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Pet Allergies:Apple Cider Vinegar

If you can get over the taste of apple cider vinegar, you will find it one of the most important remedies in healing the body. Apple Cider Vinegar has a number of reported uses: complete relief of pollen, food and pet allergies. It also cures sinus infections. Additional cures: acne, high cholesterol, chronic fatigue, candida, acid reflux (!), sore throats, contact dermatitis, arthritis, gout and is a general energy tonic. Apple Cider Vinegar also breaks down fat and is widely used to lose weight. It has also been reported that a daily dose of apple cider vinegar in water has soaring blood pressure under control in two weeks!

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Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the oldest, most powerful, healing home remedies imaginable.

As a wonderful side effect of drinking apple cider vinegar every day, we discovered that it brings a healthy, rosy glow to one's complexion! This is great news if you suffer from a pale countenance.


It's suggested that Apple Cider Vinegar has such curative abilities because it causes one's pH levels to become more alkaline or, in the case of too much alkalinity, more acidic. Urinalysis studies done in the 1950s by D.C. Jarvis (author of Folk Medicine) showed that pH levels in the body become highly alkaline before and during an allergy attack (yes, contrary to what you would normally read on the subject). If you are going to try apple cider vinegar for allergies, or even to prevent sickness, we suggest you do some investigation of your own by buying a pH test kit at a local pharmacy, garden nursery, or even pool supply store. You can use these kits or pH strips to test your urine to see if you are more alkaline or acid during an allergy attack, virus or bacterial infection. Once you ascertain your pH levels, you can adjust adjust your dosage of Apple Cider Vinegar accordingly.

If you live in a highly polluted area like we do (Los Angeles) where allergies and sinus infections are rampant, your system may better balance itself with a small dose of apple cider vinegar each day. Ultimately, we suggest you experiment with a kit to find the pH balance your body functions optimally at. Want to know more about pH? Click here.

Ted, from Bangkok, Thailand tells us, "Apple Cider Vinegar in itself is alkaline because of its "ash" content, which means if the apple cider vinegar was burned, what is left over becomes ash. When you check for the pH of that ash and dissolve it with water, the content is alkaline. Whenever our body digests anything it undergoes oxidation, which is similar to burning and the end result is that you can determine whether the end product was alkaline or acid. Apple Cider Vinegar has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties, primarily coming from the malic acid and acetic acid portion of the vinegar. Apple cider vinegar acts as a buffer in the body because the acetic acid reacts with base or acid compounds to form an acetate, therefore rendering them chemically bioavailable for the body's utilization. Additionally Apple Cider Vinegar can reduce the toxicity of certain compounds by converting the toxin into an acetate compound which is less toxic. This is why they are ideal for insect bites and certain skin allergies. While Apple Cider vinegar in itself is considered alkaline, a chemically pure vinegar (acetic acid) is neither acid nor basic forming as it leaves no ash as the entire portion, when burned evaporates completely."

From what we have read repeatedly on the internet (so we can't verify this, sorry), scientists have measured ninety different substances in apple cider vinegar such as thirteen types of carbolic acids, four aldehydes, twenty ketones, eighteen types of alcohols, eight ethyl acetates etc. It also contains important minerals, trace elements and vitamins as well acetic acid, propionic acid, lactic acid, enzymes, amino acids as well as roughage in the form of potash and apple pectin.

Apple Cider Vinegar contains minerals and trace elements such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, chlorine, sodium, sulfur, copper, iron, silicon, fluorine. An alternative to drinking apple cider vinegar may be to take potassium supplements, as potassium is known to absorb excess fluids (ie, mucous) in the body. Drink lots of water if you take potassium supplements so you don't get dehydrated! Potassium, by the way, lowers high blood pressure.

Apple Cider Vinegar's vitamin content includes Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Provitamin beta-carotene, Vitamin P (bioflavonoids).

USDA Breakdown of Apple Cider Vinegar
Click here to check out the nutrient database of the USDA for Apple Cider Vinegar. Type in the key words, "Vinegar, Cider". The page does not specify whether they tested a commercial, pastuerized brand (e.g. Heinz) or an organic brand. We have the feeling they probably tested a commercial brand.

Brands of Apple Cider Vinegar
The ACV brand called "Bragg" seems to be popular with people in the United States. Most brands of apple cider vinegar will work the same wonders, so don't worry if you can't find it .

Recipes: After years of drinking apple cider vinegar, we finally figured out the optimal way to drink the vinegar. We are very excited about our discovery!

Our recommendation is different than what you will read in books and elsewhere on the internet. However, we are convinced it is the way to go. If you decide to drink it this way (see below), please report back to us in a few weeks.

Earth Clinic's suggestion:
2 TBLSP of organic ACV in a 1 or 2 Liter filtered water bottle (ie Smart Water, Evian, etc). 2 TBLSP = 1/8th cup.
You can add more vinegar than this amount, however, make sure you dilute it in plenty of water. Do not add a sweetener. Drink this solution constantly, even refilling your water bottle once or twice a day with more vinegar. The solution will be cleansing your system and kidneys all day long. That is the point we want to drive home.

