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Master Cleanse Log--DAYS 1-10

Step-by-step journal of my Master Cleanse.

Date:   9/19/2005 12:18:22 PM   ( 17 y ) ... viewed 21003 times

I'm atleast doing ten days on the Master Cleanse, but frankly, I think I can make it a lot longer than that because so far I'm doing okay and I feel stoked about my success. That's why I've decided to take it one step at a time, but I keep in mind the Master Cleanse detoxification strategies that state: "While a short fast will reduce the symptoms, a longer fast can completely heal." I am not in this to "reduce symptoms", I intend to get my health back and not be a slave to any more nasty symptoms. Here is my log. I will update it regularly:

-Day 1

Symptoms: growling stomach, weakness, tremoring and hunger.

Improvements: none noticeable

-Day 2

Symptoms: Weakness, chills, slight headache, weakness flu like symptoms,stomach growling, gas, some body odor, oily skin, thick coating on tongue, bad breath.

Improvements: Less redness in my skin.

-Day 3

Symptoms: Chills, shortness of breath, asthma attack, cotton mouth, bad breath.

Improvements: Slight better improvement in my skin, not hungry, flu like
symptoms are gone and growling stomach is not as severe--
probably because I did a colonic. That sure helped!

-Day 4

Symptoms: Feeling cold, re-accuring sore throat.

Improvements: I felt wonderful & alert! I stayed up and started cleaning the house and getting everyting done that I wanted. I only got four hours sleep and when I woke up, I felt refreshed. I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt.

-Day 5

Symptoms: Seems that I'm cold every day--even when I wear my jacket and other people are feeling warm. Before the master cleanse, I always felt hot and perspired a lot. I keep getting flu-like symptoms, esp., the sore throat. It only lasts about an hour, but comes & goes all day. I was craving food too. MMMMmmm...Weinershnitzel packed with onions and ranch dressing poured all over it..Mmmmm..Well, I haven't had fast food since January of 2001 when I started my diet, but couldn't stop dreaming of fast food and cream of checken soup. My lips have also been tingling, but that might be the lemons doing that. My lips have been dry and peeling every day for years. Andreas says the lips are cooralated with intestinal health, so I'm hoping to rid myself of the need for constant use of chapstick.

Improvements: non noticeable.

-Day 6

Symptoms: Super bad breath. I can smell my breath when I lick my lips--that's how bad it is..Yuck! Gas and also had to poop even though I did do a colonic which has always kept me from needing to go in the past. Needless to say, it hasn't been an easy day to live with the cleanse. Also my skin, which was getting a little better every day, got worse today. Go figure. To top it off, my period started today and I had cramps.

Improvements: My back isn't aching today. Ever since I was a kid, I had back aches.

Comment: I've almost made it a week and I'm so excited, but I was only 92 pounds before I started this and now I'm 86 lbs :( This past year of cleansing has made me lose 20 pounds so far. Sigh. I'm hoping for the best through the master cleanse. = )

-Day 7

Symptoms: stmoach feels tight and slightly growling--even though I'm drinking a lot of fluid. My skin is red and sore, but that has been decreasing as the day passes. My breath was really foul today and people noticed :( Oh well..too bad for them.
My skin has been itching and the psoriasis that I got rid of is showing slight signs of coming back, but not much...only dots. Also, my ear where it was pierced when i was a kid started itching and when I scrated it, it started pussing. I think that might be a die-off symptom where all the problems I've had in the past are starting over because I've had problems with my ear piercing holes getting infected and pussing for some reason.

Improvements: I felt pretty good all day, even when people got a load of my nasty breath, I didn't get too upset. I also had a lot of energy and got a lot done. I was bouncing around as I walked and zoomed around like Speedy Gonzales. I also woke up this morning and noticed I put back on a couple pounds, but that might be my menstral cycle. I will have to wait and see if the weight gain is for real. I hope so.

-Day 8

Symptoms: I had a very vivid and exciting dream last night and then woke up to being on an emotional rollercoaster all day. My forhead is getting acne all over it and turing red again like it used to. The skin on the rest of my body looks sorta gray to me. My breath is still bad, but better than yesterday. People have been sniffing me a little today, so my old stink smell is either coming back or they can smell my breath even when I breath through my nose. I've been trying not to breath or talk around people and just keep to myself. I also wore two shirts and a jacket and still froze all day. What was weird is I spent the whole first half of the day exhausted even though I got 9 hours sleep and then I felt really alert the second half. It's weird to have a breakthrough like this mid-day instead of going to sleep and waking up feeling different. I also went to the bathroom and Peeeee-U! It smelled so toxic I was grateful to get it out of my body. I'm going to do a colenema soon cuz those make me feel so much better. I can't take the sea salt--It makes me purge, so I use epson salt because it tastes so much better and my stomach doesn't seem to mind it.

Additional commens: I did my colonic and I got out lots & lots of mucous. I was amazed. That is proof that colonics are great when doing the master cleanse.

Improvements: Non noticeable, but you know how when you are having a lot of old symptoms returning, you are making your biggest improvements because that is just die-off. = ) Thank GOODNESS! The thought of that excites me.

-Day 9

Symptoms: I woke up with my lungs feeling sore and I was out of breath very quickly. I wasn't tired, but I kept wanting to lay down. I also got an asthma attack along with it, which I still have. I've been feeling like I'm in my own world all day and lose my train of thought easily today. My skin on my forhead is so red and covered with acne that people saw me and took a step back. One person even brought up that I had some red stuff on my forhead, like I needed to go wash it off. I told her it was just a master cleanse symptom to rid the body of toxins :)
Not only that, it looks sore and doesn't appear to have good elasticity. :( I know this will pass though.

Improvements: I've been in a pretty good mood today and also emotional, but in a good way. I was coming up with stuff in my head and trying to keep myself from laughing out loud in front of everyone. I had to keep myself from any negative or sad thoughts because my emotional state changes at the snap of a finger. lol.

All in all I'm happy. I still dream of food a lot and I sure do miss it.

-Day 10

Symptoms: I woke up with chest pain again and it wasn't gallstones/liverstones because I've done 18 flushes and have no longer been getting stones. I can feel it around my lungs and it always accompanies an asthma attack. *UPDATE. I FIGURED OUT IT'S MY LUNGS HEALING AFTER SMOKING CIGARETTES FOR 10 YEARS.* I felt weak and exhausted too.

Improvements: My acne is a little better today, but I packed cover-up on my forhead and I could still see redness and bumps. My mood is good and I sleep less than I did since I was a kid. I've been starting off a little tired the first half of each day for the past few days, but then I feel fine afterwards.

Additional comments: I haven't heard anybody mention that doing the master cleanse improved their digestion along with food and chemical sensitivities. If anyone has, please email me or respond at the bottom of the BLOG. I'd love to know more about it. One thing I'd like to say is that there is no way a 10 day master cleanse, no matter how much it helps the body, will heal it in 10 days. I can't imagine going for less that 22 days, but I am going to shoot for 30 to 40 days. It depends on my weight. I am 86 pounds and cannot afford to keep getting thinner.

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