Blog: Plant Your Dream!
by YourEnchantedGardener

Gathering the Tribes

Partial list of workshops
from the Whole Being Weekend--
IT's a Gathering of the Tribes
for the Fall Equinox and you are invited
to feel the energy!

Date:   9/21/2006 1:47:38 PM   ( 15 y ) ... viewed 8698 times

The Whole Being Weekend is
a place where kids of all ages
including our inner child run free
and glimpse the world that Love
intended, the world as originally

Please go to this website
to find out more and if you are near
come up.

If far away, just smile and dream
in the Love, knowing that 300-400 will
be celebrating a Gathering of the Tribes
September 22-24.

This is a monumental weekend:

The Fall Equinox--changing of the seasons--
New Seeds planted as well as a time of harvest.

Rosh Hashanah--Birthday of the Unvierse...
a Time to write your new Life Script...
What will you be harvesting by next Spring
from what you plant in the energy of millions
around the world--asking forgiveness, and
take an accounting of their lives.

The Shofar signals this Moment of Awakening.

Ramadan--the 30 days of fasting (from dawn to dusk)
starts this Saturday morning. Ramadan rekindles compassion
to each other, and reminds each of us to care for the Poor.
It is a time to to remember God, be a better person,
and care for your health.

Solar Eclipse--the 22nd.
Feeling a bit like somethings are coming to an
end? That is the natural flow since September 7
when we had a Lunar Eclipse. Now, this 22nd
comes a solar Eclipse that signals the energy
of New Beginning.

New Beginning.
New Beginnning.

What can we let go?
What can we keep?

Love holds the World together
and asks that we participate.
It is a time to remember those who
deeply love us, forgive, and allow
the growth that we each are asked to do.

Where is Source?
Can you Love Other and Self?
Can you Love Self and Other?
This is being asked of each of us.

More Readings to follow....
that I will read at my Rosh Hashanan Service.

Free Seeds of Job's Tears,
The Seeds of Life Fulfillment,
to any who ask--send your
emaill to Leslie

Now is the time to Dare to Dance
wtih Water Hoses! Please, more
Enchanted Gardeners, Please
because the Earth and Soul are Soilmates.
Mother is asking us to Remember
that we are Gardeners.

This is the site to read
Whole Being Poetry and see some photos
by Your Enchanted Gardener:

Here is a partial list of workshops from the Whole
Being Website:

A Partial List of Workshops at this year's WBW

Note: The following information has been provided by the workshop presenters, and the WBW does not guarantee the accuracy of any listing nor the actual presentation of the workshop at the Weekend. If you are listed below and find an error, let us know at and we will do our best to correct it. And do us a favor and link our site to your website to keep our tribes connected and vital.

All e-mail addresses are masked to protect from spam harvesters; Whole Beings can read them but spambots cannot.

