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AIDS:Float Your Stools: Pectins & Vinegar Lower PH

Besides daily enemas where you add garlic and vinegar to the water, the pH of the colon can be lowered by a diet high in fiber and eating certain foods like raw garlic, cabbage and artichokes that support the growth of friendly flora. Friendly intestinal flora produce lactic acid and one strain B. Longum has been found to produce acetic acid, the same kind of acid found in vinegar. Researchers have found that vinegar, like raw garlic, stops HIV replication. [Have] you ever seen a bottle of vinegar spoil? Why, because no virus, fungus or bacteria can survive in it.

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Research published in the journal of AIDS, PNAS and Nature’s Medicine (3) have found that up to 86% of all HIV virus in your body is in the intestines. The large intestines is a critical area. If the pH of the colon is higher than 6.0, HIV can still infect new CD4 cells and continue replicating, but when the pH is less than 6.0, cell-free HIV permanently loses its ability to infect new cells (4) The chance of viral resistance developing to an acidic colon is next to nil as the acids attack the viral membrane, not an area where viral mutations frequently occur. This leads to a new strategy to control HIV infection indefinitely - to lower the pH of the colon by natural means to a pH of 6.0 or less and stop HIV replication in an area where the highest concentrations have been found - the intestines. The implications of pH modification of the colon are profound - HIV viral load should drop dramatically and CD4’s increase steadily.

Besides daily enemas where you add garlic and vinegar to the water, the pH of the colon can be lowered by a diet high in fiber and eating certain foods like raw garlic, cabbage and artichokes that support the growth of friendly flora. Friendly intestinal flora produce lactic acid and one strain B. Longum has been found to produce acetic acid, the same kind of acid found in vinegar. Researchers have found that vinegar, like raw garlic, stops HIV replication. [Have] you ever seen a bottle of vinegar spoil? Why, because no virus, fungus or bacteria can survive in it.

Bech K et al (2) found that in measuring the pH of the feces that “Significantly higher pH values ..... were found in patients with cancer than in normal individuals.” He wrote “These results support performance of intervention trials with lowering the pH of the colon with the object of cancer prophylaxis....”

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4. Pisai Egyetem et al; Orv Hetil, 1990 Sep 9;131(36):1959-64.

Healthy Stools:
Size - large diameter 1 to 1.5 inches

Color: medium brown

Buoyancy - floats in toilet bowl.

Form: soft, formed round but firm

Unhealthy Stools:
Size: Narrow - 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide (indicates colon inflammation - the more narrow, the more severe the inflammation)

Color: dark brown or black (indicates too much bile - diet is too high in fat). Stools yellow in color or pale can indicate liver problems.

Buoyancy: sinkers - will not float in water.

Form: mud like texture, very hard chunks or mushy or chronic diarrhea.

Floating stools linked to rising CD4 counts in persons with HIV/AIDS
A chapter in my book “How To Reverse Immune Dysfunction” cites 15 factors that indicate a strong immune system and 15 negative ones that indicate internal toxicity and imbalance and a weakening immune system. This set of factors was written about 8 years ago after an survey of our readers that were HIV+ to determine what factors might be linked to the rise or fall of the CD4 cells.

At that time I had no idea why the buoyancy of the stools was linked to the fate of the CD4’s. Now as this decade and century comes to a close, we finally understand the connection between colonic pH, CD4’s and the viral load. It is directly linked to the presence or absence of acid producing friendly intestinal flora in the colon. When the stools sink the CD4’s fall and when they float, the CD4’s rise. The reason the stools float when lactic acid producing bacteria are in the colon is that the friendly flora produce short chain fatty acids that make the stool lighter than water.

I published new discoveries on how pH affects HIV in the October, 1999, issue of Progressive Health News. Here is an excerpt.

The pH Factor - Acidity Vs HIV
A published scientific abstract from a foreign medical journal written by Pisai Egyetem et al (1) titled “Different sensitivity to acid reaction of the AIDS virus and virus-producing cells” has some important observations that can be related to enemas that are acidic (either with vinegar added or coffee) and to the pH of the colon. What the researchers found is that cell free (HIV) virus gradually loses its infectivity in an acidic medium and loses it permanently when the pH is below 6.0. The more acid the colon, the more damage is done to the membranes of the virus and infectivity is lost and is not regained even when the pH is increased to over 6.0 again.

The researchers state that“HIV loses infectivity in the acidic vagina or ... on the skin, but infectivity is preserved in the blood, semen, rectum and breast milk being neutral or slightly alkaline.”

