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Master Cleanse Log--Days 11-20

The latter part of the cleanse.

Date:   9/28/2005 5:18:06 AM   ( 17 y ) ... viewed 13560 times

--Day 11

Symptoms: Bad breath, cotton mouth.

Improvements: I feel wonderful! I don't wake up feeling exhausted and need less sleep than ever. The cleanse is starting to get easy. The FAQ states that the pains of old wounds will come back, but since I've never broken any bones, I don't have any problems. I still have some acne, but it is going away. Luckily I haven't had a bad fast because I was eating 75% raw 25% cooked food & only veggies, fruit & nuts are in my diet previously. My skin is looking a little better....2-3 days ago it was looking almost gray and now looks pretty good again. I think it's going to look fanstastic in another week. I'm anxious to see what improvements are made, but the only real ones I want are reversal of premature aging, to rid myself of food & chemical sensitivities and ultimate weight gain since I'm so skinny. = )

-Day 12

Symptoms: I woke up today with a sore throat that went away after about an hour. That's nothing unusual since I started the cleanse. When I started drinking the lemonade, I got lots of mucous. My allergies seemed to be coming back because my eyes started watering and looking bloodshot. I've also got a couple small canker sores on the right side of my tongue and I've been clenching my teeth a lot when I sleep. I can tell because I've been sucking my lips into my teeth and now the skin inside my mouth is all swollen. Also my skin has been itching again. I can't stop thinking about fast food even though I haven't had any in 4 1/2 years. Oh man...I hear people saying during their cleasne that they only crave good food for when they get off the cleanse, but not me. I want Kentucky Fried Chicken smothered in ranch dressing & I'm (supposed to be) a vegetarian. I want Pizza Hut pizza with everything on it. Extra cheese...That smothered in ranch too. The funny thing is, my digestive system has not been able to tollerate that kind of food for years.

Improvements: I've felt alert today, but again, very emotional. I stay in a good mood as long as I can stay positive, but if I let even the slightest negative thing enter my head, my mood changes almost instantly. So while I'm on this cleanse, I have to cut out all bad thoughts...something that I should do at all time anway.

Additional note: I can tell by my symptoms that I have not yet cleaned nearly enough toxins out of my body yet. I'll have to make it to stage 4 (day 16). It seems like if my health is as bad as it's been, anything under the 16 days wouldn't do enough, but I'll be there on Friday and I'll keep going :) I'm hoping this cleanse will be the answer to my prayers...So far, it is.

-Day 13

Symptoms: Feeling weak & tired. Having a difficult time drinking the lemonade and still craving food. I'm also afraid to get on the scale. I don't want to know how skinny I've become. I can tell by the way my hips stick out and my tummy is sunk in that I'm thinner. Still trying to stick with it.

Improvements: My skin looks a little better, but nothing very significant. I think it'll take some time. I have a feeling my skin will begin to look better a couple days after my master cleanse is over.

-Day 14

Symptoms: I woke up with the usual sore throat that went away after about an hour. Then I started getting a headache, nausea and leg cramps. I can tell I'm getting further along because the leg cramps are supposed to be a die-off symptom of long-term fasting/detoxing. I was feeling weak and just tried to relax most of the day, but still got done what needed to be done. My tongue is still coated white, but the very outsides are nice & pink.

Improvements: I didn't have any bad breath today. I've had bad breath & body odor problems for quite some time and had improved those a lot before the MC, but they got worse during the cleanse. Today was the first day I didn't have that problem. I'm itching less...almost not at all, but my left hip suddenly felt inflamed and I scratched it hard for about 30 seconds straight until I felt that my fingertips were wet and brought my hand up to see them covered in blood...That's just what is left of my psoriasis, but the bleeding myself with scratching has been a common problem for me over the past couple years. My skin is getting a little bit better on my face. Improvements happen gradually. It's less red and some of the acne is going away. Today I got a lot less mucous than on all the previous days...That means my lymphs are finally becoming clean. Thank goodness. I also noticed my sense of smell is amazing. I used the tap at work that serves hot water, since I was going to make some mint tea...and I could smell this musky smell from the hot steam coming up to my face...Yuck! I've used that water plenty of times and could never smell it. I also smell food like a bloodhound. I can even smell cold food and raw food!!!!!!!! I cannot believe how amazing my sense of smell is. As for the body odor, I can smell something bad in my skin...I smell it best when I sniff the palms of my hands since they sweat more. But since I've done so many liver flushes, colonics and bowel cleanses and don't have the impaction others are talking about in the master cleanse forum, I figured this cleanse is all I should need to get clean and detoxified. I *hope*...I do plan to do another liver flush a couple weeks after I'm back to eating and I will probably do another master cleanse in January, 2006. I think three to four short cleanses a year after this long one will be sufficient to assist my health..along with 3-4 liver flushes a year and ongoing colonics.