Rosh Hashanah Celebration Celebrate the Birthday of the Universe--a time to plant your new life scr1pt and consecrate this moment of awakening. High Holiday music, poetry, and readings, as we return to the Enchanted Garden!
6:30-7:30pm Friday in the Chapel. Leslie Goldman 619.582.9669; ;
Pay Me What I’m Worth A highly interactive mini-workshop to discover how to be paid what you’re worth AND pay others what they’re worth — with ease and grace. Workshop based on my book: Pay Me What I’m Worth. Souldancer 760-232-9681; ;
How’s Your Love Life? Is a soul mate really the relationship you are most in need of at this time? Learn to muscle test yourself to learn what your highest relationship priority is in terms of self, others, the world and God. Bruce Dickson 310.287.2813;
Deeksha, Awakening Heart, Oneness Consciousness Experience deep peace, joy & healing, opening up to our connectedness with oneness, higher consciousness, joy & enlightenment. Stacey Hentschel & Friends, Intuitive Healer and Coach; (949) 495-9689; &
Creating Inner Wisdom, Intuitive Powers Connecting to your intuitive powers, inner strength, presence, dreams and creativity. Living your life from your inner strength and wisdom. Stacey Hentschel, Intuitive Healer and Coach; (949) 495-9689; &
Deeply Connecting and Loving Relationships Creating nurturing, loving and fulfilling intimate relationships. Learning to love, learn and communicate consciously. Stacey Hentschel, Intuitive Healer and Coach; (949) 495-9689; &
Creating Prosperity and Abundance We will be exploring how to create prosperity and abundance in the areas of your relationship, work and life. Stacey Hentschel, Intuitive Healer and Coach; (949) 495-9689; &
Graeco-Egyptian Angel Meditation Tony Mierzwicki, the author of Graeco-Egyptian Magick: Everyday Empowerment, will be presenting an introduction to this authentic ancient system of spirituality featuring a ritual to invoke and meditate with angels; ;
Goddess Portraits I photograph women dressed as Goddesses in the forest communing with nature with fellow Goddesses. Receive an artistic diffused color portrait of in your highest state of love, joy and awareness. Yamini Redewill; 949-484-0294; ;
Making Myth through Movement There is no where to go, there is nothing to solve,we will come together as a group to dive and delve deeper into the mystery of our lives, resurfacing with a greater awe, deeper feeling and clarity for ourselves. We are designed to live a richer, fuller, more expressive experience of this mystery called life. Dawn Kubart; (760) 749-4248.
Magic & Miracles with Theta Healing Are you curious how an MIT-trained engineer experienced a miracle and dedicated his life to healing? Learn to harness the power of your subconscious mind to create miracles in your own life. Brent Phillips; 310.617.4857; ;
The Magic Of Nature! Environmental Magician Khevin Barnes (aka Dr. Wilderness) presents a fun-filled magic show for adults and children! Khevin is an Emmy-Award-Winning motivational magician with an inspiring, Earth and heart-friendly message; 760-899 9577; ;
Oracle Cards is a Metaphysical Science that takes into account the 52 playing cards, the Tarot, the Chakras and the Caduceus Symbol. First brought forth by Olney Richmond in 1893, Oracle Cards extends and enhances the original science. Christopher Littlefield; ;
Non-Judgemental Listening Peer Cocounseling Method which supports participants in their personal growth and development. Joel Vorensky; 619-584-8093; ;
Tai Chi Cha Learn effortless Tai Chi Cha movements integrated with Circular Connected Healing Breath. I've practiced Tai Chi Cha's myriad of simple body movements for years. Joel Vorensky; 619-584-8093; ;
Creating Juicier Relationships Single or coupled, Laura’s insights and exercises will help you create and maintain authentic relationships, avoid the 3 biggest relationship traps, and access more intimacy, harmony and fun. Laura Rubinstein Professional Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Motivational Speaker and Author. 619-293-3353; ;
Play with your InnerChild We all have an InnerChild. Let her out to play and explore in a safe and loving group. Jesse Moonchild;
Tantra Yoga Ecstasy With music, breathing, and yoga/dance movement, we’ll release attachments, go through our own inner still point, and enter the bliss within, bringing that bliss back out into movement, dance, and connections, and practice directing the flow of ecstasy. William Golden;
Song of Transcendence I am a singer songwriter and survivor of incest who shares my healing journey through words and music. Process, transformation, and the right and possibility for EVERYONE, no matter what their history, to reclaim their innate wholeness. Cici Porter ;
Creative Yoga for Earlybirds Gentle stretching, energizing breathing, creative movement, and relaxing images to start your day off well. Bring the beauty of the natural surroundings into your morning practice. Beginners and experienced yogis are all welcome! Marti Belknap 760 635-3455;
