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Sexual Orientation

The first news event related to sexual orientation is an article written by Jeremy Peters

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 The first news event related to sexual orientation is an article written by Jeremy Peters. Its title is “Obamas Protections for L.G.B.T Workers will Remain under Trump.” The article was published on the 30th of January 2017, and it discusses the reasons why the current US president, Donald Trump, will retain the protections of all the gays and transgender people from any form of discrimination that the Obama’s administration had provided (Peters n.p). The news is based on the announcement made by the White House that Donald Trump is pleased with the order and does not intent to do anything with it as the majority of the think. The author of the article Jeremy Peters argues that under the Obama’s administration, all the bisexuals, transgender, gay, and lesbians were protected from any form of harassment at the workplaces (Peters n.p). It is also apparent from the article that president Trump has become the first republican president who supports gay rights directly in his speech. The conservatives who are the part of the republican move, however, feel that Trump has made a wrong choice as it makes the USA more socially liberal which is more harmful to morality. Nevertheless, the question raised in the article is whether Donald Trump will be able to protect the gay rights from the religious point since the Muslims and other immigrants feel threatened today.

The writing of the news article takes a very elaborate format. One of the core parts of the news writing is the topic link which is similar to the topic sentence and enables the reader to understand the main issues of the article. A news article bears a topic, topic link, body, and conclusion as it is represented in our already written essays For example, in this article the topic is “Obamas Protections for L.G.B.T Workers will Remain under Trump” (Peters n.p). It shows the reader that the main issues for exposition is the order of policy retention regarding gays, lesbians, and transgender. The topic link is the first statement in the news which tells about the White House making a statement that Trump will regain Obama’s policies on gays.

The topic of the article has a very great impact on the society, particularly gays, lesbians, and transgender people. The order retention means that its initial impact still remains in effect. It implies that workers should not be discriminated on the grounds of being gay, lesbian and transgender at the workplace at all. However, when assessed together with Trump’s recent order, banning immigrants from accessing the US still leaves room for the discrimination of those people based on the fact that they are immigrants. Some of the conservatives also feel that the morality and social order of the American people is being eroded. Therefore, while the order is taken positively by the gays, the religious leaders and other conservatives take it as bad news.

In my own opinion, the article is timely and informative. It takes into consideration the fact that the Republicans have taken a very conservative stand when it comes to matters of gay rights. For example, the US president recently appointed judge Neil Gorsuch to the supreme court of the United States of America despite the fact that he is known for his conservative stand (Peters n.p). The news event comes in timely to inform the people of the recent developments, taking into account the fact that Donald Trump has been criticized over his stand, especially on the immigrants, for a long time. While he was campaigning, the President seemed to take a more conservative view regarding issues on religion and sexual orientation. Furthermore, Trump seemed to get a lot of support from his fellow Republicans such as Ben Carson, who is known for his views on gays. Ben Carson through his book, titled “One Nation under God”, seems to reject all the Obama’s orders, ranging from the gays and lesbians protection. However, despite the past, I believe that until president Trump makes a formal order of restoring the president Obama’s policies, the American people have no reason of smiling.

Criminal Justice News

The second article under review is written by the New York Times’ editorial board. Its title is “Crime and Gratitude in New York”. The main subject of the news article is criminal justice in the United States of America. The article explains the reason why New York is rated amongst the safest states ever in the United States of America. It is connected with a fact that at the close of 2016, the rates of crimes were noted to be tremendously going down, especially in terms of the homicides. That notwithstanding, New York remains the least affected city in terms of incarcerations. The most notable of all is the fact that between 1996 and 2014, the city reduced the rate of incarceration by a margin of 56 percent. Amongst this, serious crimes were noted to have reduced by a margin of 58 percent (The Editorial Board n.p). The article further explains that the reason why the rates appear to be so is the fact that marijuana is now legal in the city and that the legislation has assisted in eradicating petty offences, thus leaving the law enforcement agencies to focus on more serious crimes. The article acknowledges that despite the critics arguing that Mr. de Blasio has done nothing in saving the poor people, their safety shows a completely different situation (The Editorial Board n.p).

