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Friday night Reflections...

Date:   6/6/2005 9:12:31 PM   ( 16 y ) ... viewed 1396 times

Yesterday afternoon
I went over to Von's
after the Farmers' Market.

They had this case of possible
breads that you could choose for
their Signature Sandwich Series
with each behind a display case
with the name of the type of bread
in large 72 point type.

My eye misread one of the Italian names
and I thought I saw it say "Diabetes"
on the front.

I guess I was thinking of my friend Bill
who does have diabetes but still drinks
Coke, be it Diet Coke, which may be worse
that Regular for all I know.

I love this book I once saw by John Tilden MD,
one of the heroes of Bernard Jensen.

The book was called Misscellaneous Writings,
if I am not mistaken. It may still be available through
Health Research Company. Tilden wrote the classic
called Toxemia Explained. He was part of the early
20th Century stream of M.D. who were health advocates,
i.e, John Harvey Kellogg, M.D. etc....

The book described Dr. Tilden on his normal train ride
into the city. He was in the breakfast car of the train.
He was watching the various body types of
people and naming the diseases they were causing
themselves by what they were eating.

I have often thought that there is a job out there for
many of us-- giving tours of our local Von's, etc.

We could go up and down the aisles pointing out
various chemical ingredients and how they effect the Body
Mind, and Soul connection. We could speak to the various
fragmented foods and how they help create our fragmented lives.

We could recommend various foods that a person
could eat who wanted help creating diabetes, or arthritis,
or high blood pressure.

It would make it a bit easier if you knew within some
perameters (sp?) , which foods could be used to create which ailment.
Of course, different poisons work differently on
different Soul and Chemical Types, however you get the general idea.

I would love to see various stickers on the foods.
Such as a nice big one on the Coke bottle...
"Diabetes" here.

This could be sponsored by the AMA or something
like that, or maybe the Dentist Society. There could be
a little thank you note for helping these industries prosper.

I have been thinking this morning about my own
self-inflicted suffering.

I wonder if my life would be any better if
I wrote a letter about what I imagine would make me happy
and then had the courage to post it, rather
than bury my real feelings behind this or that
food to stuff it all, or this or than workaholic pattern.

If I wrote this letter, then who every wanted to live the way that I would like
could know what I really wanted and had to offer.
Maybe there was someone
else out there who wanted the same thing and we could get

Most of us are on strike. We hate our life the Way it is,
but rather than find a Way to live the Life we can Imagine,
we take the lower road that helps kick us out of the Garden
and over
and over.

Pleasure is a horrible way to die.
Having to go through all the Personal Growth
to stay in Pleasure
or stay in the Garden
or Live Life to the Fullest
can be a pain in the ass,
so most of us choice an easier
approach to creating that pain.

One way or another,
Life is going to be a pain in the ass.
Let's face it, as long as we Resist
our Life, it is going to bite us in the butt
one way or another.

At the checkout counter,
there was a lovely woman
whose energies caught my Friday night
out-on-the town playfullness.
I was so happy to be no longer suffering through
my bills that I did all day. I realize one of my
housemates could organize a lot of this for me.

I wonder what would happen if I did the
things I was really good at, such as writing
and interacting with people. Those are things
I love to do.

The woman at the chekout was tall.
She was wearing shapely jeans,
and had a delicious Pink thin sweater
that outlined a very lovely bodice.

She was buying a Half Gallon
of Jerseymaid Ice Cream
called Heavenly Hash or something like that.
I could tell she was feeling upset.
I struck up a little conversation.

"Yes, this is all I need to get me through the night!"
she said.

So I read the label back to her:

"Jerseymaid Ice Cream
Heaven Hash
Boyfriend Replacer!"

She sort of went into agreement.
I wasn't too far off the right track.

I stopped and thanked her for the inspiration
for this writing. I borrowed a pen from
the Cash Checkout Man, and asked the
bagger about the size of the Ice Cream.
It was a regular Friday night Social Hour for me.

Then the woman went one Way and I the other.
I was a little sad that "never the twain shall meet."

A better man might have asked her
for a date.

For words that Men need to know
and women want to hear,
please see info about The Seven Love Cures here:

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