Blog: Plant Your Dream!
by YourEnchantedGardener

Bringing God to Earth

Feeling the frustrations
yesterday of being in the Crack.
Feeling my issues.
Going back to Analysize
and pick up my Power
through reconnecting
with the Tree of LIfe.

I was stuck yesterday in the
foundation area of the Tree of Life
in Kabbalah known as Yesod
and feeling quite frustrated.

Date:   6/1/2005 11:18:13 AM   ( 16 y ) ... viewed 1315 times

Yesterday was a difficult day.
I spent the morning putting all my energies
into uploading photos from the Peter
Dukich 90th Celebration and came close
to getting a COMPLETE
when I had to stop the show
and figure out how to PAY UP
our water bill before they turned off the FLOW
today. After two calls to the WATER CONTROLLERS
I finally got some good info
and seven more days to mail in the OVERDUE

We are in the week of Foundation
on the journey of the Tree of Life.
Issues of Foundation were definitely up
yesterday and I could feel the blocks inside me.
It was the day of Emotional Boundaries
and the channel was open between the left
shoulder and the genitals.

In Retrospect, YES I can see that was happening
as I now Review Rabbi Ted Falcon's book
A Journey of Awakening.

Yesterday, I could feel my areas of resistance
between the WATER Flows inside me
from top to bottom permeating Goodness upon the Earth.

I got in touch with intense energies of frustration.

I give, give, give, give,
but do not receive, receive, receive
back the energy because I seldom fully connect
one thing I am growing fully with the its ground.

Like this Peter Dukich project.
I went to the event Sunday and put out tons of phsical energy
and some expense getting there and coming home.
It was tiring.

The event aroused a deep seed
that gave me tons of inspiration.

I used this seed of inspiration inspiration
on Monday to write Blogs, and Blogs and Blogs

The Blogs spread the
word about Biodynamic gardening and composting
and are inspiration. I felt resolve to want to bring this
all home to my own garden here where I live.

One of my closest friends connected with what I was saying
and so this gave me more juice and reinforcement to
keep going.

Yesterday the Monday Holiday was over.
I was coming closer into the physical with this.

My strong suite is the upper levels of the Tree
in the world of Formation, the world of ideas.
I am great at dipping in and pulling energy from
the formless places of closer to Being where the Soul resides
but as I come closer and closer to the world of the physical
where more and more details are needed
and physical partnership and community to pull off a formed idea,
this is where my cracks and blocks surface.
These are my narrow places.

It gets harder and harder to get a complete
for me in the physical world. This is where
the messes show up. This is where my ideas
hit the cement and have breakdowns that call for

Often I feel the breakdowns.
This I find is essential for the breakthrough.
This is where Venting is healthy.
I personally do not like to apply Mind Science
at this point in my process. Here it is more like
a bandaid.

Knonos, Father Time, enters here when we
are dealing with Foundation issues. This, on
the journey of the Tree of Life, is the week of Foundation,
named Yesod.

I had to leave by !;45 to get to an accupuncture appointment.
I had to break my flow of inspiration with ideas
and then shift gears.

By the time I arrived at PCOM (Pacific School of Oriental Medicine)
all I could feel was the Crack and I was deep inside in.

I had put 15 hours or more into the Blogs and project,
I never brought it down to earth by the Doing of details--
the inputing the emails in my computer and letting all the
Work and Energy reach the Earth Keepers who would be
most inspired and interested in this body of material I had
brought into Form. They would want to see the photos.

I really needed to Connect with one of the Farmers who
would send in some $$$$ to help support all this work
I had such invested

Form, Form, Form, Work, Work, Work--
They sent it out.
Invest the Time on the Detail level of Foundation
Make a Connection in the Physical World
RECEIVE back, back, back.
Replenish....Rest...Enjoy the fulfilled Manifestation
of the Idea. All these are steps to Plant Your Dream.

I often get lost in the Crack
somewhere between Formation on the Tree of LIfe--
called Yetrzirah--and Malchut--the world of Manifesting,
Making/Acting. This world of manifesting is named Assiyah
in the Kabbalistic Journey of Awakening.

I went into my PCOM appointment processing all kinds
of info. I felt so tired, and so very out of the physical.

Sex for me brings the energies of the physical alive.
My ideas are pulled down to earth, and down into my body.

Having a lot of blocked flows in my lower three Chakras--
including digestion--and hips that do not move in all directions.
I sit and sit and sit, but I seldom stretch or walk or invest time
in my physical reality.

I was thinking of a friend who walks and walks
For me, I would like to manifest my gardens as
incredible expressions of paradise and fertility.
Guess what comes up when I touch the soil
or see the flowers, or ground in the earth???
I get so cosumed by the physicality of it all
that I start feeling energies and desiring contact
with a woman. Any Contact--even phone--will help.

After PCOM, I stopped in at the Mac Store nearby.
My financial Foundations structures are all screwed up
since my Quicken 2002 stopped connecting with the Bank on Line.
I wanted to check out the costs of upgrading to a new operating system.

I am not ready to make that leap or take on that expense.
The immediate step is getting a Quicken 2004 that will
delay the need to invest in a lot of new applications and give
me back my financial flow.

Then I went to Whole Foods. I did better than usual.
I realized that at times like this, I will eat anything
to substitute for the Sweetness of Life Fully Lived
that is feeling Unlived. I got out of there without eating
cheese or sweets, just proteins.

I got hooked into one pair of hips.
What are some of these young ladies thinking
dressing like that???

Oh, well, I had my own days of youth...A Crack idea...

Then going up the elevator...weary and tired
and heading for home...a set of breasts,
upstanding and declaring good health,
got into my energy flow.

I almost screamed,
but luckily jumped back into my head
with some lovely philosophical insprations
about Doing God On Earth
and how most of us, including me, do not.

I was grateful to come home, jump in bed.
I killed the night through a Girl-Boy movie
on ABC Family
that was really quite sweet.


For a deeper explanation and grounding
of the Four Worlds
of Kabbalah that you can apply to your own
Journey of Awakening, please see:

Den of Rattlesnakes:

A Journey of Awakening,
an Intro to Rabbi Ted Falcon's book
is here:

Homer Simpson Kabbalah;

You can print out a daily tracking calendar
of which days of the Omer go with which Sephira here.

Mystically Inclined? Intro to Rabbi Ted Falcon:

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