Like the first story on sexual orientation, this article follows all the rules of the formal news writing. For example, it bears a title which is a core requirement, the topic link, the body, and the conclusion. The other discussions of the article, therefore, falls within the dimensions of the four parts of the news article writing. In this instance, its title is “Crime and Gratitude in New York”. The topic sentence which is similar to the topic link is found at the beginning of the article which starts “the crime rate keeps falling in New York City…” (The Editorial Board n.p). A close consideration of the topic link makes us understand the relationship between the body and the topic of the article. The body itself gives the reasons as to why the crime in New York City is falling. The conclusion of the article is that the people’s criticism is unjustified owing to the record in reducing crime rates.

The impact of the article on the Americans, particularly the people of New York City, is that they feel safer today than ever (The Editorial Board n.p). Furthermore, it implies that dealing with serious crimes is a possible matter if necessary steps are taken. In the article, the author argues that the passage of the marijuana legislation is responsible for the reduction in the high crime rates. The news article, therefore, serves as a reference point upon which cities in other states can follow. The article is educative and informative, and it assists in making people perceive marijuana in a more positive manner as opposed to speculations that cannabis is very unhealthy to human beings.

My personal view about the article is that it is written from the political angle. The intention was to give a credit and provide a good image to Mr. de Blasio, which are required to retain his seat. From the article, it is claimed that there are a lot of accusations towards the leader regarding his failure to meet the natty gritty needs of the people. While the reduction of the crimes seems an issue worth of celebration, the matter of attaining it is very questionable. While the legislation of marijuana was passed in New York, not every resident is pleased with this decision. Owing to the fact that marijuana causes a lot of negative effects in the health of an individual, the leader is committing suicide towards his people and coating it with success in the crime reduction. Therefore, the article is biased to some extent.

Mental and Physical Health

The third news story is written by Pam Belluck. This article was published in December 2016 with the intention of demonstrating to the audience how abortion causes mental illness. Its title is “Abortion is Found to Have Little Effect on Women’s Mental Health” (Belluck n.p). The main idea of the news article is the discourse that indeed abortion has an effect on the mothers’ mental health. To some extent, the paper argues that it has been the reason as to why some people have been so opposed to abortion. While it holds true, there is a suggestion that a pregnant woman must be advised on the psychological effects of abortion before having it. Unlike the previous researches that suggested that only women subjected to abortion were capable of developing emotional and psychological trauma, a new research indicates that in fact, people who were turned away from being subjected to abortion also develop serious mental illnesses (Belluck n.p). Amongst these women, females who were subjected to abortion or turned away from it within their first trimester of pregnancy were more likely to contract the illness. In the end of the article, Dr. Biggs concludes that various steps have to be taken to ensure that women have as many open options to abortion as possible in order to reduce the number of females suffering from mental illnesses (Belluck n.p).

Like the previous two articles, this one also follows the recommended format. It bears all the parts ranging from the topic, topic link, body which comprises the arguments for and against the subject, and conclusion reflecting the opinion of the writer based on evidence. For example, the topic of this article is “Abortion is Found to Have Little Effect on Women’s Mental Health”. From the onset of the topic, what comes to the mind is the fact that mental illness relates with abortion to minimal extent. The topic link is presented in such a manner that raises doubt in the reader’s mind as to whether abortion really causes emotional and psychological trauma. The body, however, is composed of several arguments based on evidence from renowned scholars about why failure to submit women to abortion causes mental illnesses more than when subjected to it. The conclusion resonates well with the topic and topic link by refuting the fact that abortion causes mental illness.

The impact of the article on the society is severe as it argues indirectly about allowing abortion. It should be noted that while abortion was being committed in the United States of America, it was not until Obama’s time that it was officially legalized. This move came with a lot of criticism, especially from the church and social conservatives. Thus the stand taken by the author is reflective of the views that abortion ought to be legal. The article is an attack of the old opinions of the abortion opponents who wanted to use mental illness as a way of discrediting abortion and eradicating it. On the other hand, the author suggests that the failure to subject a woman to abortion causes mental illness. Therefore, the stand in the article is abortion based.

My view regarding this article is that it is propagated by the merchants of social progressiveness who believe that abortion should be legal. While research indicates that women who are not subjected to abortion are likely to develop mental illness, it indirectly argues about the legalization of abortion which differs from my stand. My belief is that abortion should always be used as a means of last resort. However, I accept both stands that abortion is responsible for causing mental illnesses in women, and that the refusal to subject a woman whose life is in danger to abortion causes mental illness as well.

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