What is significant is that when just 2 tablespoons of vinegar are added to 1 and 1/2 quarts of water, the pH drops to 3.5, enough to irreparably damage the membranes of cell-free HIV so as to completely lose their infectivity and just possibly low enough to damage some HIV inside the cells. This adds justification to having a colon with active lactic acid producing bacteria that will create a more hostile acidic environment to suppress HIV replication along with other pathogenic microbes. When the pH of the colon is above 6.0 or higher (alkaline) is when HIV replicates and the CD4 counts decline. The stools formed in an alkaline environment in the colon will usually sink and are often small in diameter. Sometimes, the odor of ammonia is also apparent. While all strains of lactobacillus will produce lactic acid, one strain, B. Longum, actually produces acetic acid, the same acid found in vinegar, making it an even more effective antimicrobial probiotic.

An alkaline colon favors HIV replication and CD4 destruction. Alkalinity in the colon is also found in persons with CFIDS and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
It has taken 15 years to find out where most of the HIV is located in the body (1,2,3,4) and where most of the CD4’s are destroyed and all the scientific evidence points to the intestines. Scientific research has also found that 40 to 60% of all the immune cells in your body are in the gut. Why are they there? To survey the byproducts of digestion and prevent undigested and unusable proteins and other byproducts of digestion from entering the blood.

Why does HIV infects most of the CD4’s in the intestines? Answer: Because they are activated as they signal other immune cells to prevent unwanted byproducts of digestion from entering the blood. Activated CD4 cells have receptors called the CD4 receptor that HIV uses to gain entry into the cell. Once inside the CD4 cells, they replicate by the millions and then cell-free viruses directly enter the blood. This causes the blood plasma viral loads to rise. At the same time the infected CD4 cells are destroyed. As a result, the body draws down CD4 cells circulating in the blood and send them to the intestines. This causes the CD4 counts in the blood to drop. Researchers have found that in monkeys infected with SIV that the first place CD4 are depleted is in the mucosal membranes of the intestines and this happens within the first two weeks after initial infection regardless of where the infection occurred. SIV is to monkeys what HIV is to humans.

Research done in Ghana by Naaeder SB et al and published in the West Afr. J Med (1) report on a study to determine the effect of a high fiber diet on colonic and fecal pH. In a group of 5 English volunteers who ate an average of 17. 5 grams of fiber per day and then doubled it to 34.4 grams per day, the researchers found that “The pH in all parts of the colon decreased progressively during the period of study, being lowest at the end of two weeks of fiber supplementation.” The researchers found that when fiber supplementation was stopped, the pH of the colon returned to presupplementation levels within two weeks. They concluded that the use of dietary fiber for “intervention in large bowel diseases should be indefinite.”

1. Naaeder SB et al, West Afr J Med 1998 Jul-Sep;17(3):165-7

A new strategy to treat HIV/AIDS - decrease the pH of the Colon.
This leads to a new strategy to controlling and reversing HIV/AIDS: Lower the pH of the colon to 6.0 or less and stop HIV replication in the area where it is most concentrated. What should happen? HIV viral loads should drop and CD4 counts rise. In fact, in every single case I have followed when stools have returned to normal and consistently floated, the CD4’s have stopped falling and started rising. In 1996, Dr David Ho brought us the “Kitchen Sink Theory” of CD4 depletion - that HIV is destroying the CD4 cells faster than the body can replace them. What he did not tell us was where the kitchen sink was located. Now, we know where it is and we think we know how to shut off the drain on the CD4’s. The answer is to lower the pH of the colon by one or more of several methods.

How to lower the pH of the colon
1. Directly by daily enemas with a little vinegar added (about 1 tablespoon per pint or quart of water).

2. A diet high in fiber/pectin and foods like cabbage, artichokes and raw garlic that support the growth of friendly intestinal flora.

3. Taking probiotics that produce lactic acid (Vital Biotics) and acetic acid (Bifa-15) in the large intestines. More on how to do this elsewhere in this newsletter.

Note: Several persons with HIV who report that about half the time their stools float and the other half they sink notice little or no changes in their CD4 counts. This is about what I would expect. In persons on drug cocktails who have an undetectable viral load and low CD4 counts, one possible cause of low CD4 counts is that the drugs that are designed to enter the blood are not getting into the mucus membranes of the intestines. Thus, the one large remaining reservoir of HIV infection continues to kill off CD4 cells in the lamina propria of the intestines even though the drugs circulate at sufficient levels in the blood to keep the plasma viral load at non-detectable levels. IL-2 alone has not successfully flushed out the last remaining reservoir of HIV infection - the intestines. Lowering the pH of the colon could be the final piece of the puzzle in the search for an AIDS cure or lifetime control.

