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Leslie Speaks, Part 1: Transition

Your Enchanted Gardener, Leslie Goldman, transitioned on June 18, 2020 at 4:56 AM; his funeral was the next day, June 19, in Los Angeles where he was buried next to his parents. I've been a close friend of Leslie's for 20 years; one week before he died, I visited him in his home in San Diego where he was receiving hospice care. I asked Leslie, if he could, would he communicate with me after he transitioned, so I'd know he was OK. About 13 hours after he died, I "felt" Leslie strongly wishing to speak to me; this started a week-long communication with him, from June 18 through June 25, 2020, and led to this document, "Leslie Speaks".

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By way of explanation, this is a process I call "automatic writing", or "taking dictation", in which I asked a question and then heard Leslie's response in my head, in his own voice, and wrote it down. As the energetic transmission from Leslie must go through my own brain and be translated into the English language, there is always something "lost in translation" by formatting the energies into language. My questions to Leslie "Gold-man", as I like to call him, are in parentheses; occasionally a notation has been made for clarification. I have made some edits, leaving out specific names of people as well as messages to me of a personal nature; Leslie helped/directed me throughout the entire editing process. And with that as a disclaimer...

"Leslie Speaks", Part 1:

6:00 PM June 18, 2020 Thursday:

(So, Mr. Gold-man, do you wish to talk to me? )

Yes---(it will be) OK tomorrow (referring to Leslie's funeral).

Mainly, I want to, need to, get my books out. More than anything else, I am proudest of my poetry and writings, and photography.

(where are you right now?)

I'm not sure. I'm sort of "between" things---you know they talk about your dead relatives being there to greet you---not yet, but I just left. It's weird to not have a body. My body, that gave me so much pain all of my life, I miss it even get used to being a certain way and I was certainly "used to" it even if it didn't always feel comfortable. Not sure, I'm in an "inbetween" place---I guess it'll be easier to "go on" after the funeral tomorrow. There's a lot of people feeling sad/grieving for me now, and it's amazing that all of that energy is coming at me, making it hard to leave.

I am glad (B'nai Horin, a synagogue in Los Angeles) will be doing the (zoom) Memorial---All of my music friends will pay tribute, too--That will be fun!

(Will you keep in touch with me after you "go on"?)

Well, I can't make any promises, but I will try. You know I was always afraid of death, that it meant "oblivion"---maybe because my mom died when I was so young, but it's not so bad, so far. We'll have to see what comes next. It should be interesting! Maybe I'll write about it! (Leslie smile)

Well, let's go for now. I have things to do---not sure what.

(I hope for you that when you get HOME you'll be surrounded by Spirit and dancing!)

That would be fun! We'll see. I'll keep you posted---gotta go.

12:02 AM June 20, 2020 Saturday, Shabbat:

(Well, Mr. Gold-man, are you here?)


(What did you think of your funeral?)

Weird. Strange. Funny.

(Funny, how?)

Just funny. I liked (the Rabbi's) speech--he did a pretty good job with the tree analogy/metaphor.

(Where are you now?)

Still "transitioning" from earth to Beyond. It's easier, now that the funeral is over. People letting go of me, slowly.

(Do you want to "stick around" longer?)

Not sure. Depends.

(On what?)

Don't know! I'm getting instructions/guidance but it's not yet clear. I was/am so attached to Earth it's hard for me to leave her. Gaia is truly an amazing Earth Mother, an amazing Being. Even when I leave I'll still be here, at least part of me.

I can't wait to come back.


I like being human---there are so many senses to enjoy---eating, drinking, sleeping and dreaming, sex---even going to the bathroom---there's none of that here.

(Where's "here"?)

Still in the "inbetween"

I haven't gotten "permission" to go yet---well, actually, more like "the go ahead". Takes some time getting used to once you're out of the body---I still feel attached to it. It was hard, strange, to see my body go into a box and then into the ground. I know that's the "natural order of things" but it was still hard to "let go" of my body---in a way I'm grieving as much for my body as you all are...except it's not really "grief" I feel---hard to define---more like a reluctance, a "drag", a resistance to "go on"---not sure what "going on" is...

I haven't seen or talked to other Beings yet...they say you see others after you've died---I haven't yet, but maybe that's because I'm still sticking around the living, wanting to make sure everyone is OK. That's why I may stay in "limbo-land" longer---time is different "here"---there are no clocks. I can stay "in between" as long as I want to---it's up to me. Maybe that's what the Christians used to call "purgatory"---it's not a punishment, it doesn't feel bad, it's just a place where you "hang out" until you're fully ready to "go home". Maybe that's why Jews "sit Shiva" for 7 days [note: traditional period of mourning for Jews]---I'm going to stick around for my (family---they're) doing the whole Shiva thing. Jews are smart. They knew when they wrote those Shiva rules what they were talking about, that the living need to openly grieve and receive support and the dead have to "get used to" being dead before they "go on".

Everything's OK.

(Are you lonely?)

No, not really. As I said, I'm hovering around the living, like a moth to a flame. Did you know that humans emit a lot of energy---it's an enormous field and we don't even know it exists---I can see it and feel it around people---when a group of people get together, their joint energy is tremendous/phenomenal!  It's very very attractive. Exponential. It's how humans share emotions---the emotions get "exuded" into the person's energy field, and then out to another person's field, triggering their emotions. So you see, if two people are very physically close, say having sex, why all sorts of energetic exchanges are taking place between the two of them; many, but not all of the energy exchanges are not felt consciously. Humans exchange feelings through energetic exchange all of the time, without being fully aware of it.

(And so we end for now; thank you for talking to me, Leslie---more later...)


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"Your Enchanted Gardener Passes" : Your Enchanted Gardener, AKA Leslie Goldman, transitioned on June 18, 2020. This is his niece's moving eulogy to her beloved "Uncle Leslie" on the 5th month anniversary of his passing.









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