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katrina caused by the BAD GUYS?

I agree, we have to
STOP some things
such as GE FOODS,
but the ultimate success
will come from the GOOD
we do in harmony with
Mother Earth.

I am more frightened by
what WE are NOT doing
than what THEY they are Doing!

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This was posted on my Comments
on the Plant Your Dream blog.

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your eg

Subject:   chemtrails and pseudo-junk-science
From:   oztin      | All oztin's Messages |
Date:   9/8/2005 11:07:29 AM   ( 51 min ago ) ...  

How do you know it's pseudo junk science? 

As for chemtrails, have you never seen one?  I would guess that you have but didn't know it.  I have seen plenty, more than I ever care to see again.  Would you like to see some pictures I've personally taken?  I can post them for your scrutiny. 

Not being "open minded to conspiracy theory garbage like this" doesn't change the reality of the situation one jot.  I don't want any of this to be true either, and if they weren't, I'd be even more the happier. 

If you have proof that this is all pseudo junk science conspiracy theory garbage, then I'm the most open-minded person to hear about it.  Because if it is all just that...  then we can all breath a sign of relief.  The boogie man scared us, but now he's gone away...

But if there is a conspiracy, then we all have better keep our eyes open, our ears to the ground, our hearts and minds open.

If you think for a moment, what is the likelihood that ALL of the conspiracies theories are false?  What if only 1% of them were true?  What if only .1% were true?  Or .01%? 

If you ponder on that for a moment and you might see that the world we live is radically different from the one you believed it was.


The Police:  We are all a material world.

from Your EG:

OZ, Why don't you post some of the chemtrails stuff on blogs
on your blog. I would like to look at it.

I listened to some heavy duty conspiracy stuff about a month
ago concerning 911. IT was called Confronting the Evidence
and I saw it in a community gathering.
IT was very well done point for point. It was a very convincing
argument that 911 was a planned demolition.

Sorry to say, I cannot watch that DVD. My copy is defunct.
Hope it wasn't the Conspirators that somehow caused
the DVD makers ON OUR SIDE to produce bad DVD's.
There is no end to conspiracies, once they get under our skin,
is there?

There were a number of people who were completely
whipped up into taking action about the impending terrorist
attacks that they believed wholeheartedly would happen
that very week!!! There were whole broadcasts on Coast
to Coast Radio telling about these impending STRIKES
so that Marshall law could be imposed.

I told them I did not think it was going to happen.

I can see where
they Conspiracy folks would imagine that Katrtina is
caused by THEIR SIDE. OUCH!!!

SO this is what I know to be TRUE:

I believe in YOU.
I am more concerned what YOU and I
are NOT doing that what they ARE DOING.




I WILL be at the Whole Being Weekend September 9-10-11.
There are people flying in from New York. IT only costs
about $89.00 pre-reg and $109.00 at the event for the whole weekend,
so if you can't come this year, start saving and fly out next year.

IT is a hoot: five vegetarian meals! camping. Hundreds of acres
to romp or hide away! Music till the late night hour....Karl Anothy
singing God is in ALL of Us Saturday night. Your Enchanted Gardener
leading some Love Cures and about 74 other presenters all
giving freely from every angle of natural healing.

Collaboration with the Good
would be my preferred way to go.

It is too easy to imagine that there is an US and THEM.
IF there is a THEM, I am more concerned with US and what we can
do to do the RIGHT thing.

As Mel Lions, one of the Team players of the Whole Being weekend
says, "There are a lot of things wrong in the world. The Whole
Being Weekend is what is right in the world.

So look at what Omoto is doing with water...a little good thoughts on
water... can you imagine the Good that can come from you walking
in the sunshine, trusting someone to walk you around with your eyes
closed into the arms of about twenty different people all chemically free?

Can you imagine the freedom of being approached loveingly with
no one out ot streal anything from you, or take anything?

Can you imagine how that feels and how much good that does
to heal the world?

