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Leslie Speaks, Part 5: Thankfulness

The final post of the week-long communication with Your Enchanted Gardener, Leslie Goldman, after he transitioned. In Part 5, Leslie discusses Giving Thanks.

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Leslie Speaks, Part 5:

June 25, 2020 10:35AM Thursday

(When) "I" was in the body "I" had these issues---a short little Jewish person struggling with the religion "I" was born into, trying to make sense of it---(and like other humans), trying to make sense of the world, and our place in it. trying to love Gaia, and Her love us, each in our own way, and trying to be happy and content, but finding this elusive. Why? Our "lot" in life? We chose this existence, knowing full well what it will "cost" us.


You ask that a lot---sometimes there are no fit answers---creatives are a lot like that, intuitives, trying to make sense of the world and feeling angry, frustrated, depressed when they can't. "I" was always striving for perfection---the perfect sales pitch, the perfect poem, the perfect photo---my goal was never to be "wealthy" in the material sense, but to feel good about myself, that "I" was a worthwhile person on the planet and "deserved" to be here, that I wasn't a "waste of space" --- I felt like that when I was in my "dark" moods. the money made was meager; it kept me and my household going. My "dream" was to have a permanent "Enchanted Garden" for the community---to leave my "legacy" of all of my "work" behind.

So what is my real legacy? All of the people I touched. All of the love I generated. All of the love for Gaia I felt, and She for me. That's what matters most, more than anything else---more than the books or art or poetry----the Love generated between me and people, and people and the planet, and She for us. If I helped one person connect with the Earth, then that would be enough, but "I" helped hundreds---that is my legacy. The words and poems and photos will serve people as reminders. "I" live on in the hearts of the humans I touched, in my small acts of kindness, in my loving compassion...I live on in Gaia, my energies imbued into Her body, Her heart, Her mind. That is how we "live on" on the planet---through our love-energy. In the heart-minds of others. It's cumulative, don't you see? The love and kindness and compassion we generate, on a daily basis in small ways throughout our lives, "accumulates" energetically, imbues the planet. It's exponential! 7.5 Billion people, imbuing the planet daily with their energy. Will they imbue it with love or hate? Compassion or disdain? fear or courage? The cumulative energies of Gaia is what contributes to and influences humanity's consciousness---humans to Gaia to humans---We influence the course of humanity on a daily basis by what we think, say, do, emote, as the energies go into Gaia and then serve to influence all of humanity.

So, what are we putting into Gaia? What are we imbuing Her with? What is "enough"? There are always those humans who "stand out" in the crowd---the "heroes", the "villains", the "bad guys"---the ones the world (or the press) take note of. But the earth is comprised of billions of people, and it is the small, everyday acts that matter just as much as the grandiose plans of the few. after all---if you have a "hero"---what or who made him or her so? If someone stands up from the crowd and makes a grand speech, if everyone in the audience enthusiastically embraces the ideas/thoughts generated by the one, then the energies of the many is what puts those words or actions into motion, and the "speaker" is elevated in the eyes of the many. Conversely, the one can stand up and shout, yet if the crowd ignores or denounces that person, the ideas and thoughts of the one are diminished, and energetically fade away. Oftentimes the speaker/leader/hero is merely verbalizing the energies/thoughts/feelings/emotions of those in the "crowd"---the "energies" already exist, they are just being articulated.

So, as humans in bio-bodies, it is our choice of what energies we wish to imbue the Earth with, on an everyday basis. Remembering it is cumulative. And no person is perfect, of course! Nor is this expected. So that's all the more wondrous when a human consciously chooses to imbue the earth with kindness, tolerance, compassion, love, forgiveness of one's self, and forgiveness of others. This "sounds" rather mundane and ordinary, yet think of the exponential amounts of energies generated if all 7.5 Billion humans generated these very same energies daily, everyday! Would that not shift the consciousness of humanity? Of course it would. Even if much smaller numbers of humans did this, it would greatly influence the rest of humanity, albeit at a "slower" pace. And what constitutes "imbuing the earth" with these energies....small acts, small small small---being kind to neighbors, strangers, loved ones...the word "mitzvot" comes to mind [note: mitzvot, plural of mitzvah, Hebrew, an act of loving kindness; a "good deed"]---everyday acts of loving kindness, albeit "small" acts---a kind word, a smile, a hug, a helping hand, a word of acknowledgement, a recognition of someone as a fellow human being, a softening of the heart, an act or word of forgiveness, a loving thought. Nothing grandiose is necessary. Small, everyday acts.

---and not only how humans treat each other, but how humans treat their animals, their plants, the world around them. Do they acknowledge when their trees are thirsty, and water them? Are they kind to the soil organisms---the worms and bugs and insects, acknowledging their importance to Gaia? Do they thank water, thank wind, thank air and oxygen beings, thank the Sun for providing warmth, without which there would be no life on the planet? Do they thank the Moon for her beauty and for giving us the tides? Do they thank the Stars? the planets and celestial bodies? do they thank Gaia for everything that comes from Her Body? Do they thank the animals raised for their milk, their eggs, their very bodies for food? Do they treat them lovingly, kindly, and thank them for their sacrifice to feed humans? Fish and ocean-dwelling animals, too? Do they thank the oceans of the world for nurturing the very first life on Earth? Do they? Do scientists make note that someTHING or ENERGY or Consciousness brought the first conglomeration of elements and chemicals together, to form the first "primordial ooze" leading to all life on Earth---that this was not a mistake, or happenstance, or "random", but was part of a Plan that has been in existence forever and Always? Do they?

Some don't like the word "gratitude"---it can sound lofty. So use "Thank you". Thank you, thank you, thank you. Daily. Often. for small and large events and occurrences, for the food eaten, the water drunk, the flow of water as you flush the toilet. Thank you. The light bulb glowing with electricity when you turn on the lamp. Thank you. Your car starting up on a cold morning. thank you! There is a tradition among religious Jews to give thanks for everyday, mundane activities---even going to the bathroom---thank you! Thank you for my bowels working! Thank you bladder! Thank you body! Thank you Thank you Thank you. Thank you hand, for holding the pen that writes these very words. Thank you pen, thank you ink, thank you paper. Thank you trees from whence the paper came. See? the possibilities of "Thank You" are endless, infinite.


(THANK YOU, Leslie Gold-man!)

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