Frequency Matters! An experiential intro to frequency matters. Color, sound instruments, aromatherapy, stones, clearing, toning, drumming, homeopathics, and more. Why you & your kids need to know the frequency game and how to play it. Casey Wood 310-430-9283; ;
Astrology, You! are Indigo! The Steps of Evolution and Conscious Children. You are the shoulders they stand on - so straighten your spine and strengthen your leadership. Bring your astrology chart or info (to get one from me.) Casey Wood 310-430-9283; ;
Angel Readings Guided meditation in the power vortex of the camp, followed by personal channeled Angel Messages. Receive loving guidance and inspiration from Spirit. A WBW tradition not to be missed! Uki MacIsaac 760-635-9095; ;
Hearing & Following Your Intuition We are all intuitive; some of us don’t listen though. Through guided meditation and specific techniques, awaken your intuitive voice and start following your inner guidance. Let your gut lead you out of feeling stuck into a life of flow. Kat Alessi (619) 501-4528; ;
Be Love with Kundalini Yoga Kundalini Yoga gives you an experience with your divine nature, dwell in that space through mudra, mantra, sweating, laughing, partner and personal yoga. Come explore your highest self in a divine community. Ardas;
Conscious Loving Your path to the most fulfilling relationship of your life. Explore the thoughts and living beliefs that support the relationship you want. This experiential workshop is suitable for singles, couples, gay, straight, celibate, monogamous and polyloving. Adam Paulman; 619-846-5356;
Compassionate Living Based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg. This is suitable for new comers and seasoned Non-Violent Communication veterans. You will experience the basic elements working solo and with partners. Emphasis will be on how to incorporate this into a life affirming lifestyle. Adam Paulman; 619-846-5356;
Embody Your Sacred Intentions A playshop using drumming, sacred sound, therapeutic movement, visualization and breath to create portals for embodying your sacred intentions. Wear loose comfortable clothes and bring your open heart and a percussion instrument. Christo Pellani 310-578-5174; ;
Missing Link to Diet & Exercise Sharing how to take care of our temple with mind body spirit techniques and tools to get to a higher level of awareness. Discussion on food toxins, emotional toxins, etc. and ways to overcome food addiction. Tommie Wright 760-413-1491; ;
Hatha Yoga outdoor hatha yoga classes. Sylvia Castelluzzo (858) 380 7507; ;
Nia is a mind-body-spirit movement class that is a blend of martial arts, dance, and healing arts. Participants are guided to creatively express themselves and find movements that bring pleasure to their body. Barbara Miller
Drum making and journeys for kids and adults Drum circles for children using the demo drums that are made at the Butterfly Rhythms workshops. Lisa Starr; ;
Being Joyfully Radiant Learn how to ensure joyful radiance through the release of magnetic energy. With Spirit doing the work, clear issues and their residual effects and establish alignment with our soul’s expression and express more of who we truly are! Maryann Castellanos 760-943-8044; ;
Pranyama (breath) Workshop Simple postures and meditation. For all ages, athletic or not. Breath is natural and will help to improve your life. Learn how it assists to create your day. Includes: Basic Ujjayi, visalization and defining Nadi Shodhana, Kapalabhati and the Bhandas. Ren Yogamaya 760.557.5850;
Chakra Balance & Stress Detection See your ‘whole being’ with newest technology. See and line-up your Chakras. Do you have pathogens, pollution and other stresses? Emotional profile, physical risk factors, spiritual upliftment. Come and see what your body wants to show you. Cathy Bliss 619 419 8031; ;
Shamanic Trance Journeying Move into alternate realities in a safe space with Spiritualist trance medium, Elivia Melodey. Gain vision, wisdom and connection to all life. Using singing crystal bowls, rattle and trance postures 10,000 years old for healing, transformation and divination. Elivia Melodey 760-471-7304;
The essence of Qigong Qigong is a self-honoring discovery and exploration of universal/personal essence, expressed through a timeless dance of Spirit. This ancient art of inner alchemy invites integration of the physical with the etheric, intriguing your higher consciousness. Karen Soriano (760) 504-5755; ;
Introduction to the Way of the Tantric Priestess Sanskrit for tantric priestess is dakini—a woman who is of an ancient lineage of healers, shaman and guides. Come join the Temple of the Goddess and learn secrets of feminine power and the high feminine arts. Satyam Kamala and Adrianna Grace 619-297-0520; ; http://www.openinghearts,com
The World Teacher Maitreya the Masters of Wisdom are here now to assist humanity openly. Restored environment, right food-shelter-healthcare-education, sustaining peace, divine freedom and justice and cooperation (right relationship) are some of the priorities. Raymond Paulson;
