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Starvation In the midst of Plenty

Starvation In the midst of Plenty
Chapter from You can Master Disrase
by Dr Bernard Jensen 1947

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Starvation In the midst of Plenty
From You can master disease
By Dr Bernard Jensen

From You Can Master Disease by Bernard Jensen c. 1947

Starvation in the Midst of Plenty

Living under conditions of modern life, it is important to bear in mind that the preparation and refinement of food products either entirely eliminates or in part destroys the vital elements in the original material. - United States Government Dept. of Agriculture

The Necessity for Minerals and Vitamins:

Man has made many changes in his living, but one thing is certain - the kind of air man needs to keep him alive today is the same kind of air man needed a thousand or ten thousand years ago. We need sunshine today, just as we needed it yesterday and from time immemorial. And the requirement of the body for certain amounts of minerals and vitamins which come through plant life from the soil, is just about the same.

In order to get these required mineral and vitamin elements from our foods, our foods must not only be properly prepared, but properly grown. The soil must be rich with vital elements. We must give more thought to the matter than merely resolving to eat certain yellow, green and red foods, and see that we have plenty of protein and starch foods. And it would not be safe to choose our foods by our depraved likes and dislikes and expect our bodies to respond properly.

Man could live a good deal longer and in better health if he realized that through mineralization he could prevent a lot of the sickness he has today. The human body contains about seven pounds of mineral salts, mostly calcium and phosphorus. Some are needed in only minute quantity: We require only 1/1000 of an ounce of iodine, for instance, but we would die without it in our body. It is necessary that we take that amount into the body every day.

Mineral requirements vary with individuals and with conditions. The slow-working man needs a different chemical balance from that of the fast-working man. The mental student needs organized phosphorus in his diet. The mental worker who uses his eyes a lot needs selenium. The man who must make many decisions needs phosphorus and sulphur. The man who talks a lot needs phosphorus and iodine. The man who uses his nervous system under pressure needs iodine. The man who has a large bone structure needs considerably more calcium than the small boned man. The man or woman who dances a lot uses more silicon and vanadium than calcium. The dray course uses more calcium than the race horse, but the race horse needs more sulphur, manganese and trace minerals such as vanadium, strontium and chromium.

We have iron in the blood, iodine in the thyroid gland, calcium in the bones, phosphorus in the brain. No symptom develops in the body without a foundation of disturbed tissue chemistry. Every abnormal manifestation in the body is influenced by mineral imbalance.

Calcium is essential for the formation of bones yet it is one of the elements we usually lack. Teeth have been straightened and have become firm in their sockets and the gums have changed their appearance just through adequate feeding of calcium. We develop small jaws and dental arches because we lack certain mineral elements, which in turn disturbs the balance of those elements already present.

Calcium is needed for stomach tone and is held in solution by the sodium stored in the stomach walls. Without the proper amount of sodium necessary to enable the stomach to make hydrochloric acid, the chemistry of the stomach wall is improperly balanced. When we lack sodium in the stomach wall, the blood must obtain it from other parts of the body and in those parts from which the blood draws sodium, it leaves an excess deposit of calcium. When the blood borrows sodium from the joints, for example, calcium is precipitated out of solution and arthritis is the result.

Manganese, one of the mineral elements of the earth, is called the “mother-love” element. When animals are deprived of it, they refuse to nurse their young. Many human mothers today are not nursing their young. They should. I believe that doctors deprive a mother of one of her greatest joys by not urging her to experience this expression of “mother-love” for her child.

The mineral iron is a necessary component in the formation of hemoglobin in the blood. Lack of color in the cheeks denotes a lack of iron in the body.

The flexible, youthful body is plentifully supplied with sodium. The rigid body is what we call stiff and old. It is possible to be youthful at eighty or old at twenty.

Malnutrition is a fundamental factor in all disease, and this holds true wither it be in animal life, human life or plant life. It is lamentable that doctors have not recognized sooner the deficiency signs of certain elements in the body. Some people go around for years with ailments because of a lack of this knowledge.

Ear scale is caused by a lack of phosphorus or the nerve-building elements. Constant picking of the nose may indicate a lack of silicon. When the colon has prolapsed it is a definite sign of lack of calcium. When we lose our appetite and develop instead unusual cravings, it can be a definite sign of an over-acid condition in the body which burns out the sodium, leaving the calcium to migrate to the joints and settle there. We know by pain and discomforts we experience that body tissues are fighting to normalize themselves. Climate begins to affect us as it does in rheumatism, and all nature seems to be telling us that we are not in good mineral balance. Every manifestation in the body is influenced by the mineral balance.

Fewer appendicitis attacks occur when required minerals and vitamins are in the diet. Bronchial discharges are tremendously reduced through proper mineral feeding. Constipation is banished when we have a proper sodium-magnesium balance in the diet. I believe that all diseases including poliomyelitis, cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes and nephritis can be markedly controlled through adequate feeding. This, of course, means an adequate supply of all the natural materials supplied in foods by nature.

We must have iodine for balanced body functions. Tendency to miscarriage, tumerous growths, bad eye conditions, as well as crumbling teeth, poor blood clotting ability and arthritis are symptoms which a proper supply of iodine many times will correct.

Although we need only 1/1400 of a gram of iodine to supply the thyroid gland with its daily needs, when this is lacking we do not have the correct calcium distribution, for iodine influences the calcium fixation of the body. Many doctors feed their patients an excess of calcium, thinking they are supplying the body the principle element it lacks. Without a proper balance of other elements such as socium, iodine and phosphorus, an excess of calcium will make the body hard. They even make the mistake of feeding the specific element the body needs in a synthetic form. When synthetic elements of any kind are taken into the body they cannot be properly eliminated if not used and become irritants. Giving the patient an excess of synthetic calcium may cause arthritis and other conditions. Bone meal is considered a wonderful product for most people who have arthritis because it is high in calcium and phosphorus. The minerals taken into the body should be in organic form as in fruits and vegetables.

According to the US Dept. of Agriculture, calcium is essential for poultry. Calcium affects the thickness of the shells and their resistance to breakage. On poultry farms in Petaluma, Californa chickens are feed green kale which is high in calcium, so that the eggs will have a hard shell. These poultry raisers also use coquina shells, which are very high in calcium carbonate. A lack of calcium can cause cannibalism in animals. Perhaps it causes viciousness in humans.

Just as calcium-deficient hens lay soft-shelled eggs, so we develop many soft people from the lack of certain mineral elements. We are truly children of the soil and we need everything that is int it - or should be in it. Arthur Brisbane once wrote that we are becoming a people who eat a lot, but we have stomachs filled with food-less foods. A large segment of the population is mis-fed and under-fed. The cause is simple. Americans do not eat enough of the right kind of foods.

In speaking of a diet for the average person, enough experimental work has been done on animals to prove that we can produce stomach ulcers and other maladies through improper feeding methods.

Many diseases we are handling with so many systems of treatment today could truly be handled better if we realized that basically we are lacking certain mineral elements. Irritabilty and emotional disturbances, and diseases such as arthritis neuritis, neuralgia, rheumatism are from acids that are caused by lack of sodium. Certain fruits and vegetables supply this element plentifully when grown on soil rich in sodium. We can be fed into a disease and we can be fed out of it through remineralization.


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