Now this amount of water is much higher than what is typically recommended for apple cider vinegar (2 TBSP to 8 oz of water), but there are a few things you will notice within a day or two: your allergies will disappear, your face will have a healthy glow, you will have consistent energy, and you will lose weight very quickly and keep it off. You will look so good that guaranteed, your friends will comment!!

This sounds like an advertisement, right? Too bad we don't sell the stuff! Nope, we just love it and want everyone else to know about it. We believr that apple cider vinegar is probably the best (and cheapest) detoxifier for the body. As such, it is should be considered a critical component to the fountain of youth.

Please remember to constantly flush your system with a light solution. Drink your water bottle down and fill it up again! 2x a day is good.

Don't forget to report back if you try our ratio. We'd like to know what you think!

Want to read more recipes? Click here.


Apple Cider Vinegar & Dental Enamel

We are grateful that Dr. Yong, a dentist from London, wrote to us recently elucidating the subject. HOWEVER, we (along with hundreds of our readers) have been drinking apple cider vinegar for years now without any damage to our teeth... so... ??? If you follow our recipe as noted above, you probably don't have to worry about this.

Dr. Yong writes, "Warning - Taking cider vinegar by sipping it during the day may very well help cure some of these allergies, however, it will ruin the enamel on the teeth to such an extent that it may be lost entirely. As dentist I have seen the effects of regular acid intake whether it be carbonated water or a natural acid like lemon juice - yes very cleansing to the system, but a disaster in the mouth. It leads to very costly mouth rehabilitation which can cost thousands of pounds. The first thing patients will usually notice is yellowing of the teeth and sensitivity as the enamel is lost. I am very much into holistic medicine and am training as a homeopath so understand when people wish to look for alternatives to self cure, however be aware that regular intake of vinegars and other acids will have deleterious oral effects!"

Earth Clinic's suggestions:
1. Never drink ACV straight.. always drink it well diluted with water.

2. Immediately rinse your mouth well with water after drinking ACV.

3. Do not drink it in combination with anything sweet like honey, juice or Gatorade. We have the feeling the combination is lethal on the teeth.

4. Possibility: Drink ACV with a straw at the back of the throat slowly. The trick is to not let the liquid touch your teeth.

5. Take ACV tablets instead. (Not our favorite recommendation, but pills seem to work well for some people.)

Marie, from Cascadia Canada writes, "I drank ACV and also diluted lemon juice every morning for the cleansing and neutralizing effects on the body. However my teeth did suffer from acid erosion, until I found the natural alkaline remedy recommended to me by a dental hygenist in New Zealand - baking soda. A pinch of plain sodium bicarbonate placed in the mouth after ingesting acid foods and beverages wil neutralize the acid and save your teeth. It's important to use the baking soda before or during brushing otherwise
you are rubbing the acid in and making it worse. I always take baking soda with me wherever I go to use whenever I've had something acidic."

Warning #2. Bitter Taste. Also, some apple cider vinegar brands are extremely acidic, causing heartburn. It can also quickly cause a yeast infection in women. (Note: certain brands of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar can stop a yeast infection, yet some brands are so acidic that they can actually cause a yeast infection. Thus start with a lower dose to see how your body responds to the vinegar.) 5% acidity level is what is posted on all ACV labels, however it seems that some brands are far more acidic than others! We once bought an expensive, organic, unpasteurized brand that had a fancy label and got a terrible heartburn that lasted for hours from just 2 teaspoons' worth!

Capsules: Be careful if you decide to buy capsules. They are extremely acidic and can cause heartburn. However, they are a useful alternative if you are worried about protecting your dental enamel.

Books: Apple Cider Vinegar - Miracle Health System by the Bragg folks. Best selling book on health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar.

Dr. Earl Mindell's Amazing Apple Cider Vinegar
by Earl, R.Ph., Ph.D. Mindell

Amazing Apple Cider Vinegar : The Medicinal Miracle by Earl Mindell.

Loose Weight with Apple Cider Vinegar by Earl Mindell.

Folk Medicine by DC Jarvis. We highly recommend this book.

As reported by a reviewer on "All that Dr. Jarvis wrote as to what the outcome would be if an individual would follow the stated regime of vinegar, honey, and kelp I can personally attest to. The excruciating joint and muscle pain, the fatigue and chronic upper respiratory infections that were described were written as if he knew me as a patient. Having suffered the paralysis that he described on page 29 in the soft covered edition I knew that he knew and understood in detail exactly what he was writing about. This is a 'must read' for everyone who wants to get well and stay well. For those who exercise and eat right and are well this book should be read for further understanding as to how the body is manufacturing acids, utilizing acids and eliminating acids to keep them that way. This book should be brought to the forefront and promoted as a 'must have' book for every household." We agree!

The Healing Powers of Vinegar... by Cal Orey

Vim & Vinegar by Melodie Morel

Honey, Garlic and Vinegar by Patrick Quillin

Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss and Good Health by Cynthia Holzapfel, Cynthia Nofziger

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