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Apple Cider Vinegar for dry hair: Testamonials

I massaged one cup apple cider vinegar on dry hair and scalp. Put a plastic cap on and let it sit for over an hour. I washed my hair. I could not believe that all the flakes were gone. And I looked again. There were NO flakes. I was completely amazed. I shared this with my hair stylist and she will then share it with her clients!

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My grandmother taught us to use vinegar from childhood. I have continued the tradition. I just wanted to let you know that Distilled White Vinegar works as well. Mix it with a little water then pour over hair and massage. Same as your treatment. Works nicely and I have noticed no hair loss. However it does fade color a little bit but not much. Hope this helps some of your other readers.

The white vinegar helped immediately, and the next time I went to the store I purchased some apple cider vinegar. I've used it about eight times (I use 1 cup of a.c. vinegar, work it into my whole scalp, then wrap my head in a towel for 20+ minutes), and what a wonder! And, at a fraction of the price of all those expensive shampoos and dermatologist visits. Thanks so much for your help.

Thanks Wally. After months of flaky and itchy scalp, the vinegar worked like a charm! Have now rinsed my hair with a cup full of 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 warm water each day for the last 3 days, and my scalp feels really clean, and no flakes!

* * *

I put some apple cider vinegar in a small spray bottle and sprayed it liberally through my hair, making sure my entire scalp was covered. Then I simply massaged it in thoroughly and waited about 20-30 minutes. I showered and shampooed before going to bed as I normally would, taking extra care to rinse well. The next morning I was amazed! My scalp looked very clean with very few dry flakes. I tried the same procedure again the second day and found it looked even better the next day. By the third treatment, I found ZERO dandruff and haven’t had any since! It’s been two weeks since the first treatment and I can’t remember ever being dandruff free for this long! I plan to repeat the treatment at the first sign of itching or flaking and will probably make it a regular habit for life.

* * *

My method so far has just been to massage the vinegar in (undiluted), leave it for an hour or so under a towel, and shampoo out. There is a slight smell of vinegar at first, but this seems to decrease during the day - and compared the unbelievable stink of the Chinese herbal remedy I tried once, it is nothing!

* * *

My dandruff is completely gone! The way that worked for me is this:

1. One week of vinegar soaked scalped every night of the week – left on overnight.
2. Twice a week vinegar in the shaver after shampoo – to keep flakes away after the first week.

* * *

So I tried your idea. I rinsed one cup of 1/2 cider vinegar 1/2 water through my hair and wrapped my head in a towel for an hour. The bathroom stank! I then shampooed and went to bed feeling like the joke was on me. Next morning my hair hardly smelled as it was dry, but NO DANDRUFF. One treatment and 95% gone! It defies logic! Further quick rinses have reduced it further. Since my initial use I have also discovered that a short rinse is all that is now required, and that if I heavily condition afterwards (with a nice smelling variety) the vinegar smell does not seem to persist. It's best done at night as by morning the bathroom doesn't smell at all (so others don't suffer for my gain).

* * *

I applied the apple cider vinegar from a spray bottle and left in on my hair for a good half hour, then washed it in my regular shampoo and conditioned it. One week later I still can't believe that no pesky flakes have appeared.

* * *

Now at the sight of a flake or if my scalp gets itchy, especially after a sweaty work out I go ahead and do a vinegar treatment. I have long curly hair. 1/2 cup of ACV poured onto my scalp and rinsed off after 15 minutes followed by a gentle shampoo and heavy conditioning works for me. Thanks!

How t o combat smell? (as it seems to bother some people)
I've been using apple cider vinegar (with a lot of success) for a few years to control dandruff and flaking on my skin. I combat the smell by diluting it with distilled water, adding a few drops of tea tree & rosemary oil (which also helps control flaking). Having a lower sugar diet and talking a multivit with enough vit b, keeps me flake free always.

Explanations which I have received from the readers of my WebPages on why this treatment works:
Yes it works. Your treatment is the best treatment known and I'll tell you why. As you notes gathered point out the oily conditions create a yeast rich environment on the scalp. Bacteria that like survive off the skin shedding process thrive on yeast. This leads to the intense skin shedding. This is also why it is not limited to the scalp and appears on eyebrows and around the nose and even chest hair. Its not on my nose but anywhere there is hair and heat. Chest eyebrows head ankles. . I had to use the juice of lemons and lime. I'm allergic to vinegar. The acid (ascorbic or ethanoic) stops the production of too much bacteria and knocks the skin shedding back into balance.

The hilarious thing is pharmaceutical companies don't sell this . . . because It would cure 90% of people overnight!!!! no money there.

The vinegar worked. I think it's because it changes the pH and the fungus that causes my dandruff is pH sensitive. All fungi live within a fairly narrow range of acidity and vinegar is far on the acid scale. I'm fairly certain it's fine for your skin. Skin is pretty tough and it can take a surprising amount. Still I think I'm going to experiment with half strength, i.e. half water half vinegar. Oddly I get this condition on my chest also and the vinegar cures that also. I've been rather sensitive to fungus my entire life and I'm prone to yeast infections. Lactus Acidophilous works for that and I think it's just because the Acidophilous slightly changes my bodies pH. The fungus is contagious. My wife never had dandruff and she only developed it after we were married about 6 years. My brother also has it. Not everyone that gets exposed will become colonized. Some people have stronger immune systems or maybe their body chemistry is different enough that the fungi don't find it as pleasing. Once I found the scientific name of the fungi on the web, there are five different but closely related types. They're distantly related to yeast. I'm sure some people get dandruff from other causes, but the majority of the cases of massive dandruff that I've seen have been caused by this fungus. I'm surprised that doctors don't mention or know about the vinegar cure. Makes me wonder about the legitimacy of medical science in general. The straightforwardness of skin flakes, fungus, change pH is basic and supported by theory, anecdotal evidence, and testimony. The idea that fungi are responsive to pH is taught in grade school science projects. That medical science would ignore this causes me some considerable concern.

* * *

I've been looking on the Internet for a way to help control the over production of oil on my face. I read that the cause of excess facial oil is the same cause as excess scalp oil which is what dandruff often stems from (many people think dandruff is from dry scalp).

Anyway, in addition to a very oily face, I suffered from a very itchy, flaky scalp. So, after coming to your site, I thought I'd try ACV on both my face and my scalp. It's a miracle treatment! My face (t-Zone) is no longer oily or shiny -- it used to be so greasy! Plus, my scalp doesn't itch or flake. I've tried lots of products that were expensive and didn't work.

We are all different.
It seems that VINEGAR does not help everyone. As one written to say, "I am very upset I tried the apple cider vinegar for a week and only made it worse!"

I wonder if type of blood has anything to do with success for same and not to others. BLOOD TYPE DIET VALUES VINEGAR/ CIDER

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