Nature has a perfect formula for heaven on earth.
So what do you have to DO?

Just become a Gardener of the Soul and Soil.

Unless we do the basics...invest in nature's Original Technology
of seeds and self care of our own seeds...we are open to the entire
Universe doing PR stunts to help us get back on track with a natural

A man came up to me last weekend and asked:

How is your friend Monsanto doing?
I thought he meant Mandaza, the Afrrican Shaman!

Then I was thinking....YES! YES! YES!!
Monsanto, the Peruvian Shaman!!! YES!!

Monsanto is a Shaman.
God made Mansanto to get you and off off our butts.

God made Dick Cheney and our dear brother
George to get us off our Butts.

(By the way...where is Dick these days????)

So let them cook up whatever they imagine works
for THEM.

LET's You and I sit in a CIRCLE listening to each other.
IF we really, really hear and love each other safely...
GOOD GOD...this willl be Heaven on Earth.

Getting in sync with Nature is not all glamorous.
IT is labor intensive. IT asks collaboration.
IT asks Organic Celebration!

It asks personal growth.
it asks estreme generousity and willingness
to admit we are hurting, and then let go of the boo boos.

IT asks doing things that are not fun for some of us, such as getting organized, and being
the Leaders on a new heaven and a new earth, or even
GOD forbid....decluttering.

Dr. Jensen reported two plants that were growing interwhined.
One was growing in healthy loved soil, the other in uncared for
depleted soil--this plant has illness and bugs. The other that grew
in the healthy soil resisted the buglife.

So what plant are we?
It we spend all our precious time activated to STOP
THEM...we have done little to build up the good soil.

They have WON if we do not tear open the packages
of heirloom seeds we have left and figure out how to
make 300 more seeds grow from each seed we plant.

You and I are so RICH.

The bodies that we saw all week floating in water.
Remember, there are SOULS that went with those bodies
and those Soul are still alive. They are in your space now,
in your face now, ask you and I to step up and be more
because they tried, some of them, and were very stuck.

SO how about you and i being less stuck?


I awaken.
I see the dark corners of me are where I grow from.
I make them pure fertile soil.
I release my judgement
that darkenss is any less perfect than light.

Getting Stuck in the light
hurts the earth as much as
getting stuck in the dark.

Getting stuck anywhere is the closest
I will ever come to dying."

--from Moment of Awakening
your eg
Mother's Day 1989

There are energies alive on the earth deeply enfolded as a tight
bud of a flower, but they never have a chance to unfold because
no one is watering or caring for each other for each other
So we each Open!

Adopt one other person beside yourself.
claim them as our Soul Mate.
Love them the way they ask to be loved,
but be relentless in continuing as well
to love them as a act of loving yourself
no matter what....

We all have wounds, some so painful,
almost too uncomfortable
to look at, but while we not not looking, the THEM's of the WORLD are
very busy doing their PLAN of ACTION
that will eventually get us to look inside.

STOP THEM and all we have done is STOP THEM.
Meanwhile, we have done nothing to buld up the GOOD.

Take, for example, the GE--GMO-- situation in Sacramento.
IF we do nothing, they will pass laws to stop us from
having local control of our seeds. My approach would be
to recognize that they are in ingorance of how beautful
organic foods can be. My plan would be to fill the State capital
with organic foods and have beautiful photos on the walls
where the legislators eat. Of course, I will never do that
without your support, encouragement, and you joining
the EG Club.

Of course, doing that, starts here.
I have to build a foundation structure underneath where
I am standing....some healthy soil....

SO much suffering the past ten days in the world.
SUFFERING will only increase until re-reestablish harmony and balance
where we live, on our own desks, in our own backyard.

As OZ says, it will stop when we stop being with our heads
in the sand.

I am speaking, of course, to myself.
I know how hard it is to make the changes we
would like to see in others.

Back to the cleanup and some clearing of the air between
me and someone else.

your eg

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