Additional words: I wonder if it would be so terrible to go back to diary after I've done a couple master cleanses. Dairy is one of the things that started to make my body stink after my health got bad and all the major digestive problems started. Many people are talking about how stoked they are on the idea of going all raw--veggies, fruits & nuts. Let me tell you, I've been doing that for a long time and I don't like it. Here's why...There is nothing creamy in it...I cannot seem to even tolerate any homeade sauces--even the simple ones...My body cannot tolerate gluten, dairy, bananas, avocados, meat, eggs, onions, garlic, basil, tomatoes, cooked green veggies or anything soup-like. Why no sauce or soups? I don't know...? All I know is whatever I eat, I stink like the rotten version of it within a few hours. I want my organs to heal as the master cleanse book states so I can start adding some foods back in...I go into the store and I can't even have a bunch of foods from the produce section.

I've worked hard healing my body and it may sound selfish or stupid, but I think I deserve to be able to eat a tomato or an avocado. When do the rewards start rolling in and the constant compromising with my body end? Maybe I'm feeling emotional right now because of the master cleanse, but I want to enjoy food again..Not eat dry, cold veggies, juicing fruits and munching on almonds for the rest of my life. No thanks. I just want to be normal again. Some cottage cheese sounds really nice too...It's creamy...MMmmMMMmmm. That's my goal. = ) But I'm sure the master cleanse is going to help in some ways, if not in all ways.

Day 15

Symptoms: I woke up with a plugged up ear. My lungs also hurt and I woke up with an asthma attack again, which seems to happen every time I start to have detox days. The same is true with the headache. All of these symptoms went away after 3 hours.

Improvements: My mood has been steadily good all day. I'm still getting mucous every day almost constantly, but there is less quantity than before. I didn't think about food until the day was mostly over. Plus the lemonade tasted better than on the previous days. My skin also looks better. People used to always tell me how young I looked. Then I started rapidl prematurely aging and suddenly everyone started talking about what it's like to I could suddenly relate...Now I'm getting healthy and people don't do that anymore...Now they are complimenting me again on how young I look...It's starting to happen a lot. That was so exciting. I've been hoping to become my old self again and it looks like I am. TOWANDA!!!!!!!!! = )

Additional note: Today is my last day on stage 3. Tomorrow is stage 4. I'm so excited that I'm entering the stage where cleaning out toxins are mostly done and organ repair begins to take over. I realize my health is a lot worse than many people on the master cleanse, so I figured I'll probably be in detox longer than some, but I also noticed that I'm right on target with the symptoms that should be happening according to the "detox stages" info on the FAQ's page. That may be because I've already done 18 liver flushes and oodles of colonics, so my colon and liver were already clean when I started. That sure helps keep the detox down. I don't regret doing the cleanses out of order. Everyone should clean their colon liver before the master cleanse if their health is really bad to begin with. So what if the master cleanse "can" give you more stones. Liver flushing takes less than 24 hours to complete....master cleansing takes 10-40 days..Which is easier? LOL. So I'll have to do another flush afterwords...Woopie. I would have in any case. = )

-Day 16

Symptoms: I stunk! I walked into work and people started sniffing me the way they used to before I changed my diet & started taking Sun Chlorella A. :( I felt miserable. I hate it when people look at me like that and sniff super loud or hold their breaths. It really ruined my day, even though I was very happy before I got to work. My breath also got bad too. It has to be die-off because I don't see how I could live on lemonade for 16 days straight without food and still stink up a room.
I'm just glad it landed on a Friday so I can stink the rest of the weekend at home instead of embarrasing myself at work. That kinda bull sure makes me hate having a job. All my fellow stinkers know what I'm talking

Improvements: I didn't have any headaches, lung pain or fatigue today. My skin is also looking better every day. The acne is gone and the redness is still there a little. I also had a bowel movement today and got a solid stool. Little mini-poops. hahaha..That's so funny.. Sorry you guys, I'm a pig :) But seriously, before I was getting a stool that was 50% mucous. This time, none! That must be a good thing, but it did smell something terrible. That must be more toxins. Maybe the reason I smelled today was because I went poop. I've noticed on occasioin that having solids in my bowel contributes to having a foul odor, so I guess it's a good thing that I don't go often. = )

Even though it wasn't a pleasant day at work, I'm still excited that I'm getting through this. Now that I'm in phase 4, it's all healing from here--with occasional toxic removal crisis' :) lol. I love myself for this and I am so proud of myself. For those of you who are having health problems, give it a try. You will thank yourself every day you make it and you'll be giving yourself the gift of health. That's what Curezone is all about--teaching you how to heal yourself = )

-Day 17

Symptoms: Cold, sore throat, slightly itchy skin, body odor.