Couples Massage Please your partner with a guided full body massage. Bring swim suit,sleeping bag,beach towel. Reserve your spot by lying down with arms spread out. First come first serve. Lori Homstad, CMT
Introducing A Course in Miracles Participants will have an experience of A Course in Miracles — what it is and how it was written. A definition of terms and the principles involved in the Course will be discussed. Rev. Bud Morris & Dr. Peg Carter 480-275-8553; ;
Cellology: Cellular path to wellness Education, information, and motivation about how to reduce weight, lose cellulite and strengthen your back, knees & hips; reduce stress; improve digestion/elimination, sleep, circulation; regenerate the whole body and more in just ten minutes a day! Jerry Kasinger 360-574-9337; ;
Body Work Relieve body pain and relax into wholeness by doing nothing on the ergonomically designed embodi-cloud, a somatic couch. In the Healing Garden. R. Grant Ramey 310-399-8982; ;
Healing Power of Unconditional Forgiveness Based on my books, The Male Thing Explained and The Healing Thing Explained, participants will experience healing of the mind, body, spirit and finances through learning the real meaning of unconditional love achieved through the power of forgiveness. Edward Lee Goldstein MA, MS, RPT 818.789.5653;
Intertribal Drumming for Women and Men Join others in playing traditional and contemporary Indian songs. We sit around a large council drum. Using beaters, we drum and sing in unison. The words/vocables are simple, and melody lines repeat. All coming in a good way are welcome! Greg Foisie;
Passion Of Life PowerBreathwork Experience cellular cleansing of your blocked & negative energies and release your issues (anger, stress, anxiety, frustration, forgiveness, depression; lack of: love, joy, kindness, prosperity), with focus on intentions and affirmations. Ray Solanki 406-270-3486; ;
Green Society Visionary Gathering We would like to showcase our projects that are greening the planet. Make additional connections to those who create socially responsible products and services. Create space for an open forum on new projects to focus on. Casey James 866 801 1910; ;
Words Women Want to Hear Being the World’s Greatest Lover: Speaking soul-inspired words to each other. Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener. 619.582.9669; ;
Compassionate Communication Enjoy a lively, open hearted connection with Compassionate Communication, music too! Newbies and regulars welcome. Jeff has practiced CNVC since 1992 and given a workshop at Scripps Hospital. Jeff Kahn;
Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing Workshop Introduction to the history, provenance and usage of the Tibetan bowls for Meditation and Healing. Diane conducts a group sound healing experience and demonstrates how to use the bowls, gantas and tingshas. Diane Mandle 760 944-3441; ;
All-Gibberish Party The use of Gibberish. At this event we will not say a single word in any intelligible language, yet we WILL sing together, speak fluent gobbledy-gook, laugh a lot, and communicate to a remarkable extent. You won’t believe how much fun this is until you DO it! Jeffrey Briar 949.376-1939; ;
Laughter Yoga Playshop Discover the Laughter Exercise system that is sweeping the planet! Unconditional heartfelt laughter relieves stress, builds confidence, strengthens the immune system, improves circulation and respiration, feels good, creates connection, and makes you feel the LOVE! Jeffrey Briar 949.376-1939; ;
Self-Knowledge, Freedom’s Key Everything in creation conspires to confuse us, only atttuning to the un-created-creator within us offers true freedom. This workshop is about honoring your inner self, your inner master, the Love within. Marcelo Bermann 760-888-9600; ;
Medicine Wheel Philosophy Tapping in to the powers of the four directions to help balance our lives. Sparrow 760.803-1165;
Creating 101 Reconnect to spirit and remember how to create your dreams coming true. Gina Abele;
Go Over the Rainbow Bridge How to use the rainbow bridge for divine experience. Rev. Harrison Roy Hesketh
Cranial Sacral Therapy in the Healing Garden. Mike Fitzgerald 619 339 6283;

Schedule for the Weekend

These times are fluid and subject to change.
2:00pm–on Registration Opens
6:00pm Dinner Dining Hall
6:30–7:30pm Rosh Hashana Celebration w/ Leslie Goldman Chapel
7:30pm Playshop with Peggy Sue -- Dancing Lodge
8:00pm Opening Ceremony Dancing Lodge
9:30pm Community Gathering Dancing Lodge

7:30am Breakfast Dining Hall
9:00am Workshop Intro Amphitheater
10:30–noon WORKSHOP 1
Noon Lunch Dining Hall
1:30–3:00pm WORKSHOP 2
3:30–5:00pm WORKSHOP 3
5:00–7:30pm Dinner Dining Hall
7:30pm The Comic Shrink Amphitheater
8:00pm Concert w/Jeanne & Karl Anthony Amphitheater
10:00pm Advanced Puja w/ Crystal Vibrations Dancing Lodge

8–10am Breakfast Dining Hall
10:30am–noon WORKSHOP 4
Noon–2pm Kirtan with Larisa Stow Amphitheater
2:30–4pm Closing Ceremony & Angel Wash Ceremony Field
4pm–on Camp Packup and Cleanup

The Whole Being Weekend is produced by The San Diego Center
for the Moving Arts, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

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