1. Dianzani F et al. Nature Medicine (1996) 2:832

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Healthy urine - yellow and clear
If you think you have healthy stools and good intestinal flora, try this test. Stop taking all supplements with any B vitamins in them for 24 hours and check the color of your urine. If you have healthy intestinal flora producing B vitamins, the color of your urine should be light yellow. When you take B vitamin supplements it will turn your urine yellow. If you stop taking B vitamins for 24 hours and the color of your urine is clear, it means your large intestines does not have sufficient friendly bacteria to produce the B vitamins you need. As a result, your urine will be clear and not yellow.

Sometimes when you have stools that float in water it could be caused by a diet too high in fat. The high fat content of the stools may cause the stools to float giving you a false reading on the health of your colon. Try a lot fat diet; if your stools sink, it will confirm what I am saying. When stools float in persons on a high fiber, low fat diet, it usually means that good intestinal flora are producing short chain fatty acids that cause them to float in water. This is what you want - stools that float, are soft yet firm, have a large diameter and normal medium brown color plus urine that is not cloudy, but is clear and light yellow. Note: Urine that is dark yellow means you are not drinking enough water.

Dr. James Balch MD on Fiber
Dr. Balch in his book “Prescription for Natural Healing” describes seven kinds of fiber that exist in foods. They are bran, pectin, cellulose, hemicellulose, lignan, gums and mucilages. Bran found in the outer portion of whole grains has been found to lower cholesterol, prevent colon cancer, obesity, hemorrhoids, reduce high blood pressure and balance blood sugar levels. Researchers have found that bran and other forms of fiber lowers the pH of the colon and promotes the rapid growth of good intestinal flora. The implications for persons with HIV/AIDS and other chronic conditons are profound.

Published research in three peer reviewed medical journals has found that up to 86% of the total quantity of HIV in the body is located in the intestines. Now with the large intestines (colon) containing the highest concentration of HIV found in the body, imagine what inactivating although those billions of viruses every day will do to your blood plasma viral loads. The only logical conclusion is the viral loads should drop like a lead balloon and with this the CD4 cells should steadily climb. What about the hepatitis viruses, CMV, EBV, herpes and candida albicans? Levels of these and other pathogens should plunge as well. Oat bran is one of your highest concentrations of fiber. Oat bran also contains gums and mucilages. Rice bran is also very high in fiber and contains sterols that reduce IL-6. Rice bran also contains 74 antioxidants and sterols, fats that reduce IL-6.

Question: If I follow your suggestions and I get healthy large diameter floating stools, will this means the pH of my colon is below 6.0?
Answer: At the present time, we are lacking data to confirm that. You still must actually measure the pH of the stools to find out exactly what it is. This is a test that your physician can order for you. In HIV/AIDS we want to get the pH of the colon just below 6.0 to completely inactivate all the billions of cell-free HIV in the colon. I am hoping that a high fiber/high pectin diet combined with probiotic supplements like Bifa 15 and Vital Biotics will accomplish this without the need for the daily enemas with garlic and vinegar added. The enemas can always be a fallback treatment if the supplements fail to lower the pH to 6.0 or less.

My observations in talking to people with conditions ranging from AIDS to cancer is that when the illness is progressing, the stools always sink and/or are small in diameter. Unhealthy stools have always tested alkaline when persons report the pH value to me (always over 7.0). One example was a lady with CFIDS and severe multiple chemical sensitivity plus severe sensitivity to electromagnetic fields.

She reported her stools were the size of a pencil and always sank. Her physician found the pH of a stool sample was 7.5, very high. I advised her to start on the high fiber/pectin breakfast. To heal the gut and for its anti-inflammatory properties to drink 1 cup of aloe vera juice 3 times a day for 5 days (about 1 gallon). Also to eat 1 cup of raw cabbage or sauerkraut daily plus 3 cloves of sliced garlic on a whole grain cracker (i.e. rye crisp). She did this and reported the size of her stools began to increase significantly in just 3 days. When you apply the right solution you can obtain fast results.

Note: She also reported that a liquid ionic trace mineral product (Dead Sea minerals) from SGS Research was the only product that got rid of her sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. The lady also reports she has blood stickiness and has also tested for high levels of heavy metals (mercury and lead). She will need a lot of pectin (5 to 10 grams daily) or about 3 cups of applesauce or 6 apples daily to effectively remove the heavy metals. Both citrus and apple pectin in powder form are sold in health food stores and in some grocery stores.

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