubts about the need for sound money consider what Ron Paul says later in the video about how "our dollar is worth 2 cents." later in the video Ron said "the important thing is the connection with freedom."

Mike Maloney stated that there's a "pattern of debasement happening now - this time it's global and now with the loss of our freedom."

August 27, 2018 -

A note I wrote (possible ten days ago) lists fifteen of my famous (and not so famous) Blogs here at CureZone and I wanted to add this one to the list but I honestly (temporarily) didn't remember the title of this (possibly Blog #17?). In my process of wanting to recall it I thought it might have something to do with Gratitude. Good thing I have "Creme de la Creme"[1] to refer to as all it took was scrolling down the entries for August as I knew I had included the start of this blog there. I'm back, I am grateful and these certainly are "Auspicious Times!" I say that now after having enjoyed an encouraging article that I Added: "Hippocrates: 'a physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician'".
To: "Astrological Perspectives".

(Another reference that I'm glad I have at the "Creme" site! ; ~ )

What encourages me is that there are people living on the planet now who (in their own unique way) know that we are all microcosms of the universe.[2] What excites me is that I get to interact with some of these people! Maybe you are one of them? .........



[2] i.e."Be Aligned With The Music of The Spheres! -
The most fundamental right relationships with our core being, with the U-n-I-verse and in the world.":



[5] "Gene Keys", By: Richard Rudd

[6] At 13:40 in "American Bread & Circus (Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 10)" - Mike Maloney:


[8] "American Anthroposophy - an introduction - a celebration of the American Soul's unique ability to contribute to the future of Anthroposophy, and to the future of world culture." by Joel A. Wendt - social philosopher...and occasional fool.

" can say that we in Europe develop Anthroposophy in a spiritual way; the American develops it in a natural way..." -
Rudolf Steiner, from a talk to the workmen at the Goetheanum, Dornach, March 3, 1923:

[9] Apparently by Annie Besant i her lecture titled: "The Immediate Future":
The search for this quote was inspired by the "Daily Seed Thought" received from the Theosophical Society today by this Blog-writer.





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