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Auto Zapping

How Bio Frequencies Can Help You

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Ever since electricity was discovered, a variety of medical
applications were developed in diagnosis and therapy. For a
long time electricity has been used in pain therapy. Its
effect in different intensities, frequencies and modulations
on pathogens and on different functions of the human body
have repeatedly been examined.

It was more than 70 years ago that Nikola Tesla thoroughly
worked on this subject. Royal Raymond Rife and Dr. Hulda
Clark - to mention just a couple - have carefully
investigated this field and made a number of extraordinary
findings. To be able to understand their discoveries, one
should know about a discovery made by Dr. Voll in the '50s.

He found out that the measurable electrical skin resistance
is lower at acupuncture points than on other places on the
skin. This resistance can change immediately (this change
can be measured) if electric, magnetic or other information
is brought to the body. This discovery was developed further
in many variations so that today we have a large variety of
testing procedures similar to electro acupuncture. These
processes, generally characterized as "bio-energetic
testing", are practiced by more than 5,000 practitioners,
MDs, dentist, naturopaths -- even veterinarians.

So, this method is able to measure the change of a vital
flow within the human body, caused by external, electric,
magnetic or medicinal influences. The higher developed a
life form, the higher are its own frequencies, and the
larger is the band width it oscillates. A further discovery
was that micro organisms apparently cannot tolerate electric
current within their own frequency band, using alternating
current of low voltage. Relatively simple experiments can be
done on small living beings like insects or worms that are
exposed to very weak current in their own frequency band.
You can watch them either die or become numb and not recover
from this treatment.

The next logical step was to find out whether this treatment
would work within a human body. This was the hour of birth
of treatment with a bio-frequency generator. The results
were overwhelming. Thus, an organism’s band width could not
only be used to detect it through a resonance phenomenon,
showing the presence of certain viruses, bacteria, fungi or
parasites, but we are now also able to treat these organisms
without harming the human body.

After such a treatment the pathogens in question could not
be measured any more for a while. Now a completely new way
of therapy leading to the future was created in conjunction
with the frequency generator. A human organism whose immune
system is too weak to get rid of bacteria, fungi or
parasites in question, can now successfully be cleaned out
with the aid of the frequency generator.

Based on these pioneering findings, a number of bio-
energetic practitioners went ahead to find bacterial,
parasitic, fungal and viral burdens as well as the
pertaining band widths and treat the patients accordingly
with the function generator.

It was the merit of Dr. Clark to have first expressed the
well-founded conjecture that an array of heaviest chronic
diseases are linked with different parasitic burdens. It is
known that most parasites go through various stages of
development. From the ovum they develop miracidiae, rediae,
cercariae, metacercariae and finally full-grown flukes.
Other species have different stages of larvae. The attack by
parasites, which is an enormous strain to the organism, was
not recognized in clinical tests as there are uncommon
biological mechanisms at work.

First of all these stages of parasite development in the
human body were not specifically looked for in biology and
clinical tests because according to orthodox biology, they
take place outside a human being on intermediate hosts such
as pets, insects, snails etc.

Secondly, due to the limits of laboratory possibilities,
clinical studies have only been interested in massive
infestations. This means that generally parasites are
detected only when they occur in the stool, accompanied by
vomiting, fever, anemia and so forth. The metabolites of
parasites contain a lot of allergens due to a number of
foreign proteins and acids.

The success in treatment of allergies, asthma, migraine,
cancer, diabetes, rheumatic diseases and non-specific
problems of digestion (just to name a few) in some cases can
be so impressive that it might look like spontaneous

The zapper, used on a daily basis, has proven very valuable,
namely used three times 7 minutes. Bio-energetic testing has
reconfirmed the value of this regimen time and again. The
reason lies in the very nature of the treatment. It was a
discovery of practitioners working with bio-energetic
testing devices that there is a symbiosis between the
different pathogens. It became obvious that certain bacteria
can live on or in certain parasites, and can in turn harbor
other bacteria or virus; the same applies to fungus.

Although this phenomenon may seem strange at first sight, it
is sufficiently well-known in orthodox medicine. It has, for
example, been described that Ascaris can accommodate dozens
of species of bacteria, like E. coli, Staph, Strep or
Proteus bacteria. It is also known that fungus can live on
the surface of worms. This can be verified in any primer on
microbiology. Therefore, the findings of clinical research
and bio-energetic research coincides - an acknowledgement of
the "medicine of the future". Certainly this kind of testing
will become quite common in the near future, for the
medicine of the future will not be able to do without the
physical, bio-energetic testing.

