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What is HHO Hydrogen?

This is the Stan Meyer Culture **

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Daniel HHO Hydrogen Donatelli
Daniel HHO Hydrogen Donatelli
6 months ago
This is the most important
this is a tank circuit we make volts 12 volts we put into a 200 turn or similar transformer, our comes higher volts, it goes into chokes , chokes are tuned wound to resonance to cell resistance, ( choke can be another transformer with primary as choke and secondary not used and shorted to its self to keep it neutral)

there is also a Diode to stope volts leaving cell a oneway in no way out item,

this means it causes a bounce or ring in in the circuit as voltage is bounced inside and held there we, tune with coil and cell as it is a lc tank circuit ,, ===========================================
we have a dielectric layer inside the outer tube the cathode of wet cell, this layer can be just water polarized or a ceramic build up or coating or dielectric varnish or most common is quartz tube for the purpose (like you see in air ionizers) , basically it is a capacitor layer, the voltage builds up there, the water goes between the layer and negative centre tube, so we have a water capacitor wet cell.
=================================================== The Circuit Driver a PWM we have 5 hkz pulse with a overlayed 5 khz gate the gate rests cell briefly , to to avoid the dead short , ========================================== which would ground out capacitance build up and prevent capacitence effect in cell so we can not have salt or electrolyte in this system.
. we have a diode the diode holds the voltage in the wet cell capacitor water voltrolysis cell, during gate period of circuit so no back spike blows up our pwm cicuirt during the gat time . and does not ionize our choke transformer coils, with back spike. ===========================================
Having this excellent design causes a ringing or a bounce which keeps voltage we sent in in the cell and cell charged up with volts and with very little current or amp draw, just as a fluro light works, ========================================== Except if we put a capacitor in a fluro light it would build up voltage very very high too and start splitting the gas beyond just emitting light ) this is what we do we let it compound and scale to do just that ) =========================================== ( so as a example lets say we put in 900 to 1500 volts, the gate occurs, the voltage try to leave during gate time . But it can not as no dead short, no salts, no ground and no exit due to diode, or h bridge isolating cell circuit , =========================================== so voltage is bounced back to water cell and hits it again like a rebounded wave , like another pwm in, the voltage has a slight drop
let say cell goes to 1100 volts from the 1500 put in as a example
only so people can visualize , =========================================== the gate than the gate opens from pwm again and it sends in another 990 to 1500 volts pulsed in in 5 khz this creates a step charge the voltage capacitance climbs with each pulse
"THE STAN MEYER STEP CHARGE" ========================================== , This Voltage adds to the first remaining voltage held in the dielectric layer in the west cell that the water is exposed too ,
example 1100 volts + 900-1500 = aprox 2000 to 2500 now in cell , the gate occurs again voltage trys to leave but can't it bounces and reflected back into cell, and we hit it again and again and again, =========================================== what happens is we build up the voltage on the dielectric layer it starts to ionize the water the h20 polarizes and it starts to have very great magnetisium on the dielectric layer and on anode and cathode in the wet cell with no salt no electrolyte . =========================================== , the water splits gases are separated use no current or amps as we use the magnetisium of the voltage build up = VOLTROLYSIS ===========================================
electrons flood the cell as the energy bouncing around start knocking them off into water and add these electrons further add to held charge and our pwm & voltage intensifier efforts .
=========================================== , , now this is the basics, this is what happens this is why and how voltage gets in there, the more tuned the chokes and pwm are with the tank circuit using ppl the better and faster it does that, =========================================== now it does get such high voltage that the bounce can turn dc (which we have to have) to be ac, we do not want that , so we use a hbridge to switch in a extract circuit during gate this is happening fast , it pulls out extract electrons being freed from broken bonds that would create a ac, so we draw it down, we run it into a 9xd voltage regulator that regulator can run a picsecond driver for vcsell diodes white band cold, which can hit all the nm band of light we can also have uv also well, we want to have a full auro faced back into cell, this will create a light storm these knock more electrons off faster. , =========================================== Now we have very power gas it is a h and o with electrons stripped off it will no reform back to water unless it gets more electrons, so we do not want salt in there no electrolyte, but we also do not want to ground the cell , the cell water or the gas, (THIS IS A COLD PROCESS WATER STAY UNDER 40 C cold to touch ) ( cold water is like a sponge it hold gas) ( we can meter mic fill the water) so as gas or water with dissolved gas in it leaves cell all pipe manifold engine block etc must be positive charged so no negative electrons can ground gas to inert state. =========================================== when the spark finally happens the force is explosive not implosive any more, and thus has greater force than just heat, as the gas struggle to find electrons the rip apart neighboring water and other other gases to get them and often that includes nox and no which is in the water and air ============================================ Now you know this and you understanding clearly what is occurring please teach it . ============================================Part 2 is the gas processor , as do need to mix some air into the engine we know we absolutely can not use ambient air as that would give electrons back to our new non HHO gas or water fuel mix, , so we must control the ambient air access which means manifold and air intake no leaks, we use a diaphragm to control the ambient airs access so only what engine needs is vacuumed into the gas processor , ============================================ the gas process is the same system as described above except it strips and separates the n and the o into unstable elements that find it hard to reform with missing electrons , we do all of this with the new key skill of making sure nothing can ground back out ingredients, we do everything we can thing off to extract electrons all along the way to the cylinder than means + engine block too. ( not the whole car just the fuel line and engine block) ========================================
So I would Invite you all to copy paste save and share this to as many forums and website and inventive ways as you can, This is the Stan Meyer Culture

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