Improvements: I feel pretty good. I'm alert and in a laid back mood.

Additional note: For about a week and a half, I decided to stop getting on the scale because I was worried that I was going to get even skinnier. Well, my weight stopped dropping after 85 lbs. I'm 5'4. I know that is very low, but I actually spent all of my teenage years at 80 lbs. It wasn't until I turned 24 that my weight went up to 90 lbs and around age 28 I went up to 106. This year of cleansing has brought my weight back down. But my health is more important! = )

Let me tell you what made me start the master cleanse. If you've seen my previous posts, you know all the other cleansing I've done, but still...I made potatoes cooked in olive oil like I do a lot and when I took a bite, I tasted poop! So I took a second & third bite and the poo taste was still there. I thought something was wrong, so I went and puked it out. I went to bed hungry. The next day I made a salad and guess what? I tasted more poop! I was horrified to realize that smell was me. I stopped eating and I went and bought the items I needed to start the master cleanse. It's not a nice story, but that's it. I never want to experience that again.

-Day 18

Symptoms: developed a few pimples, a lot of mucous,feeling irritated, have gas & I also have some itchy skin.

Improvements: I feel a lot better today. I've been feeling hungry for lemonade and if it continues, I will be drinking more of it and hopefully bring my weight back up a little. My smell is better after a couple days of smelling like a dead rat, but if that stink was what I had to endure in order to heal, bring it on. = )

-Day 19

Symptoms: When I got to work, I started feeling tired and began getting cotton mouth and a slight sore throat. I got a few sniffs from other people today, which means that I stunk(I'm a stinker because I'm so toxic amd have severe sensitivities to most foods and chemicals). I also had some bad breath..Atleast I think I did because I was drinking the lemonade and after a while I get this stinging feeling on my mouth. I can't explain it as well as I'd like to, but that's when I know my breath is getting rancid. It seems strange that I'm having all these symptoms now when I'm on day 19. My skin also became red and my acne is coming back. I noticed the acne when I was getting ready for work. I used to always get in on my forhead and chin, but now I'm getting it on my cheeks too.

Improvements: feeling peace of mind. I'm excited because starting tomorrow I am half way to 40. I will keep it up until I reach 40 unless I have problems with losing any more weight. I'm 85 lbs now and don't want to go down, but luckily, my weight is stabalizing and even going up some days. That's a good thing! :)

-Day 20

Symptoms: Bad fatigue. I looked tired and I felt drained. My skin looks really sore, dry and wrinkly. Plus I'm getting acne all over my face and my skin is so red that cover-up just doesn't help. It looks like a mountain range. The skin on my stomach is loose looking. It reminds me of what I looked like after I gave birth to my son. The skin on my hands is so dry from doing dishes and washing my hands so much, it's cracking and starting to bleed. I hope my inside organs aren't doing as bad as my skin. I am also getting a dusty taste in my mouth. It's the same taste I was plagued for years with starting right after I took that dreadful Depo-provera shot that got me into this mess.

I had more weird sensations all around my lungs today. It's not really painful, but if I wasn't doing the cleanse, I would have been worried. Well, today I figured out why that was--I smoked cigarettes for 10 years! It's my body healing my lungs! I'm so excited about it that I could just kiss myself.

Improvements: Almost no gas today. I've had it for days in a row. That's all that I have to report as far as improvements. It's not that I'm not improving, but I'm definately having a die-off day because my body looks and feels worse today. But as they say, the die-off symptoms are proof of the body healing.

I'm going to try to make it to 40 days, but the thought of doing all these days which seem like a lot, I've got to repeat it for another 20 to reach my goal. I have to try to not look at it like that, so I've thought maybe instead of counting up to 40, I can count down to zero! :) Good idea? I will be starting a new post for days 21-30, which I will update every day as I have been doing. Thanks for reading my BLOG and I hope it helps you go through less guess work for your own master cleanse. I love you all.

Feel free to post comments or suggestions, or e-mail me. = )

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