Treatment Regimen With A Zapper

You should use the zapper during 7 minutes. This first
treatment will kill or weaken a number of parasites,
bacteria, virus and fungus. The affected parasites will
release a large number of bacteria, which the immune system
has to cope with. Thus, after a break of 20 to 40 minutes, a
second 7 minute round of zapping must be undertaken. This
time the same mechanism holds, the current kills bacteria
that will release fungus and bacteria, which makes a final
third 7 minute round of zapping necessary after a 20 to 40
minute interval. The total treatment time is an hour to an
hour and a half, which can be made use of for reading,
watching TV or relaxing. The only condition is that the
electrodes are held or attached to the body.

Pattern #1:

1st application: 7 minutes; 20 to 40 minutes break
2nd application: 7 minutes; 20 to 40 minutes break
3rd application: 7 minutes

If you suffer from a chronic disease, you should keep
following the treatment of pattern #1 for at least six weeks
daily. Afterwards, zap 5 days per week for another 3 weeks.

Once you are doing better, zap once daily for 10 minutes for
another 3 weeks, 5 times per week. This maintenance is
intended to keep new pathogens from establishing themselves
in the body, while your immune system fully recovers to do
the job on its own, which is the goal of every treatment.

Pattern #2:

during six weeks: daily application;
during three weeks: five days and break of two days;
during three weeks: once daily 10 minutes.

This pattern should not be considered rigid, because it
should be adjusted to the needs of the individual patient.

While zapping, it can happen that your body gets overloaded
with the dead organisms and toxins released by parasites,
fungus und bacteria. These toxins must then be eliminated
from the body. For this purpose you should follow the
measures described in "Additional Measures."

If you are very weak and feel strong reactions like lack of
energy or an aggravation of the symptoms, your body is not
able to detoxify sufficiently and your immune system can’t
absorb the toxins. You should then switch to the "5 day
zapping - 2 day break" regimen, or reduce further to zapping
only one 3*7 session every 4th day.

This leaves your organism enough time to recover. As soon as
the reactions subside, you can step up to every 3rd or every
2nd day, then daily. If, on the other hand, improvement is
very rapid - as we have seen it happen many times - you can
go on the maintenance earlier.

Additional Measures

In general, some additional measures to the use of the
zapper are useful to support the therapy.

Drinking: Drink your two quarts daily, even if this is hard
for you at the beginning. Your body will thank you and go
through a transition over a period of about 6 weeks! We urge
you to drink a minimum of two quarts of uncarbonated, high-
quality water daily when using the zapper.

Vitamin C: The body can make much less use of synthetic
ascorbic acid than natural vitamin C, like for example the
Super C from Dr. Lange. It seems that the 5 to 10 fold
quantity is needed to achieve the same result with synthetic
vitamin C as compared to natural, organic vitamin C. Organic
means here that it has been derived from fruit or plants.

Despite the fact that organic vitamin C is 5 to 10 times
more expensive than synthetic vitamin C, it ends up being
cheaper and more healthy to the body, too, since large
amounts of ascorbic acid taken over an extended period of
time can irritate the mucous membranes. Vitamin C plays an
important role in the many healing processes that take place
in the blood vessels. Vitamin C is successfully used against
mycotoxins (toxins from food molds). So, when you work with
the zapper to support your immune system and promote
elimination of toxins, make it a habit to take 1/3 to ½ tsp.
natural vitamin C.

De-acidification: The most acidifying foods are known to be
alcohol, sugar, coffee and black tea. These should be
reduced as best as possible depending on the severity of the
disease. On the other hand, eat a lot of vegetables, salad
and fruit! Most people are unaware of the excessive amounts
of sugar and proteins they ingest. Only a careful
examination of their dietary habits can shed light on this

If you follow these four easy rules, you are on the best way
to a nearly perfect state of health: drink approx. two
quarts of water, balance acids and bases, take vitamin C and
use the zapper daily.

Daily Check

The daily check of your morning urine by using an indicator
strip is a great help. The pH-value should be between 7.0
and 7.4. If this value is reached the foundation for
recovery is laid. Indicator strips should have a scale from
5.4 to 8.0 in steps of 0.2. You get them in any pharmacy.

Eliminating Parasites

Of course it makes sense to follow the herbal parasite
regimen in addition to the zapping to eliminate all
pathogens and parasites thoroughly and for good. Worms &
Parasite Capsules are a great product to assist in this

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