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Adapting to Machines or Nature?

Lynn Palmer
is a dowser...
So what is that?

Date:   6/30/2005 7:14:29 PM   ( 16 y ) ... viewed 865 times

Lynn Palmer helps us
increase our sensitivity to
adapting to living naturally on Earth,
rather than adapting to be more robotlike.

She is coming
to the International Feng Shui Conference,
San Diego, Aug 4-8.

Here is her Bio Note:

In this day, our society has been developing cities along oceans, rivers, lakes and fields, many times for convenience and oftentimes not taking powerful earth lines into consideration.  While this is taking place every day throughout the world, it is possible to find an optimal location for building sites in cooperation with the earth, to minimize damage done to nature's flow and vitality, as earth's health is in direct correlation with ours.  To do so, dowsing is our only tool that surprisingly brings humans back to their true capacity of being in full cooperation with the Earth.

As the philosophy of Feng Shui brings a certain flow inside buildings, dowsing is used to read the original underlying earth flow itself; its nature and its location. Therefore it is to be considered seriously for any dwelling or community area.  For instance, there are many different types of earth lines, such as ley lines, magnetic lines, underground rivers and so on, each having different influences on human conditions.  At the same time, humans can influence the lines themselves.  Underground water can only be detected by a human being, no instruments have been able to measure it.  We are far more perceptive and accurate than any magnetometer.

Lynn will discuss the importance of developing our innate capacity to become sensitive to geomancy, which is seemingly being contradicted by our fast developing technological society.  Humans are yet to adapt themselves fully to nature; it seems in our world we are trying to adapt humans to machines and robotize all that we can, to the possible detriment of health, and perhaps eventually to humanity overall.  

Earth lines and their effects meander thousands of feet vertically below and far above the ground; through buildings, through mountains.  In light of this, where exactly is the best place to lay your body for a sound night's rest, and which are the ones to treat like eggshells?  Are natural ecological disorders that occur in an area in any correlation to the consciousness of the people living there? Where do you build a road with the least probable accidents, how can water affect people if it is underground, how do you sleep with sustenance?  It would benefit all to respect and acknowledge these responses from the earth objectively, by placing our emotions consciously and without arrogance. Both earth and water are willing to live with us in great cooperation if we acknowledge they exist consciously.

Earth lines are not so subtle, they have destroyed entire coastlines.  Although humans, especially in groups, have the empowerment to earnestly change this stress the earth feels, by living in integrity and with consistent intention.  We are certainly in an appropriate time to do this.

We will discuss recognizing how the earth answers us, in its comfort and discomfort, when we are gracious enough to ask.  Yes, you will be talking to the earth through the floors and walls of physical dwellings.  It would do us good to hold enormous respect for natural energy lines.   This workshop is intense, passionate and fun.  You will depart knowing that you have an intimate and powerful bond and open communication with earth itself.

>From all outward appearances, Lynn lives on a bountiful piece of land in the tall redwoods.  Underneath all of this physical beauty of the land, is a major faultline epicenter that had a large earthquake previously, it is downhill from a quarry, in between two mountain ley lines, with two magnetic vortexes on the land.  Learn how she addressed these physical issues, which involved ringing ears, joint inflammations, fruits and flowers that grew irregularly; torquing along with the twist of the non-visible underground water vein.

Why the earth and water lines are the first part of your evaluation
Examples of earth responding to human emotions (implosion)
Curtains of energy through the earth
Why it is important to ask permission
How water veins get out of balance (reverse spin) with electrical influences
How to physically locate "invisible" lines.  How to recognize the more visible clues.
Working with the earth and weather with intent and sound - Asking storms to dissipate
Dowse placement of labyrinth over a magnetic earth line crossing - role of gold in crossings Implode beneficially shaped thoughtforms into the earth
Para-magnetism: what stones to use - increase magnetic induction.  Capacitor eggs. Humate, rock dusts, and consciously charged fertilizers
Make structures that are IN the earth - Tone inside them as much as possible.
Your sleeping areas - the first place to check for healthy position for your bed is after determining if water or magnetic lines may be underneath.

Learn to dowse specific lines - how to ask accurate questions; how to be in all four brain wave states simultaneously. Responses will be done with L-rods this time.  Eventually you get to the point where you may feel the lines without using the L-rods.

To a future where we embody a world that is more calm, more empowered, and more in alignment with nature.

About Lynn Palmer

Lynn's background is in locating water and various earth line crossings, adding para-magnetic stone for earth health (Callahan's work), BTB feng shui, and water revitalization.  She has a certificate of Advanced Dowsing from the American Society of Dowsers.  She and her partner have developed organic food gardens surrounded by labyrinths in the tall redwoods of California and are working toward permaculture.  Lynn has journeyed to sacred sites in England, Egypt, Europe, and Central America, and observed the beneficial, and not-so-beneficial workings that are being done with earth lines. She received a masters degree from the University of California. Employed as an economic and business forecaster for 18 years, she was using similar sensing capabilities to dowse earth lines.  She has an avid interest in physics, although doesn't believe it the way it is taught in textbooks, which omits the critical component: the significant influence of consciousness on steering outcome.  Humans store 'charge' and we perceive non-visible 'charges'.  As a child, her forte was that she could tell when individuals were telling the truth.  

Lynn currently teaches others how to dowse, and dowses sites for others.  
Her email is

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