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Revelatory Dream

Had a Revelatory Dream...
Lots of Blogs this morning
piece it all together....
enjoy! Hope something
here inspires you in your
own life.

Your EG

Date:   2/26/2006 8:48:03 AM   ( 15 y ) ... viewed 1317 times

February 26, 06
6:13 AM

Sunday morning

woke up early in the middle of a revelatory dream.
I was with Deborah St. Claire, an old Essene Ally
in this life. She is a marvelous business woman
and full of life high self esteem go getter
who runs the Eco-Naturals, the company that
puts out the Healthy competition for thos Altoids (sp?)
that are so popular, those mints sold everywhere.

Her products are sold often at the check out stand
of many health food stores....mints...peppermint...
and many other varieties.

We are old friends. I set her up to be an editor
for Dr. Jensen years ago. I see her once a year at the
Natural Product Expo West.

Last night, Rhonda, Jewish Renewal Soul ally,
was suggesting that I have The Seven Love Cures sold
at some booths at the Natural Product Expo West.
This is logistically, not the easiest thing, but Then
I had this revelatory dream where Deborah and I
were interacting.

I see The Seven Love Cures as marketed
in health food stores in the supplement section
where they also feature body products.
They are Vitamin "l" for Love.

IT would be an amazing evolutionary advance
if people got that we can prevent women's heart
ailments and breast cancers, and .....
if gained familarity with The Seven Love Cures.

These are words that men need to know
and women want to hear.
They are definitely women's and men's health remedies.

I am really needing a breakthrough now
to breakout of my pattern swan song dive
into the depths of my own self created hell hole.

{So what is your pattern?
How do you get down into the dumps of your own
Crack...and what keeps you stuck there?

Are you aware that your Soul is at the bottom
waiting to embrace you and inspire new life.
Your Soul is in hiding at the bottom of the mess
you make of life, down in the Crack.
If you just avoid that Crack or cover it over,
you will never see and learn the lessons
that are keys to this incarnation for you.

See quote from Bach here and other blogs
this morning.

What is your pattern?
I see mine...}

When I saw this Revelatory dream,
I got up and started to go through my one of a kind books,
There were a number of choices last night
for activities. I decided to go to enrich my relationship
with the Jewish Renewal community.
David's dad had a funeral on Friday.
Last night, I was amazed to see the entire community
pour out to support him with prayers at his home.

I figured I was in a grief mode so why not go be where
feelings were likely to be more deep.

IT was a powerful healing. I realize that I recognize
most of the local players now in San Diego in Jewish renewal,
and we are starting to have familiarity. This has taken
many years for me to find this comfort. I am always running
far away--as far as I can get away from my original pain work
that lies within my Jewish roots.

Friday night, I had a phone counseling with Dr. Judith Larkin Reno,
the author, who is a very deep Soul Cosmic Lover of mine.

I was taking about how my father would be up at the top of
the hill waiting for his son on Saturday afternoons. I was
talking about my criminal mentality of running away from home.

I blogged on the last couple days...

She told her how I use to escape and go to the movies
with my buds on a Saturday afternoon. This was taboo
within orthodox rules. I stole away from home. Judith
clarified that my escape was Life Affirming. I was running
for my Life Force. She was saying how this was child abuse,
the way he pounded religion into me. The sad part is that
I internalized this in the 12 year old, and that still has some
power inside me.

Every step I take to find comfort in Jewish circles is in the context
of a very terrified inner child who runs as fast as possible
from a raging father representing a raging anger patriarchal Father
God Archetype.

So last night, this very beautiful full of life Jewish woman
who I have long admired came in late. She has mystical
sides. She had her daughter with her. She took time ot
read what I had with me of The Seven Love Cures.

She was enthralled. I know she came out of a marriage
with a screwed up man who was likely not much of a
practitioner of the words that men need to know....

She wanted the WHOLE set. She is into Real Estate.
I like that kind of woman...but it brings up my stuff about
not being the conventional Jewish success model.

I asked if she wanted me to read her a poem.
I recited "Your Creation" looking her in the eyes.
I had to turn from her gaze as I would forget some of the lines
almost on purpose. She was looking right into me
and I was going deep into her eyes.

Very healing.

There is a meeting this afternoon to see what
the locals can do to outreach Jewish Renewal.
I have been thinking to go.

I was inspired to pull out my out of print books.
I am inspired to expose a level of authenticity
that this group is not use to seeing....
I will ask for five minutes...

I will read...and give some ideas...

What is needed now to advance Jewish Renewal?

There are tons of alienated Jews like myself
that have intense Jewish pain. This group is full of
therapist types, who do not bring that side of themselves
to the Fold. It isa bunch of powerful self directed folks here
in SD, but the levels of intimacy are shallow in the group.

The Jewish circle has agreements to NOT be intimate.
They support the conventional prayers...but do not go
to the places that I need to go to heal my Jewish/original pain.
I am going to suggest that if they want to expand...
reach out to the unaliented and in some gentle way...
welcome the alienated who have been turned off by modern

I will ask support for my home, that
has been feeling in jeapardy--
a lot of this is in my own mind...
I have to go through the Crack of my own
material to secure the house foundation
in my own name....this community can support
me if we get each other...

Let the others know that this is a place
where Patriarchy has seen its last stand...
and Woman Rising is in the driver's seat.

So here is a reading I found
in my book "Confessions of an Essene Visionary."

Oh Lord who am I that they should believe me?

Oh my Sacred Child, go and make a home
for yourself.

Go and repeat my vision for a New Earth.

Go in your innocence.

Go and repeat my Word.
There are Sacred books on my Sacred traditions
to remember; yet the most Sacred scrolls are
encoded within you.

I offer you Silence that you may reveal these scrolls.
I offer you Patience thorugh learning to be Patient
with yourself.

I offer you Love through harmonics of Love I give you
that you become a fully alive human being.

There is no Death.
Do not fear Death.
Welcome Life.

I have written the Holy Bible for you.
The final chapter is your story.
to be written in the moment.

Go and Live for your Joy a new chapter
in the history of Peace on Earth.

Go and recieve a New Adam
and New Eve inside you and be
the New Genesis of a new Enchanted Garden.

144,000 of your brothers and sisters
and 144,000 x 144,000 are my multitudes.

Go and make known new meaning
for the Christ Body on Earth,
that all may redeem thy Planet
in different Holy Ways.

Go make me a Holy Temple inside yourself
that others may know the Gift of Healing.

Go and make of risen dust, the Fertility
that grows Holy People.

Powerful Poem Here for Self Healing:

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