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Frequently Asked Questions about Colon Health

Questions about Colon Health

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Frequently Asked Questions about Colon Health

Explanation: The gastro-intestinal (GI) tract is about 30
feet long, from your mouth to your anal opening. The last
five feet is the large colon; the last 7-8 inches is the

Q: Is it true a person can have a gas pain or spasm that can
simulate a heart or gallbladder attack?

A: Yes, because part of the colon is under the ribs, thus
the pain can simulate either attack.

Q: What are the funny noises I can hear in my stomach area?

A: Contractions of the small or large intestinal tract,
usually caused by certain foods or liquids or even stress.

Q: Can one live without a colon and rectum?

A: Yes, the body can function perfectly. However, the person
will have to have a ostomy - Surgical opening in the body, usually to allow discharge of wastes through the abdominal wall.It may be temporary, to relieve strain on damaged organs, or permanent, to replace normal channels congenitally missing or surgically removed (usually to treat cancer). A loop of bowel (the colon in colostomy and the ileum in ileostomy) is cut and the end brought through to the abdominal surface. Waste usually exits into a self-adhering bag worn over the opening, or an internal pouch may be made from body tissue.

Q: Does the colon have bacteria in it?

A: Yes, bacteria helps with the fermentation of the waste
material. Bacteria in the colon is very helpful in aiding

Q: Does the colon or rectum have any feeling?

A: The only feeling is distention; otherwise, no feeling at
all. This is the very reason colorectal cancer sneaks up on
people who don't keep their colon clean via internal
cleansing, as in the case of the husband of NBC Today's
Show's Katey Couric who died at 42 of colon cancer. He never
suspected it.

If a person swallows a nail and it perforates the wall,
there's no feeling until infection sets in. There are no
nerves in the area. You must have regular daily bowel
movements. Nearly every man, woman, and child living in
modern society is constipated, whether they know it or
not - even though the bowels may move everyday. To
understand such a statement, constipation begins with the
pressing together of one feces to another. This is one type;
another is when old feces stick to the wall of the colon and
do not pass out with regular bowel movements. Both types are
so common that hardly anyone recognizes them as being

Q: How do cancers of the colon spread in the body?

A: By the bloodstream, but more commonly through the
lymphatic system, which drains the colon and the rectum. The
cancer starts growing on the lining of the colon, then
spreads through the bowel wall. Next, through the lymphatic
system to the adjacent lymph nodes. From the nodes it goes
to distant organs (liver, lungs, pancreas, kidney) which
reminds us of where John Wayne's lung cancer and Jackie
Onassis' lymph cancer (Hodgkin's Lymphoma) really started.
Especially when doctors were surprised to find over 40 lbs.
of fecal waste in Wayne's large colon on autopsy. Can you
believe it? Some doctors scare me to death.

Q: Is chemotherapy still used?

A: Yes, depending on the stage of the cancer, chemotherapy
is employed usually as a palliative treatment for pain and
discomfort (often causing more of the same), more often to
help the patient live awhile longer.

Q: Why are there so many drugstore laxatives?

A: Because one laxative usually does not satisfy a person
for long. A person will take a laxative and pass a lot of
material; as he continues laxative doses closer together,
obviously his colon is completely empty. When nothing is
produced after consecutive laxatives, it makes him feel the
laxative is not working. He goes back to the drugstore to
find another one that may work better.

Q: What causes diarrhea?

A: Anything from diet to disease. Unexcreted food wastes
fermenting in the colon attract thousands of parasites that
feast on these putrefied foods plastered on the lining of
the colon wall. Diarrhea for more than 3 days definitely
indicates parasites. There are people with chronic diarrhea
who say they are not constipated because their bowels move
several times a day. Yes, daily bowel movements are not
constipated, but let's take a look at the cause of the
diarrhea. As long as there's an irritating influence
present, the colon attempts to expel it by repeatedly
emptying itself of whatever can be forced out. In chronic
diarrhea the accumulation of stagnant mucus, at times laden
with harmful bacteria or even parasites is actively
irritating. In this case, the source of irritation (as
stated above) adheres to the walls of the colon and cannot
be expelled. Result: chronic diarrhea, which often responds
remarkably to an effective colon-cleansing product.

This discussion of diarrhea brings up the question of
parasites again. Many varieties of intestinal worms lodge
themselves in the old matter that encrusts the walls,
having babies every 22 days, and the hundreds upon hundreds
all excreting inside you. Parasites thrive on filthy
environments. They love sugar more than you do and enjoy
inhabiting the warmth of your warm body. Once the colon is
cleansed of this sticky food waste material, many intestinal
parasites cannot maintain a foothold in the body. Remove
this old, putrid, decaying mucous matter and you will flush
these parasites out as well.

Q: Is it important to stop diarrhea?

A: Your doctor says "yes". However in most cases, diarrhea
should NOT be stopped, but will heal itself with a change of
diet and the use of natural internal cleansers. Healing will
occur in less than a week without taking any drugs to cause
additional problems.

Q: What is diverticula?

A: Pockets or sacs that form out from the wall of the colon
which can become dangerous and painful from diet and
infection. Cause? Doctors say what they often say: "We don't
know the cause." But tissue is made of cells. When cells are
weak, or dying, they can and do easily balloon. Gas can make
this happen. Wrinkles begin forming everywhere. Flab. Same

Q: Is diverticulitis serious?

A: Extremely, especially when perforated, allowing infection
between organs. Time for surgery.

Q: Is constipation the real cause of cancer?

A: Health-oriented physicians around the world unequivocally
say YES! That's why a clean colon is so vital to good

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