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The key to a vigorous pain free healthy life.

The key to a vigorous, pain free, healthy life is a clean,
unobstructed and properly functioning organs. In order to
cleanse the liver, a liver flush is recommended to remove
toxins and foreign substances from the body that hamper this
vital organ from performing it's natural functions.

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Liver Detoxification

Toxification, or over-pollution of the liver is a very
serious issue. Exotoxins come from outside the body. These
toxins are inhaled, absorbed through our skin, and ingested
every day from polluted air, water, and soil.

Exposure to toxins is increased by smoking, mass consumption
of alcoholic beverages, taking medications, poor diets,
under-consumption of water, and from using household

These toxins are passed from our intestines to our liver
through the portal vein, where they are detoxified.

Endotoxins are toxins that are generated inside our bodies.
If digestion is poor, bacteria in the gut act upon
undigested foods and create toxins. These toxins can damage
the mucus lining of the intestine which increases its
permeability and allows the toxins to enter the bloodstream
and gain access to all areas of the body.

Our liver performs more than 500 functions, with one of
its main functions being the management of the
detoxification process. The liver is one of the body's major
organs involved with elimination, along with the colon,
kidneys, skin and lungs.

The liver's main role in detoxification is to change or
detoxify harmful toxins in the body into substances that can
be safely eliminated from the body.

Another role the liver plays is in the secretion of bile. A
healthy liver will manufacture about one quart of bile per
day. Bile serves as a carrier substance for the elimination
of toxins from the body. If the liver is not working
properly and is sluggish because of toxic overload, the
toxins can build up and cause inflammation and oxidative
stress, in which the body is subjected to cell damage from
free radicals (highly reactive and damaging chemical

The toxins end up re-circulated and eventually stored in
fatty tissues, which include the some brain cells and areas
of the central nervous system. The slow release of these
toxins into the bloodstream is a big factor in the
development of chronic diseases.

In order for the liver to detoxify harmful substances, it
must transform fat-soluble toxins into a water-soluble state
so they can be released through the kidneys (for elimination
through urination) and into the bile (for elimination
through the colon).

The transformation occurs in a two-phase enzyme process. In
phase one, 50-100 enzymes chemically break down toxins
absorbed from the intestinal tract as well as hormones,
alcohol, nicotine, drugs and a vast variety of chemicals
from food and water. One of three things happen to toxins
when they are metabolized:

1) They are neutralized and released into bile.
2) Made water-soluble so that the kidneys can excrete them
into the urine.
3) Converted to a more chemically active form called active
intermediaries (for example pharmaceutical drugs). These
molecular intermediaries are often even more toxic than the
original substances and can do more significant damage if
they are not properly eliminated.

In phase two, the active intermediaries must be converted a
second time where they are combined with mineral compounds,
amino acids or other biochemicals that are water-soluble.
Only after the additional phase two conversion can they be
safely excreted into the urine and bile.

Toxins may still build up in the body if either phase of
detoxification are inefficient or overloaded. People most
likely to experience liver-related health problems are those
who have rapid phase one activity but depressed phase two
functions. In this case, active intermediaries accumulate,
causing more damage than the original toxins due to their
increased toxicity levels. Most people who have this pattern
of dysfunction tend to develop environmental sensitivities
and drug intolerances.

Both phase one and two detoxification processes are
dependant on availability of certain nutrients. If any of
them are absent, the liver's detoxification ability is

The liver can continue functioning when almost 70% of it's
capacity is lost. It is often seen that some people consider
themselves to be in good health despite the fact that they
have symptoms that are recognized as liver-related.

Some symptoms are:
pale stools
pain in the right side
depressed appetite
loss of energy
metallic taste in mouth
skin problems
chemical sensitivities
discoloration on whites of eyes
pain under right shoulder blade
digestive complaints
poor tolerance to fatty foods
emotional excess
drowsiness after eating
weak tendons, ligaments, and muscles
difficulty losing weight

Super Phos 30 is one of the best. A liver flush can clean up
miles of bile ducts (tubes) and eliminate hundreds of stones
that we call gallstones, yet, in fact, are formed in the

Eliminating stones improves digestion, the basis of human
health; allergies and pain can disappear; you can have more
energy and a sense of well being.

Super Phos 30 quickly and painlessly eliminates these stones
allowing you to take back your health and your life.

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