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GCG, Colosan, + Liver Flush tips

Gold coin grass, Colosan, and Liver Flush tips and preparations

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I tend to take time to prepare for a liver flush,
'generally by starting first with using gold coin grass.
The basic program is one tablespoon
each morning for 3 weeks.
It is most bitter,... I took it as 3 tsps at once
so i could get it down back of my throat quicker.

It breaks up larger stones, impacted stones etc,
so you pass more smaller broken bits
which lessens the possibility of stuck stones.

You can purchase gold coin grass
It is a bit pricey ,
but one bottle will last you
a good 3 flushes, and is well worth the purchase.
It has a higher expense shipping,
because of the canadian customs charge.

After doing the 3 week preparation with gold coin grass,
follow with 5 days of malic acid ingestion
to further soften stones.
Most folks do this by drinking bottled apple juice,
4-6 cups per day (not fresh or concentrate)..
or if they can't handle the sugar,
then they can use malic acid in powder form.

be sure to drink your usual water intake also.

Cease drinking bottled apple juice after that.
It is not good for you (high sugar content)
and has no redeeming value whatsever,
except the malic acid as a preparatory use prior to a flush.

Next I feel it very crucial to clean your bowels
from colon down the day before the flush
and the day fully 24 hours after.

I cannot afford colonics,
and do not have a colema board either,
but both of these are the ideal procedure definitely.

I use COLOSAN, .. which will deteriorate
and flush out old fecal matter
on your linings from COLON down.
(enemas do NOT clear the colon, only the small intestines.)

The whole purpose of this is to ensure
that any stones you may release
have a greater freedom of passage without impediment.
(Esp important since they will be highly toxic
and need to get out or your system as fast as possible
after leaving the liver).

Using a colon down cleanser is also important after the flush
to make sure all stones have been passed out completely.

Colosan is tasteless, slightly chalky ,
but certainly drinkable with no problem.
After drinking a dose in water,
you follow it with 1/2 fresh squeezed lemon juice, undiluted to activate it.
It then releases oxygen into your bowels
which deteriorates the old stuff
and any current waste material
in your elimination system.

One bottle (container) is well worth the $
since you can use it as a inner colon down cleansing
whenever you choose, + can easily adapt the dose
to a level suitable for you.
One bottle will last you a minimum 6 months,
if you do the plan they suggest,
(or longer if you just use it as an occasional cleanser
say on a weekend or so.)

For more info, at the amazon link, where i buy from go here :COLOSAN
just scroll down and read product description.

A tip about about the Epsom salts: ( during the actual flush ).

The purpose of the 4 doses, is that the magnesium relaxes
the ducts in the liver,
thus allowing ease of release of stones,
esp those of larger natures.
The process begins to relax them fully,
before drinking the oo mix,
which activates the great release of bile under pressure
by the large amt of oil ingested.

The need for keeping the ducts *dialated*
thru the magnesium ingestion,
I think makes it self- evident
why this would be a optimal need.
(to do all 4 doses as scheduled)

Esp since by the next morning the ducts
will have begun to close again and need to be relaxed again.
I could see *possibly* for a specic reason
elimanating the 4th dose, (but Iwould advise against this as well),
Certainly not the 3rd.
(I say this because of a poster who was going to not
do the 3rd and 4th epsom salt part of the flush ).

if you so desire to utilise another means
of magesium dilutation of the ducts,
a great many people drink magnesium citrate instead.
This can be bought in powdered form and drunk,
or in capsules and then empty the capsule
into a glass of water and stir it a lot to dissolve it.
Use it in such a way as on the epsom salt time schedule.
You would need to ask someone else the exact dose,
but I believe Wellnessyoga used 800 mgs per glass
as a replacement for each drink of epsom salts.
This poster was very small and slim
and used less than the suggested dose,
which if my memory serves me,
was 1000 mgs (per drink) for a 155 lb adult.

This will be very chalky drink,
but the taste is nil/compared to the bitter epsoms.

I found that drinking the epsom salts thru a straw
and followed with a small slice of lemon for a minute,
to suck on was a great help in getting the bitter
taste out of my mouth.

I also found that having a small amt. of apple juice ready
next to where I would lie down after the oo/grapefruit mix
was of great help.
I drank my mix with a straw, and immediately after, swished
with the apple juice, then spat it back into the cup
and laid down.
This cleared all the oil residue and taste out very nicely.

I used Andreas mix juice alternative suggestion from his book
and found it most pleasant.
here is an extra tip about body position after drinking the oo juice.

Lie completely still for 20 minutes. then you may wish to roll on side in a light fetal-ish position as some do.
I prefer to lie on my back after that, personally.

Many have found it helpful to begin drinking water about an hour after the 3rd epsom salt drink to help keep from being dehydrated,
and have found it helps further flushing of released stones.
It is my understanding that you can drink water at anytime during flush,
but not directly after the salts, and certainly not with or close to the
oo juice mix.
but to sip some water in between lightly to quench thirst is ok ,
just don't go overboard.

PS: I also take ONE Tablespoon of clarkia about 15 minutes before the OO to make sure any parasites that might be expelled
from liver are killed as they are released.

Colosan can also be used whenever you desire
as a great separate colon cleanser:
see container info for use..
generally it is used for one week, everday,..
then onto a once a week, one dose routine maintenance plan.
Adapt it to suit your needs.
I am short and sensitive.
I only take 1/3 a teaspoon once a day when I use it,
vs the dose which is 1 teaspoon 2 x's a day.
adapt it to YOU, and your life needs.

I hope this information is useful to you ,
as your continue on your journey to optimal health.

for Hulda Clarks liver flush recipeGO HERE

or you can buy Andreas Moritz books The Amazing Liver flush,
or Timeless Secrets to Health and Rejuvenation at his website.
personally after doing both, I prefer Andreas' Version.
ESP about doing the flush on the moon timing he suggests,
made a big difference for me, as well as the seasonal time changes.

to link to his curezone forum and they goto his website, GO HERE

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