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HHO Hydrogen

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Daniel Donatelli
Daniel HHO Hydrogen Donatelli
6 months ago
Explanation For those who want to know
In chemistry and manufacturing, electrolysis is a technique that uses a direct electric current
(DC) to drive an otherwise non-spontaneous chemical reaction. Electrolysis is commercially important
as a stage in the separation of elements from naturally occurring sources such as ores using an electrolytic cell.

Very Different from Voltrolysis cell Electrolysis uses a variety of salts electrolyte to cause a dielectric breakdown and high amp draw to disassociate chemical bonds creating a exothermic heat in the process.
by Stanley Meyer In Chemistry and Ionization and Disassociation of Gas is a technique Using no Electrolyte
and uses a a Indirect Voltage Source a Voltage Plasma Field Based on a DC to Cause the Ionic Dissociation
of Chemical Bonds in Liquids and Gas Chemistry. The primary coil is electrically isolated (no electrical connection
between primary and secondary coil) to form Voltage Intensifier Circuit

Voltage amplitude or voltage potential is increased when the secondary coil is wrapped with more turns of wire.
Isolated electrical ground (J) prevents electron flow from input circuit ground causing a Charge on Cell Plates
and a Volt Based Plasma Field which acts as a Catalyst to dissociate chemical Bonds. Very Different from Electrolytic
cells and Not Electrolysis as no electrolyte. A Low Amp high Voltage Solution Similar to how a Fluro Light
Works with a choke/ballast restricting amps Having a Cold Process with little of no Exothermic Reaction
heat as no electrolyte no shorting of a cell and no grounding the dissolved gases which makes the water become a fuel a carrier.?

So Use Volts, not amps and Bingo you're a lot closer

The Water Fuel Cell technology encounters a credibility gap because it appears to run counter to the long-established laws governing our interpretation of Nature. In fact, the water Fuel Cell is entirely natural.

It merely demonstrates a new and revolutionary way of harnessing what nature has always had on offer.
It does not infringe the two main laws of thermodynamics, i.e.:

THE FIRST LAW: "The total energy of a thermodynamic system remains constant although it may be transformed
from one form to another." In the case of Water Fuel Cell technology, the system is global. The
energy required to drive the engine comes from the zero-point energy contained in the water, a virtually
inexhaustible source. The exhaust from the engine is water vapor which returns to the atmosphere.


THE SECOND LAW: As originally formulated by R. Clausius in 1865, this law states that "The entropy of
the World strives towards a maximum". As recently formulated by Prigogine and Stengers, this law "contains
two fundamental elements:

(1) a negative one that expresses the impossibility of certain processes (e.g.
heat flowing from a cold to a hot source) and

(2) a positive, constructive one. It is the impossibility of certain processes that permit us to introduce a function, entropy, which increases uniformly and behaves as an attractor for isolated systems".

It is at a maximum when the system is in equilibrium. Non-equilibrium is the
source of order and brings order out of chaos. Since Water Fuel Cell technology postulates non-equilibrium, it can be said to be supported by the positive element of this Law?

Gas Processor Purpose remove electrons from ambient air and HHO to stop it forming to water and thus create a new (not HHO gas) one that is thermal explosive with more force than heat power.

Below is a rough guide to doing that!

Daniel Donatelli the circuit Stan had on gas processor part sent in micro-pulses! We can do very fast pulses
on 3 different t circuits to and from the gas processor

1st circuit drives in PWM 5 kHz up 12-volt pulses going through an h bridge transformer up to a high voltage which includes ballasts/ chokes to restrict amps like a Fluro light start box set, it is gated with an overlay gate 5 kHz in the gate off time the electrodes \ are used to extract electrons from gas it happens in picosecond times if possible or fast as the circuit can allow we have a ;
2nd circuit draw off electrons from the gas that power is used to go into a 9xd or similar power cap and control 12 volts and adjust about amps lets say 5 to 10 amp its drives a picosecond driver and vessel laser diode array which pulses and shines into the gas processor as well these light pulses help keep gas energizes and knocks around electrons for extraction it is a storm in the voltage and lights the NM of electrons is under debate but we know the broad spectrum is Cool White that will hit every spectrum like an aura, and if you alternated with UV you would hit most of them and get the goals across all of the energy state orbits it happens instantly, the thing is that oxygen electrons are in pairs so that are fairly easy to knock off compared to other atoms; so time to build below is a diagram from Stan shown back concept the 9xd and pico laser diode drive not shown the following 2 circuits are circuit 1 and circuit 2 alternating

The Hydrogen Industry and on Demand Industry is Global and Using Voltage not amps like a Fluro Light Transformer and ballast does; with no electrolyte use is the way: this avoids the high amps drawn and thus the water releases extra electrons which are already held there; similar like to a battery nothing is consumed or lost as it is a global system just like charge build-up of lightning: the energy is not used it is moved to cause magnesium on the plates and acts as a catalyst which we avoid and restricts amps, we use only volts from the alternator, not the amps KEY POINT and thus very different

Please Join these FB Groups We have a lot of people building and sharing advanced

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